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Kaoru Honami

Kaoru Honami

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PostSubject: SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami   SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 1:54 pm

SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami Tumblr_mpn9o1OdXk1r57zp0o1_500
kaoru honami
"i'll watch for a thousand years for you to remain safe."

"'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight."

Full Name
: Kaoru Reiz Honami .
Age: Five hundred and fifty .
Race: Shinigami .
Rank: Tenth Lieutenant .
Gender: Female .
Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Kaoru stands at five feet and four inches tall, her weight being average enough despite how many sweets she ends up eating throughout the day. Her skin is considered to be a snowflake hue with a few scars. The main one being jagged on the lower right hand side of her back from when she had been killed. It is a constant reminder to Kaoru. Her eyes were originally a dark brown hue, but changed when being blessed - now having deep stormy ocean blue ones. It closely matches her hair colour, that being of blue too. Kaoru's hair is chin length, choppy and not very well taken care of. She constantly whines that it's too much to take care of long hair, thus keeping it her chin length.

    Besides her usual Shinigami clothes and Lt. cloak, Kaoru likes to wear something much different underneath or on casual days. She wears a black and blue, high-collared halter top, two pink, intersecting belts over her chest, and black shorts. She wears an odd silver badge similar to badges. On Kaoru's arms are white bell-sleeves and tan, fingerless gloves. She also wears a small, segmented piece of armor on each of her upper arms. She wears what appear to be black stockings or socks on her legs which reach to about halfway up her thighs, leaving a small area of bare skin on her upper thighs. Kaoru also bears two strips of blue cloth that drape over either side of her hips, along with a smaller, white strip of cloth tied around her waist, draped in the same manner. Finally, she wears pointed, armored, silver boots with a sharp "hook" on the outer side of each.

"Don't use such strong words. It makes you seem weak."


    Allow for us to simply call Kaoru, "Kao". Rather easy isn't it? Kao herself is a rather complicated person, no matter how you may approach her. In the beginning she's very thoughtful and kind towards the emotions of other people, not wanting to make anything go wrong between her or them that way their relationships start off rather.. rocky. If anything, that's what she dislikes the most is having people feel unsure or uncomfortable around her. So, Kao does anything to make sure that person is either happy or doesn't see her in such bad of a light.

    However, there is a side to her personality usually kept under wraps due to either doing some sort of paper work or running errands. Kao becomes rather serious and harsh towards those that might be around her own level if not a bit higher depending on her relationship with the person. Kao fears for the fact if they aren't paying attention to the task at hand that something horrible will happen and they just might not live any longer. Its a great fear that Kao has deep inside of her, do to personal guilt because she was unable to save her own friends when she was younger.

    Despite this, there is a genuinely happy and kind person. It isn't the facade that people see when they first meet Kao. She is mostly this way with her division, having been with them for quite some time and sees no reason to honestly being a grouch, just as their Captain is. She is cheerful and always looking for a way to have other people have fun, despite usually getting in trouble with her captain that is.


    Sweet Foods .
    Training .
    Night .
    Fun .
    Human Objects .
    Snow .


    Death .
    Electronics .
    Sour Foods .
    Thunder/Lightning Storms .
    The Beach .
    Tiny Children .

"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."

Zanpakuto Name & Description

    A R U T E M A is the name of Kaoru's Zanpakuto. Within her world of constantly falling rain may it be horizontal or vertical is a slender woman with pure white hair that falls to the floor. Though there is no visible floor, it can be felt underneath their feet. Entirely, Arutema is actually and albino woman with snowflake skin while wearing a pure white dress. Her eyes though, however, remain closed shut yet Arutema is more then aware when Kaoru has decide to appear in her world.  Arutema and Kaoru however, do get along quite well with each other. Arutema sheds light on her personal struggles and is always willing herself to help further if it were to ever be possible. Unlike Kaoru, Arutema wishes for the former to give up her memories as a human. In Japanese lore, the soul of a deceased would have to spend time in forgetting their past life in order to focus on their current life. This is something that Kaoru is hastily scared of doing, causing Arutema to become unhappy with the woman. Its with this reason that the two cannot unleash any master form.

