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 Stats and Skills - Increasing your Stats and Skills

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Ichigenka Shuken

Ichigenka Shuken

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PostSubject: Stats and Skills - Increasing your Stats and Skills   Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:18 am

To increase your Stats and Skills, you must prove in character -- through topics -- that your character has somehow increased in power, be it physical power or mental power, in the case of skills. Everything is justified in character and nobody will increase their Stats and Skills by any other means. Below here is a template.

Thread Link(s): Please link us to relevant threads which showcase your character's increase in power.
Reasoning: Please explain why you believe the linked threads are showcasing your character growing in power or deserving to grow in power.
Stat Increases: Please indicate what you believe your character stats should increase by.
Skill Increases: Please indicate what skill rank you believe your character should obtain through their training.

[b]Thread Link(s)[/b]:
[b]Stat Increases[/b]:
[b]Skill Increases[/b]:
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Stats and Skills - Increasing your Stats and Skills
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