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 Shinigami, Kaede Ryu

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Kaede Ryu

Kaede Ryu

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PostSubject: Shinigami, Kaede Ryu   Shinigami, Kaede Ryu EmptyWed Jul 24, 2013 3:02 pm

Shinigami, Kaede Ryu 9a0804ec-7dd8-4e8d-a907-001530d5032e_zpsc020dc56Shinigami, Kaede Ryu 9a0804ec-7dd8-4e8d-a907-001530d5032e_zpsc020dc56Shinigami, Kaede Ryu 9a0804ec-7dd8-4e8d-a907-001530d5032e_zpsc020dc56Shinigami, Kaede Ryu 9a0804ec-7dd8-4e8d-a907-001530d5032e_zpsc020dc56
kaede ryu
"There's no place I can be, since I found Serenity but you can't take the Sky from me."

"'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight."

Full Name
: Kaede Sora Ryu
Age: {450} [23]
Race: Shinigami
Rank: 12th Division Lieutenant
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan

"Don't use such strong words. It makes you seem weak."

Compassion - While many look at compassion as a weakness, Kaede demands that it be shown always. Especially towards children or towards the injured. She is one to bring food to those in need and often takes off during her duties to help someone. She may be punished if she's caught, but she finds it worth the satisfaction of showing someone a kindness she herself is not often shown.

Insecurity - In many ways, the lieutenant does not feel very confident in herself. She could care less about how she looks or the way people think of her body but it comes to confronting other people about her ideas, she loses any confidence you can generally expect from her. She suspects that she gained this from her human self, a very insecure and frightened girl who never said a word to defend anything she loved. She does differ by defending the objects that gain her affection now, but her words come out in stumbling sentences that are often hard to make out. Those closest to her are the only ones who can understand her enough to translate.

Undoubting - In addition to her compassion, Kaede always gives someone the benefit of the doubt. This can lead to a bit of a naivety on her part depending on how much she trusts a certain person. She believes in second chances when she believes it should be granted, which usually comes from the previous discrepancy towards her or someone close to her.

Racial Prejudice - Not everyone can be perfect, and Kaede certainly doesn't claim to be. Her prejudice does not spread to more than the human race, though she supposes she can't get over some of the things the other races have done. She looks down upon the humans on occasion, perhaps because of the simplicity their lives allow before they are swallowed in by death, and they just allow that to slide by them. Had she had the chance to live longer, perhaps she would have less angry feelings towards the race she originated from.

Affectionate - Kaede is the seeker of happy relationships, whether it be friends, family, or otherwise. She enjoys a healthy rivalry from time-to-time but would much rather a friendship. It tends to lead her to feel a lot of affection and she expresses that towards each type of relationship in different ways. For example, she would constantly dote on her friends and give them gifts that she thinks reminds her of them. For a lover, she would possibly be strongly passionate in lovemaking and other things that relate to a relationship such as that. Either way, one can expect her to care very much about the things that upset her friends.

Impolite - It isn't that she means to be, but when Kaede is distressed she becomes rather impolite and rude, often to the point that she points out a huge flaw she has spotted. Indeed the girl becomes less than her usual friendly self and has, if feeling particularly harsh, the ability to tear apart a relationship she has with someone close to her. Afterwards, she always feels horrid and wishes she could take back the things she said even though most, if not all, were true.

Listening - This trait she kept from when she was a mortal. She always had the intuition to talk less about herself, bundling all of her problems within herself, and listen to others. She always hated talking about herself, it was a little egotistical in her eyes. Besides that, Kaede liked listening to people's problems. It usually helped her see that she wasn't the only one suffering and that someone else could even possibly be suffering worse than she. Whenever she listened, they would ask her for advice as well. And she gave it freely. Whether they took it or not was up to the wielder of her wise words.