    K A T A N A is the size of Kaoru's Zanpakuto. It is of standard size just like any other that a Shinigami might be holding. The hilt of the sword is wrapped in white ribbon in honor of Arutema. The guard itself is warped and wrapped around, nearly covering Kaoru's hand in the process of being held. The blade itself is of average length, yet uniquely having a tint of blue in the metal. Whether it is a tricky of the eyes or simply that way because of Kaoru's element is unknown. However if someone, even Kaoru, were to touch the blade appearing on their fingers are tiny little water droplets.

    S H U T T E R is the command for for Shikai. In Kaoru's eyes, she is able to see every single drop of water that might be floating in the air, stuck to a building, on a person, any where and every single drop of water is able to be seen by Kaoru. She must be using her sword, no other body part is able to control it. Kaoru is able to control the flow of these drops of water, or even a large amount if she is close to a bigger water source. The tip of her Zanpakuto controls the movement of the water, able to bring all the water together to create a larger body of water that spirals around her lithe form. In order for the mass of water to change in a different direction is by Kaoru moving her zanpakuto to the location she wishes for the water attack. Arutema at this point, comes in contact with Kaoru and is able to register the difference between friend and foe; allowing the mass of water to ignore friends and focus solely on foe.


    Kaoru has yet to fully come to terms with her Zanpakuto, thus neither one can allow the other to advance in their potential.

"If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung."


    Her soul was wandering for years in complete darkness. Day by day forgetting who she had been before, forgetting all the relationships, the likes, the dislikes, the loves and hates of herself. There had been one day though, when this soul had found complete and utter peace; emptiness. It had been on this day that Kaoru Honami was born in a Tokyo Hospital.

    However, originally Kaoru was not breathing, not crying, not moving at all. the Honamis believed that she was a stillbirth. This was not the wish of the Kami, they were very much aware that the soul had forgotten it's life thus she should not be stillborn by their standards. When the nurses took Kaoru's body away, to be cleaned and pronounced deceased; Jiraya reached from the heavens and blessed the child to breathe. As the God of the Ocean, Kaoru's dark hair turned a more navy blue instead.

    The nurses returned to find a weeping, crying baby Kaoru. The Honamis felt blessed with the fact that she had been saved and prayed to the Kami in thanks for what they have done, unaware that the Gods actually intervened with helping the child. It was in the beginning of the first couple of weeks that the family duly noted that Kaoru didn't have black hair as they originally had saw when the child was born, instead her hair was beginning to come in such a different unique colour - blue. Kaoru's mother was very curious about this, however her husband told her not to worry about it; after all they did have a living and breathing child.

    Kaoru's childhood was a simple one, though there was a lot of teasing involved due to her uniqueness in hair colour. And her eyes, they began to change too as a babe into a deep ocean blue. Everyone would comment that she wasn't normal, that she was a freak show. It caused many afternoons when Kaoru would go and hide, weeping because of how much she was being mistreated by other children. One day, her older cousin Nakishi was visiting them. He witnessed one afternoon though that the children were teasing his cousin and stood up for her, quite mad for a ten year old to be at other kids his age if not younger. Nakishi had been the one to tell Kaoru never to let other kids pick on her, because she was always stronger then them, having been blessed by the Gods. It was something many Honami and other relatives continued to think was true for the reason Kaoru was alive at this point.

    After that, Kaoru became a better child, especially happy when she had started school. Many children would look at her funny because of how she looked, even a couple of the teachers but Kaoru would always wear a happy smile that would seem almost contagious that other children would end up smiling and giggling along with the blue haired child. One day however, awkward things were beginning to happen. She would see almost normal looking children standing beside something, gone the next and something might fall from the exact place the child had been.

    Growing older, Kaoru began to witness more and more stranger things as a teenager. Other children, teenagers and adults that she could see, but truly wasn't there to begin with. Many of Kaoru's friends would tease her, saying that she was daydreaming again or wasn't paying attention to the task on hand because of staring off at the distance. It was because of her idle 'daydreaming' as a human that almost got her fatally killed, however a friend of her's pulled her back before getting hit by a bus. Many of Kaoru's friends said that the idle daydreaming had to stop otherwise she'd get herself killed. The person she had saw that day, disappeared with an almost disappointed frown on their face.

