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 Shinigami, Kurokon Shikyo

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PostSubject: Shinigami, Kurokon Shikyo   Shinigami, Kurokon Shikyo EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 11:19 pm

Shinigami, Kurokon Shikyo Zelda_10
Kurokon Shikyo
"Another clever word, Sets off an unsuspecting herd, And as you step back into line, A mob jumps to their feet."

"'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight."

Full Name
: Kurokon Shikyo
Age: 127
Race: Shinigami
Rank: Squad 12 Captain
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi

"Don't use such strong words. It makes you seem weak."


Wisdom - Kurokon was always observant and intelligent. Even as a child, he understood situations before most. To explain Kurokon's difference in intelligence from normal people would be to compare a river to a lake. Most people stagnate their minds, ignoring new ideas, potential things. Kuro investigates these things beyond all else, yearning to learn how things work, and how to make them work even better. Part of Kuro's intelligence is how his mind differs from others. Others use a constant thinking method of understanding "What, when, and where". Kuro instead, thinks "What, how, why?" In doing so, he understands the object deeper, but has absolutely horrible perception of time and place. Give him directions, its more likely he will find a new dimension rather than the place. Which is usually why he uses either an electronic guide, or a human guide.

Madness - Similar to his Wisdom, Kuro has an interesting view on his own 'madness'. Due to his different thought processes, he thinks far differently, so much so, one could label him insane. He makes connections to things that, to a normal person, appear completely different. For example, Kuro could think of a tomato, and jump to mass genocide. For most, that would be because Kuro loves both. The truth is that Kuro connects all possible descriptions of such things and jumps to the most interesting one, which leads to infinitely more. Not to mention how many view his outstanding moral fiber...

Outstanding Moral Fiber - Kuro doesnt give a damn about morals. They are limits placed upon people by society, as such, he cares little for most of them. However, he doesnt believe in randomly lashing out for the smallest infraction. In punishments, he makes sure the punishment fits the crime. As such, a murderer who had no reason would be killed. A man who accidentally killed a man during training would be reprimanded, as the guilt he would have would be a major punishment. As for illegal experiments, the experimenter should have to be subject to Kuro's experiments. For purely punishment reasons...

Amusement - Kuro draws amusement out of little things. Usually things that make no sense. Such as a yodeling lion, or a talking llama that eats hands. He also has a deep curiosity on opinions. Kuro enjoys talking about controversial subjects. He often listens to conversations and collects mental data about the societal opinion behind such silly ideas. Ironically, Kuro hates dealing with fools who force their opinions on others. Often he shuts their opinions down with a few simple statements. He loves doing that.

Emotional Control - Most people view controlling emotions as apathy, for Kuro, it is the opposite. Where apathy blocks out all emotions, Kuro's emotional control generates certain emotions. In essence, he could be happy when he wishes, regardless of circumstances. He could be angry for nothing, or calm at the greatest fault. Some emotions, such as anger, he does not completely control, only partially. That means he may generate, or lessen the effects of the emotion, but he cannot nullify them completely. Basically, someone pisses him off enough, he WILL murderate them.

Obsession - Kuro is obsessed with many things, one of which, the most potent, is finishing things. He absolutely hates to leave things unfinished, however this can apply to different things. If he encounters an enemy, he will only count finishing it as either defeating it, or it defeating him. However, if he was ordered to kill it, depending on his own judgements, he will likely not stop till it dies. In another way, he will accepted segmented completion. What it means is that, if he is working on an experiment that must be completed in different states, so long as one of the states is finished, he will not be upset. He is also obsessed with making the most disturbingly hilarious things possible, which is why he made Yodleo.

Boredom - If Kuro is not constantly working on something, he will get bored. Let me just clarify, a bored Kuro usually means someone dies, gets experimented on, dies again, then is turned into a statue. Essentially, when Kuro is bored, he will create something to do to satisfy his boredom, meaning he will either fight, or experiment. Sometimes both.

Tuning out - Kuro thinks deeply, and usually ignores most of what people tell him. He usually gets the main portion, but may not hear small details, such as color, or other things. This makes him forced to draw conclusions based on other details of what he hears.

Mercy - Kuro, despite all his... oddities, does not like striking down the helpless. He doesnt believe in it, doesnt enjoy it, and will refuse to do it in certain circumstances. However, if the helpless person was not helpless before, he will likely kill them without mercy. Kuro also doesnt enjoy killing children, but he will do so if he deems it necessary.

Anger - While Kuro has an incredible level of control over his emotions, his anger surpasses that in certain circumstances. His anger is focused, and deadly. When someone kills someone close to him, he will no doubt lash out, or keep to himself, expressing his anger and sadness in the best way he knows.


  • Science
  • Sex
  • Discussing controversial things


  • Talking with people who are fucking stupid.
  • Listing things.
  • Being interrupted.

"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."

