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 Technique Creation

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Ichigenka Shuken

Ichigenka Shuken

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Technique Creation Empty
PostSubject: Technique Creation   Technique Creation EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 7:14 am

Technique Name: What is the name of your technique?
Release Level: Do you need to be in Shikai, Bankai, Resurreccion, Letzt Stil?
Range: How far away is this technique effective? For techniques like a Getsuga Tenshou, a range is not required, as they go until they smash into something.
Skill: Is this a Zanjutsu Technique? Is it a custom Cero? A custom Kido? If it's a technique related to your characters power that doesn't fall under a skill category, put, "N/A"
Effect: What is this technique setting out to perform? How does it do it?
Mechanics: Are your stats boosted for the duration of this technique? There's a general limit of +10 for every skill rank you have, though exceptions can be made. If your technique isn't tied to a skill, then be reasonable.

[b]Technique Name[/b]:
[b]Release Level[/b]:
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Technique Creation
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