    From that day forward, continuing with High School Kaoru managed to one way or another, block out the people she used to be able to see. Yet there were times that the blue haired student knew she was being watched, yet would ignore it entirely; scared what would happen if she begun to see the strange people again. Kaoru had been in her junior year when the school received a grave call from the police department.

    Nakishi had been killed.

    Kaoru learned it was by a truck that didn't notice him walking across the road and instantly she remembered the day that she had almost done the same. Kaoru released her walls that caused her to be unable to see the spirits, and saw the same adult standing there with a gleeful smirk on his face. She became sick to her stomach, especially when seeing Nakishi's spirit standing, mourning his own death. When Nakishi noticed that Kaoru was able to see him, he told his little cousin to always stay strong and never to give up in what she wanted to achieve. Nakishi left that very same day to someplace that he wished Kaoru never would go to in such an early life.

    Everyone in the family was suffering at that time because of Nakishi's death, unaware that Kaoru had been the last person to exchange words with him, even if it were one-sided. Kaoru changed that day, becoming more and more serious until the Honamis believed they lost her daughter that very same day. Kaoru achieved high outstanding final grades after graduating from her High School, seeking out to attend a university instead of studying abroad like she originally wanted to do. College life was something that helped Kaoru find solace and peace, she no longer hid the fact she could see spirits and sometimes would speak with them, warning them about the sadistic spirit that she had saw all those years ago.

    Kaoru though, died an early life death. She was twenty-one when it occurred. In the wrong place at the wrong time. Men were trying to mug her, of course Kaoru wouldn't give up without a fight. She hadn't been aware that one of them had a long fishing knife on them. He had came from behind and stabbed her in the back as the men took off with her money, ID, anything they could pawn off. Kaoru's last glimpse of life had been the same spirit, with a pleased look of sadistic glee in his eyes.

    When Kaoru had awoke, she was not in the place she believed her cousin, Nakishi had gone. She was not in a void for her soul to live on in it's next life. Instead, she had awoke in the graveyard. Finding her own stone marker there. It hit her like a ton of bricks. She was dead, she had been killed that night. It was days that Kaoru remained in the graveyard, in front of her own stone until the gleeful man appeared for some odd reason. He proclaimed that she belonged to the deceased, that she was never meant to survive that day. He claimed what was rightfully the deceased's child, not the child of the living. Kaoru was furious to know this is why he wanted her dead, because she was originally a still born.

    Most of her life - five years - wandering around was mostly trying to find peace with her death, at the same time avoiding large dark creatures that sometimes would prowl at night. Kaoru remembered hearing one of them speak of being hungry. She never was that curious enough to seek out what they would eat, fearing what would happen if they had caught  site of her. However, the day before the sixth year of being dead, Kaoru was surprised to find such a familiar face before her. Nakishi was wearing strange clothes, he too was surprised to see the ghostly body of his younger cousin. It hurt him deeply to find her to be dead at such a young age. Nakishi explained that he let go on his death and joined a place called Soul Society. Nakishi told his cousin it was his job to bring souls to the other side. He was surprised to find Kaoru so willing to leave right away. At a price though - to visit her.

    The next time Kaoru had awoke was in a strange place. It was beautiful. It wasn't long until Nakishi had decided to visit his little cousin. He explained that he was something called a Shinigami, to destroy Hollows, to send the Spirits here, and to protect the Humans. Kaoru naturally was confused but told her not to worry about it for now. Nakishi was allowing Kaoru to live in his home, in one of the inner circles of Sou Society. She would be closer to the Thirteen Gotei, in case something to were to ever happen, he could quickly get to her and find her.

    Life in Soul Society was something that Kaoru could never describe. She was at peace and would find fun no matter where she went. Quite interested in seeing other souls that she saw as a child. Many of which remembered her, declaring no one could forget that hair. Kaoru found amusement in the parties and meeting new people, considering many of them friends. Kaoru was more happy in Soul Society more then ever because she never would have to worry about seeing things that no longer were there to begin with. It made Kaoru very very happy.