Dishonest - To a point, Kaede will lie. It doesn't necessarily mean she's the biggest liar in the history of the world, but it is a small sin she turns to in need of protecting those she loves. True, it would be better to tell the truth immediately rather than come clean. Time doesn't heal certain wounds, she knows, but in certain situations she would rather be lied to when it's not something that could have an affect on a life.

Open-Minded - She always wants to learn something new, especially when it comes to ideas. She won't reject an idea outright until it's proven that it would be costly or pointless. Even then, she adds to the idea to improve upon it so that it may be quite useful. In the same way she listens to peoples problems, she considers the ideas that they put forth so that they may contribute in times of need. She did the same before she became a shinigami, and was one of those "strange" children that believed in ghosts and fairies and demons after she was deemed "too old" to by society.

Uncaring - This trait does not come into play until she has reached a certain point. This point, though it is not certain how you reach it unless you already have reached it, comes about when you have forsaken Kaede one too many times. If you have taken her kindness and treated her wrongly afterwards, than she will slowly sink into a point of no return in your relationship. The more trouble that comes, the less she cares. Not only does this tend to happen outside of battle, but when she has seen someone die and fights to avenge them. She becomes cold and distant in those moments and to regain her old self, you must either apologise and prove you are apologetic (in the situation you are not fighting her) or defeat her (in battle) or die (also in battle).


  • Cats - Felines, though also other animals but mostly cats, have always been a very large weakness for Kaede. Their complete lack of interest unless they want or need something from the person they have chosen to care for them is a blessing. Unlike most animals, cats don't need a keeper. In fact, the only reason they need one is so that they keep from being fat. Playing with the little bundles of fur is always fun.
  • Friends - The woman, who many would like to call young, tends to skirt away from being alone and seeks friends out as if they could all be gone in the next day. It's almost like a craving that she have a pack of friends she can confide in and spend time with. If abandoned by one, she would surely spend many moons sulking and wallowing in self pity.
  • Intelligent Conversations - Like she craves having friends, she also craves a descent conversation. Perhaps not so much as a discussion as a debate or discussion. Either way, when found in the presence of an intelligent figure she seeks to find something to discuss or converse over so that they may bond in some way.


  • Humans - She views the mortals as wasteful, towards both their lives and their world. As she died early, it contributes to how most humans don't even bother getting off the couch to do something useful. In her eyes, those who die without having done something useful with their short existance have been completely wasteful. Those who live long lives and are happy in the end, she tends to find more to like about.
  • Loneliness - As a person who seeks out company, for the shinigami to be alone it causes some discomfort. She finds that she needs little time alone, and to be alone more than a few hours, apart from sleeping, drives her absolutely mad. The thought that, for even a moment, she could be alone for the rest of her life sends her into crazes if she fears for a moment that is true.
  • Lack of Morals - She doesn't care much what society thinks, but seeing people that lack morals irks her a tad bit. While she does not hate those people, she dislikes when the perform an act outside of her own personal morals. She does not push the necessity for them, leaving them to trail on their own path that lacks morality.

"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."

Zanpakuto Name & Description
: Bakeneko
Wooden sheathed, blue cloth tied around the hilt and part of the sheath.

When released from it's shikai, using the words Katto(Cut), Bakeneko,  the sheath and sword disappear to be replaced by an elegant scythe. The blue cloth is evident in where it finds the colour for it's magnificent blade. The blade, sharp to the touch along the inner curve, is riddled with holes. You would expect a blade with a lack of metal would be easier to break and less stable but the holes prove only to allow Kaede the ability to move it easier through the air. The elegance does come with the convenience of having a long wooden handle for a greater reach. Her released zanpakutou is fairly light, as read why above, but becomes heavier the more she spills the blood of her opponent. The holes that allow it easier access through the wind fill with a silvery metal. She is still able to wield it with ease, though sometimes it may catch her off guard with sudden weight.

"If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung."