Zanpakuto Name & Description
: Kurayami no Masutaa
The base sword is very average, a simple black sheathed katana, with a gold handle.

The shikai appearance is nothing too spectacular. The sword itself vanishes, whilst shadows form a pair of gauntlets and boots on Kuro. With these, he is able to manipulate darkness. The darkness he manipulates is etheral and black. He has a maximum range of 50 meters for manipulation. However, he is capable of manipulating the darkness into a solid manifestation. The darkness, when solidified, shares many similarities to Steel, being conductive and hard. However, darkness is much harder than steel, as hard as the user's Zanpokuto would be. Why? We have seen people like Kenpachi slice buildings in half with ease from a long distance. Having the solidifed darkness equal to normal steel would be like using flower petals to replace Senbonzakura.
Bankai: In Bankai, the gauntlets and boots vanish, leaving nothing. In this state, the capabilities of shikai remain, but are also boosted. In essence, the durability of the darkness is now even more, capable of matching bankai level swords. When in bankai, instead of requiring large movements of limbs and such to manipulate the darkness, Kuro is now capable of manipulating it with small gestures, anywhere on his body. The range of manipulation is doubled.

"If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung."

: There were many born in the time of Kuro was. Many were intelligent, many were strong, but Kuro had always been different. Not exactly better, but different. No, he was not a five hundred foot dragon. Nor did he have the soul of a dragon. Too bad though, he did love to shout. No, he was always different in his mannerisms. He didnt give a damn about social standards, giving him free reign to do exactly whatever the fuck he wanted. Now, for most people, this would mean not working and lazing about. For Kuro, it meant he did some of the most outrageous and ridiculously insane experiments ever. One such experiment was where he created a talking Llama, Carl, which went on a psychopathic rampage, killing hundreds.

Not many were pleased when they heard of a town being slaughtered by a llama. Mostly because what kind of fool would buy into that? Well, apparently, those were different times. Yes, they bought into it. So much so, they went to the town it happened, and were rather shocked to discover that Kuro had set up his lab that, and was petting Carl. They tried intimidating Kuro into giving up, but when you can see many in a crowd piss themselves by looking at a llama, you tend to not be intimidated. What happened next, no one saw coming. Well, except Kuro, but when dealing with him, you get used to these things.

So what happened to the mob who had come to kill him? Well, his new pet lion had a wonderful feast. Oh, right. You are wondering when he had time to make a lion, let alone one which yodeled instead of roared. Well, when you slaughter a town, you tend to have free time afterwards. Not to mention it was actually Carl that slaughtered the town, while Kuro was free to work on more impressive experiments. He also made various other inventions, which he used to experiment on the remaining members of the mob, who had simply lost limbs to Yodleo, the lion, rather than their lives. In the following experiments, Kuro tested heat resistance, electrical resistance, and many other things on human bodies. Fortunately, he also found a way to half kill someone. It was an odd experience, when he first saw the spirit of someone hanging out by a chain. At that moment, he began researching into some of the stories about the after life.

It took him five years to find what matched his findings. As it turned out, whoever had written this, as the name was written in the absolute worst handwriting since someone tried writing while having a seizure, had been able to see spirits all their lives. As it turned out, a large concentration of dead people could, in the right circumstances, make someone sensitive to spiritual pressure. Hilariously, physical weapons still worked on weaker spirits. Even better, some werent so augmented that they were capable of superhuman feats. So Kuro began experimenting, using this new energy, Reiatsu. He eventually learned a great deal of skills with his reiatsu, mostly blunt pushing and pressuring.

It was with that, he became known as one of the greatest war heroes of the time. Ironically, due to the isolationism of the time, his legend was forgotten. What exactly happened? Well, there was a large civil war during his time, and he managed to stay out of it, staying to himself, and capturing the lower leveled spirits before shinigami or hollow could. He even managed to capture a few low leveled shinigami and hollows as well, mostly after they fought each other and tired out. Thanks to his new control of his reiatsu, he was incredibly more powerful than an average human. Equal to lower leveled shinigami, if he said so himself. Now, what caused Kuro to become a war hero? Well, an army decided that his terrortory (no, that is spelled right.) would make an excellent route to flank the enemy. Kuro took offense to that. I want you all to imagine this, a man who mastered a decent amount of reiatsu control vs a normal human army. Yeah, Kuro slaughtered them with little difficulty. After that, he was honored as a war hero, thankfully Carl's history was erased, so no one knew his past. Not like they would believe that he was a mad scientist, anyone who could take down an entire army with nothing more than a sword had to be extremely skilled, wasting no time with trivial sciences, only on training. It was partly true. Kuro had spent most of his time after discovering reiatsu trying to master it. His own reiatsu was leagues above other humans, but below any seated shinigami. What he did not know was that his reiatsu was still shackled by a human body, and would easily grow once he died.