    It was drawing close to at least her hundredth year being there that Kaoru began to become.. unsettled. She would sometimes do the same thing every other day, rarely finding something more interesting to do. One day Nakishi visited to find his cousin seeming sheepish and sluggish. Nakishi questioned what was wrong, to find out that Kaoru was actually bored with her peaceful life now. He decided to stay the night in order to keep her company and for there to be some type of difference in her life for a moment. During the night though, Nakishi saw something rather unique and strange occurring.

    Throughout the night, Nakishi witnessed as droplets of water would run vertical and horizontal, up and down, side to side on the walls and on the glass windows. Knowing that he had nothing to do with his, Nakishi quickly realized it was his cousin whom was doing this. When the night morning came, Nakishi told his little cousin perhaps she should join the Shinigami Academy, to become a Shinigami like him.

    The Entrance exam was something that Kaoru was not sure about. However Nakishi told his little cousin she had more energy then realizing it. When Kaoru first realized this during her entrance exams, it was confusing whether or not she or the graders were surprised more. Kaoru remembered the first time feeling her energy, it was a mixture between white and the darkest blue. She felt cold, but warm, scared, yet calm. Physically Kaoru saw tiny droplets of water gathering on the tips of her fingers. Kaoru's control was commented to be rather unique and well controlled for someone who was suggested to join the academy by chance of these spiritual power being originally noticed by Nakishi. Kaoru was placed in Class One because of her outstanding spiritual power.

    Nakishi was proud of Kaoru when she told him the news, but curious to see why she was always staring her hands. Kaoru mentioned there was water on her hands - something she found to be completely strange. Nakishi mentioned that it was her element. Certain Zanpakutos contained elements, her's was being that of Water. Kaoru questioned Nakishi if he had something like that, he mentioned that he and his Zanpakuto rarely got along for either to find out if something like that was occurring. Kaoru felt pleased though, knowing that she had Nakishi there in Soul Society with her.

    The Academy was something completely new to Kaoru. Of course though it was just like her college courses. But it felt more natural to Kaoru to be learning about these lessons, how to use Kido, or learning how to fight with her Zanpakuto. During her first year, Kaoru and others in her class had gone to the Human World to experience how to move and fight around that area, to first destroy a hollow. Kaoru and her other duo pair had gotten rid of a hollow, rather tired for it had been the first time.

    Kaoru noticed something though, there was a young man staring up at them , curiosity in his eyes. She felt there was something strange aboyt the boy, something oddly familiar. On a closer inspection when he htought he was going crazy, did Kaoru realize it had been a boy that she dated before she had been murdered - his soul having been cleansed and went back to be in it's next life. Kaoru became very worried for his well being, making a secret promise to herself to always watch over him. This would lead to possible dangers between Kaoru and Arutema, whom wishes for Kaoru to forget her human life all together.

    Time in the Academy just seemed to get quicker and quicker with each passing day. It was nearing her graduation time that Kaoru had first officially met Arutema in her own world. Meditation was something that all Shinigami-in-Training were expected to do. It had been one day that she was doing this that Arutema finally found it appropriate to allow Kaoru entrance. The world was of falling horizontal and vertical streams of rushing water. There was a woman standing in what could be the center of the world. She was pure white, long white hair, snowflake skin, and a long white dress. Her eyes were closed though but seemed more then aware of where Kaoru was standing. The woman introduced herself as Arutema, the very essence of her Zanpakuto. Kaoru felt lucky to meet the woman and the two quickly seemed to get along.

    Arutema explained there would be many harsh trials that Kaoru would need to go through in order to obtain total mastery over her. These trials though, would be introduced slowly and one at a time that way there would be nothing overwhelming. Arutema told Kaoru that she listened to a single command that would allow her to give the blue haired woman more power then she originally does. Yet Kaoru would have to train and meditate even more before Arutema would ever give a slight hint on what the command word might be. Kaoru graduated that year, pleased to know that she met Arutema before having graduated.

