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Kaoru Honami

Kaoru Honami

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PostSubject: lexi's bunnies   lexi's bunnies EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 6:18 pm

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    keep your friends close kaoru gets along with majority of her division, well being for the fact she has been stuck with the same people for more or less four hundred years. she enjoys being able to relax and how downtime with fellow seated officers. naturally, kaoru is very loyal to her friends, especially her division. most of the times kaoru does make friends, if they look beyond her serious facade.
    and your enemies closer hollows and anything that threatens the safety of the human world and soul society, be warned. just like her captain kaoru doesn't take anyone's crap when it comes to threatening the lives of innocent people. her harsh and serious attitude is sure to create some uneasiness since some are more then well aware that kaoru takes her job seriously.
    the heart wants what it wants there is one boy, he's well.. human. kaoru is deeply devoted to his safety because he's the reincarnation of her previous boyfriend before she had gotten killed. there have been very few people that kaoru has been with during her human life and her now current shinigami life. no doubt there is someone out there for kaoru, she just isn't sure if she's willing to put his life on the line.


    CAPTAIN "ORGY" JOR'LO SHOUKYAKURO please excuse the well, nickname. he's my captain whom has my respects, the nickname is something me and the boys came up with.

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