Now, onto how Kuro managed to die. You must be wondering, he was a brilliant scientist, wonderful fighter, and very intelligent man. So what was his downfall? No, not old age. No, not a genetic sickness. No, how he died was much less... base. He, while working on a new experiment, stepped on a nail. He bled out from a nail. With no one to feed them, or let them out to feed themselves, Carl and Yodleo died soon after, following their master around in spirit form.

It took a grand total of two months before Kuro finally found a shinigami and got sent to soul society. Somehow, Yodleo and Carl managed to follow him. Even he was stumped by that one. He merely shrugged it off and began his new life. His new life lasted a grand total of ten minutes before a shinigami detected his reiatsu. He was drafted for the shinigami academy, which he didnt mind, as it would give him a better understanding of his new powers, which seemed to follow him in death. Not surprising considering it was based on his spirit rather than body. Kuro began experimenting on someone he had never before. Himself. For the most part, it was appearance alterations, such as his ears, skin, hair, and eyes. He managed to get elf-like ears, turn his skin a dark gray, turn his hair white, and eyes red. That rather scared people at the academy, especially when his reiatsu was measured. He already had more than most seated officers. Granted, they were nothing next to captains, but still.

In the academy, there was little that Kuro did not ace. Except kido. As it turns out, even with his decent control of his reiatsu, kido just wasnt for him. The first time he tried one, it almost blew the roof off of the place. And he wasnt even inside! After that, he was forbidden from using any kido, and had to drop the class for everyone's safety. Apparently, thanks to his unnatural prowess at pretty much anything else, he was able to bypass the rule that one had to learn kido before graduating. That tends to happen when you embarrass a few 5th seats in a spar. The worst part? He wasnt in shikai, they were. Many wondered how Kuro had gotten so strong so fast. It was honestly an obvious answer. Shinigami seemed to rarely train, whilst Kuro spent most of his time either training, or seeing to Yodleo and Carl, who he had sent to the wilds until he graduated. After that, he was drafted into the 12th division, which pissed quite a few captains of the time off, but out of all his skills, the one no one had ever beaten him at was coming up with insane inventions that actually worked. Oh sure, some could be better at math than him, or perhaps smaller unimportant subjects, but in reality, no one completely surpassed him. Sure, some were better in theory, but nothing else. Why? Kuro didnt waste his time on the unimportant details, instead focusing on the base idea, ignoring the obvious, as he could easily notice them by simply thinking of the idea itself.

Kuro shot up the ranks like Ichigo shot up power when he fought Aizen. In other words, he was made Lt in a few months. Soon after, his captain managed to get killed by Kuro. Why? Well, apparently his captain had gone insane with power, probably due to an experiment gone wrong. So the captain managed to aggravate Kuro enough to where Kuro challenged him for his position. The resulting battle could only be called "fucking hilarious". See, the captain's experiments which had altered his brain had managed to drain quite a bit of his reiatsu. So much so that even in Bankai, he was barely keeping up with Kuro's Shikai. When Kuro revealed that he had mastered Bankai behind everyone's back, no one was really surprised. No one saw much of Kuro unless it was business, so he was obviously doing something. Since he had been a Lt for ten years, no one was too shocked, as Kuro had already proven most of them wrong by his extreme growth in strength.

However, the captain went even further insane and Kuro killed him. Infront of witnesses. Thousands of witnesses. The title of captain was pretty much thrust upon Kuro, because he didnt want to deal with too much of the work, but eventually accepted, once he learned he would have more access to the archives. Why? Regardless of the false history lessons of the academy, Kuro knew that many things were either falsified, or removed entirely. With that, he began looking into the history of the shinigami. He managed to grow his division into a more respectable one rather than the "be smart or die" division his captain had tried. Kuro was respect at that point, but also feared. People feared he would soon turn out like his former captain.

Most were amazed by Kuro's intelligence and power, many began to refer to him as "the Chosen one" Mostly because of his odd appearance and unknown background. Apparently even in the afterlife people loved star wars. Maybe it was because of his dull reiatsu manipulation moves.

Et Cetera:
Face Claim: Legend of Zelda, Dark Link, Kurokon Shikyo
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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami, Kurokon Shikyo   Shinigami, Kurokon Shikyo EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 5:37 am

Well everything looks decent enough. He seems to be a rather interesting character. I see no problems, so I'll accept him, but just in case another admin may see something wrong, I'll leave the grading up to them.
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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami, Kurokon Shikyo   Shinigami, Kurokon Shikyo EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 2:42 am

Quite nice. You did a good job here with that-here-there-everywhere-somewhere-place-water(???) application, Larry. Nicely done.

Approved for Captain Class with 250 Stat Points and 23 Skill Points.
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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami, Kurokon Shikyo   Shinigami, Kurokon Shikyo Empty

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Shinigami, Kurokon Shikyo
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