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 just any other day [open]

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Kaoru Honami

Kaoru Honami

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Join date : 2013-07-23
Age : 22

PostSubject: just any other day [open]   Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:12 am

    considered to be cool, collected cold blue eyes were boring holes through the white pieces of papers that were laid on top of tan pieces of wood. these papers were not critical that they had to be completed right away and handed in. however, she was more well aware that her captain would be expecting them done rather quickly since there would be no doubt more paperwork to be pushed on to her desk soon enough.

    she rested the pen on the table before standing up. it was a basic normal day in her eyes. the storm blue eyes squinted slightly at the afternoon light that was shining through her door that was remaining open. unlike her captain who had that stick in his arse, her door would remain open; knowing when to duck and cover from his rage at least.

    a black sleeveless turtle neck shirt was the top choice of the day, with a pair of slacks as her bottom choice. the blue eyed woman felt free with nothing on her feet, the coolness on the heels felt relaxing. standing in front of the door, the sun's rays gleamed off of her blue hair, given directly by the kami. a slight smile was placed on her face, leaning against the frame of the door way.

    just another day.

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Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

Posts : 38
Join date : 2013-07-23

PostSubject: Re: just any other day [open]   Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:15 pm

Jor'lo stood in an open field, both his Zanpaktou in hand, sweat pouring down his face. He squared off against the enemy in front of him. The battle had been long, but he was beginning to wear through the opponent's mighty armor. He swung his Zanpaktou in a slow, arcing circle, keeping his wrists loose and ready to strike. He circled the unmoving enemy, biding his time, looking for his opening. There, on his shoulder, a crack in the armor! Jor though, posing to strike. He tightened his grip on his Zanpaktou ever so slightly, enough to make a massive strike, but noit enough to let the enemy know he was about to attack. Suddenly, he moved.

He right foot slide out from under him in a sideways motion, and his left foot flew forward. Most people would see this as a fall, but no, Jor'lo was too well-trained, too poised and battle-hardened for that. No, the sideways motion of his right foot was to propell him forward at top speed, closing the ten-foot gap between him and his opponent in a matter of miliseconds. As his body propelled forward, his right arm came down in a massive strike, landing dead-on the crack in the armor Jor'lo had seen not a second before. The blade sunk in easily, the armor gave way, and Jor'lo continued on, following through with his strike to the end. He stopped a few feet away, panting slightly. **CRASH* was the sound Jor'lo heard as the massive body of the enemy fell to the floor, cut in two by the massive strike...

...At least, this was the scenerio Jor'lo saw in his head. He smiled. They don't make boulders like they used to. That used to take me a lot longer to make such a crack that I could cut directly through it. Jor'lo said to himself, as there was no-one around. He turned around, and the image in his mind's-eye melted away, leaving the reality to bare. There in front of him was a massive 15-foot radius boulder, cut in two. Jor'lo smiled wider That, or I'm getting stronger. I'm going to go with the latter in this scenerio. Jor'lo sheathed his blades and walked forward, before leaping on top of the great rock, now rocks. He brought his hand up and wiped his brow, before sitting cross-legged on the flat side of one of the stones. He closed his eyes, and immeadiately was taken into the heart of a great volcano.

You are improving. Good. Jor'lo heard from what seemed like nowhere, and yet everywhere. His face lit up. Thank you, Honoo. Jor responded, addressing his Zanpaktou spirit. At those words, a great tongue of flame shot up from the fiery pit below Jor'lo, and landed in front of him. There stood Honoo, the great fire elemental, Jor'lo's Zanpaktou spirit, and most cherished friend. Now in the semblance of a human form, Honoo walked forward and placed his hand on Jor'lo's shoulder. Jor felt nothing but a loving warmth from the fiery hand. [i]I'm impressed. You've come a long way from running around during a fight, making it last as long as possible so you could score as many hits as possible. Jor'lo laughed at the mention of what is still his favorite fighting style. It is the best way for him to fight. Jor was never the strongest, in neither Spiritual Pressure nor pure Strength, but he was the fastest of the Shinigami, and that was something he was greatly proud of.

Once again I thank you, Honoo, but I still have much work to be done. But, for now, I am content with my work. I do believe it is time for a break. Jor'lo immeadiately felt the disgust come from Honoo at that comment. I will not drink too much, I know how much you hate it when I lose control. If you had not stopped me I would have burned down my whole Division housing last time. I shall be careful. Honoo scoffed at that one. See that you do. No more accidents, eh? Wouldn't want to burn your hair off. Again. Jor'lo felt ashamed at that one. He had accidently caught his own banner on fire and burned his hair without realizing it. Sometimes he wondered the intelligence of a man with complete and utter control of fire getting drunk, but it was what was able to calm his nerves. He assumed he'd be fine.

Jor openned his eyes, and smiled. Now, it was time for some fun. [color:dac3=00FF00]I need...A drinking partner. Jor thought, and knew who he needed. He smiled, and conjured a Hell Butterfly in front of him. Tell Lieutenant Honami to meet me in my office. Now, and to make sure she reaches it before I do. Tell her I am in the back pratice yard, she will know how much time she has. At that, Jor sent off the Hell Butterfly. He knew he would worry the Lieutenant, and that was his intention. Sometimes, even he could make a joke, no matter how cruel it is. Jor set his feet underneath him and shot up into the air, landing lightly on the ground before he prepared to set off. Let's have some fun, shall we? He said to himself, knowing Honoo would hear, before setting off at full speed towards his office, wondering if she would actually reach it before he does.

Fire can light up your life, show you the way, and keep you warm...

...Or burn you, maim you, and eradicate your very existence. It all depends on how you treat it.
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Kaoru Honami

Kaoru Honami

Posts : 8
Join date : 2013-07-23
Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: just any other day [open]   Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:05 pm

    her eyes narrowed curiously, noticing a fluttering purple hell butterfly dancing on the wind. she grew more and more curious as it got closer to her office. as if a normal reaction, the woman reached out and allowed the creature to laid safely onto her outreached index finger. the message of a familiar voice entered her mind, an order. sighing she felt the creature flutter away once again. the bluenette woman wasn't sure what the arse wanted this time, but was more then aware that he was dead serious when he declared for her to get to his office before him. her spiritual zanpakuto mentally sighed, arutema was not quite sure how to handle her shinigami's captain herself sometimes. there were times that kaoru envied that she was blind not needing to personally deal with the man every single day.

    unlike her captain, kaoru was talented more with her sword rather then her speed. the two of them were always arguing - her swordplay verses his speed. it was a usually a most enjoying sight when seeing the two of them go off against each other for simple practice. personally kaoru found it amusing watching her captain run circles around other members of their squad for training exercises. she did however, push off quickly dragging the door shut as she flashed stepped her way towards his office. it wasn't far, though he was probably there already ready to scold her for being 'late'.

    i do not understand how some put up with men such as he. the voice of the tender, gentle lady known as arutema spoke up with a curt sound. kaoru wasn't sure why she agreed on her promotion despite already knowing how her captain has acted throughout the couple of years. arutema silently nodded in agreement, with her own strength and ability, the zanpakuto spirit too believed that there was more then a chance she'd be given the very same position in a different division, if she so wished to move to another division. her aqua coloured eyes landed in front of the captain's office, kaoru's short blue locks waved through the air briefly before settling again.

    "captain?" curiously, kaoru called out.

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PostSubject: Re: just any other day [open]   

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just any other day [open]
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