Human Life
Kaede was born on the fifteenth of August to two bakers. Her mother and father both loved each other very much, and a baby was a joyful addition to the family after years of worrying they would be unable to conceive. She was a fragile baby, lucky to have come out normal at any rate. With luck, the little family kept her healthy and well-fed. She grew from little fragile baby/toddler into her school years. While she was quiet and reserved, she made friends easily. It was her pretty dresses that attracted the girls to her. The bakers were always a well off family, especially when holidays or birthdays came around. They could buy their little girl all the dresses that were in fashion and that she liked. The children all liked her, even though she talked so little and played mostly by herself.

As she grew older, the dresses weren't enough to hold the attention of her friends like before. She had to speak and act and have ideas. It was more difficult but eventually, through her teenage years, she was drug from a shell that she had encased around herself accidentally. She was in high school when she was completely free of her shy, fragile state. She became her most popular there, everyone liked her, or at least pretended to. Even the nicest people have someone who hate them. She graduated from high school and went on to become a baker, a small thing but she wanted to carry on the tradition. She had learned the trade throughout her life and deemed it a worthy cause. She was not one to adventure. When the opportunity came to go on a trip to the mountains, when she was twenty-three, she took it.

The new hike ended in her death, and possibly her resentment for humans who waste their lives away.


The girl didn't spend long as a ghost, a shinigami came to retrieve her soul before a hollow found her or she did something wreckless. She was not pleased to find herself in the villages of the dead. She barely spoke to any of them, and her hostility ran high. She didn't want to be dead. She was twenty-three. She was just going on a trip to the mountains. There was no reason for her to die, but she had been killed by a fall. The fall hadn't been her fault. A rock slide had occurred and crushed her and her crew. She was lucky that it had been fast.

Over time, about 100 years worth, she grew attached to quite a few children in the Rukongai and eventually took care of the few who grew hungry. Their spiritual energy, she learned, was the cause of that. She realised that, seeing as she was often starving for something to eat, she must also have some kind of spiritual energy. With that realisation came the journey to the Shinigami Academy. She had heard of it, but had never thought what made a being into a shinigami. She originally went there for information on spirit energy before she ended up being recruited as a student.

She had rejected the idea of company in the Rukon districts, where human souls wandered without purpose, but found the idea of becoming something more than human an enlightening thing. She trained hard and, while she wasn't the top of her class, she was still a very capable student. Within a few years she'd gained her entrance to the 13 Districts.


Kaede was placed in the third district as an unranked member for twenty years until she bumped her way up to sixth seat. The only reason for that, was her discovery of the name of her zanpakutou and unlocked it's shikai. The spirit of her zanpakutou was a strange one, she decided after she discovered it. At first it seemed absolutely adorable and sweet, and then it turned on you when you least expected it. The catlike little girl, who appears more cat than girl, at first refused to let her new wielder control her. But after Kaede gained her trust, Bakeneko allowed her complete control.

For a hundred and fifty years, Kaede moved up through the ranks. She proved herself worthy of her positions over and over. During that time, she was moved from third to sixth to, for her final move, twelfth. She was third for some time there. When a battle came around, her division's lieutenant was tragically killed. It took months before the position was suggested to her. She accepted graciously and ended up lieutenant for her newest captain.


She was challenged multiple times for her position as lieutenant but was never beaten. She lived a peaceful time in her rank up until her new captain, Kurokon, came along and added excitement to her life. Being in the twelfth division, she grew skilled with experimentation under both the previous captain and the newest.

Et Cetera: Eventually (if I'm not lazy about it), Kaede will gain Bankai after a lot of training IC.
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Ichigenka Shuken

Ichigenka Shuken

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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami, Kaede Ryu   Shinigami, Kaede Ryu EmptyFri Jul 26, 2013 1:56 am

Overall, this is a pretty darn good application. You've done very nicely.

I welcome you as Lieutenant of the Twelfth Division with Lieutenant Class Tier. 150 Stat Points and 20 Skill Points are yours to use.
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Shinigami, Kaede Ryu
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