    Kaoru had been placed in the Tenth Division, her mind was full of tactics and strategic thought process that the Gotei believed was more then fitting for the Division. Of course Kaoru had been a seated member in the beginning, not raising to Lt. until further along in her Shinigami life. Most of the times Kaoru was given to do simple tactic placements for those that would go on patrol in the human world, some pushing paper. Things seemed well, normal for her by this point and she was more than glad to be in the Gotei Thirteen. Nakishi would sometimes visit, finding it much easier now then before to visit a different Division without his Captain getting angry at him.

    Kaoru was the one to tell Nakishi that she had met Arutema, it surprised Nakishi she managed to meet her spirit so quickly. Kaoru mentioned the woman was a peaceful sort, kind and soft spoken. Arutema wanted her to become stronger and would do nothing but to make sure that Kaoru was to become strong enough in order to protect the Human world and Soul Society. There had been one time though that truly did hurt Kaoru for the remainder of her years.

    Nakishi and Kaoru's squad were given a similar mission that sent her group and his into the human world. There was a spirit that became a Hollow, rather nasty with the fact it cared not if the foot source was spirit or human. When the squads had found the creature, Kaoru and Nakishi knew that this had been the sadistic spirit that got both of them killed. It was more pleased with seeing Kaoru, powerful and stronger then ever. It proclaimed that this was a true child of death, of which anything and everything could be slaughtered in an instance. It was attacking wildly, but yet Kaoru's squad knew better to get close to the creature, Nakishi's learning quickly to do the same thing.

    Many were warned out and wounded half way through the battle. Kaoru did not want anyone to die, she would not allow it. Then, then something happened. There was a light feeling her body, as if she didn't weigh anything. Kaoru realized what had gone through her mind, the want of no one to die. To live, to have Life. Water gave Life. So did Kaoru. The word  was smooth and calm. It struck out though as something unique and almost hastily. "Shutter" was echoed on the battle field. Things became clear to Kaoru, she saw things she wasn't expecting to see.

    Tiny droplets of water were in front of her sight. Using her Zanpakuto to control every droplet of water into a large spiraling mass. Her own and Nakishi's squad moved further back due to the sheer power it was giving off. Kaoru had destroyed the Hollow by having the water rip the body apart, giving the spirits and human families peace even if they weren't aware that a threat had been taken care of. When Kaoru gave up on her shikai, the water began to part and go into the clouds, a nasty storm then was created due to the large amount of water in the clouds.

    Returning to Soul Society, Kaoru was promoted to higher and higher seats as the years went on. Many of were because of how she used her Shikai in some of the most life threatening situations. Kaoru would never blindly use her Shikai to end a battle quickly. In the beginning she would feel drained and tired, but more often that she used it, Kaoru felt stronger then ever. Surprisingly, she was offered the position as Lt.  It felt a bit strange to be considered a Vice-Captain. But nonetheless Kaoru agreed on becoming the Lieutenant for the Division she had been with for countless years.

    Despite her captain having a stick in his arse.

Et Cetera: Kaoru will [hopefully] obtain Bankai through ICC, thus anything during her human life shall be utterly forgotten when that time comes.
Face Claim: Kingdom Hearts, Aqua, Kaoru Honami .

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PostSubject: Re: SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami   SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 5:57 pm

Excellent, very well done! It was short and sweet, and it ended with a very well written history. <3?
Approved.~ Your ranking will be given by Eric, Jor, or Molo.
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Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

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PostSubject: Re: SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami   SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 6:29 pm

Honestly a very good app. I  look forward to role-playing with you,  lieutenant. I  hereby  declare this app...

SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami Chuck-norris-approved

For 180 stat points and 22 skill points.

                             -Your comb-bearing approval moderator.

Fire can light up your life, show you the way, and keep you warm...

SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami How-draw-flames

...Or burn you, maim you, and eradicate your very existence. It all depends on how you treat it.
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PostSubject: Re: SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami   SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami Empty

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SHINIGAMI, kaoru honami
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