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 Tema, 7th of Joy

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Hiro Barnabas

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PostSubject: Tema, 7th of Joy   Tema, 7th of Joy EmptyWed Jul 24, 2013 6:21 pm

Arrancar Template


What's the point of fighting when you could be having fun?

Arrancar Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Demi Gelan
Hollow Aliases: Tema, Joy, Odd One
Gender: Female
Age:22 [17]
Birth Date: August 17
Rank Status: I desire the 7th slot
Cero Color:Light Brown, or White
Aspect of Death:Joy
Hollow Hole Location:Center of right hand

Tema, 7th of Joy Tumblr_mj0wf8k7E21r4g7ffo1_500

Being a young Espada, Tema has always looked rather young compared to some of the others, looking around the age of sixteen to seventeen. She stands at five feet and five inches tall, and weighs around one hundred and twenty pounds. Her physique is on average at best by appearance, and in terms of womanly features, she has a modest C cup pair of breasts, and a softly curved behind to match. Her skin is a pale but still lightly pinked color, and the touch of her skin is soft and warm. Her hair style is typically that of a tied french braid of teal hair, and as for her eyes, they have a glimmer full of hope within the light green/teal hues. The soft part of her lips often show a smile, as is evident from the slight dimples that form when she smiles. Her cheeks, are soft without a high amount of definition, and her ears take a soft rounded shape close to the head, not betraying the gentle features that make her up. He Skin is without a scar, and she tends to remain in a state of "neatly shaven" choosing to look smooth as a soft white stone on the beach. Her legs are slender and smooth, and her stomach flat. To her disappointment she has a bit of a stick figure body in terms of curves about the hips, but she has come to terms with that. Her usual clothing is all white as typical to many of the Espada, but she often will wear a necklace in memory of her old life. The necklace is of a single opal, that compliments the lightness of her features. Her hollow bone, is in the form of a thin bracelet around her wrist, which has taken to concealing many a time. As for her number, she has it located on the bottom of her left foot as the number 7. The typical attire that she wears is as follows when not wearing the typical Espada robes. A white dress gown that goes to just above her knees, and covering from her thighs to her knees are a pair of black stockings. The shoes at the end are a simple pair of sandals that cover the top of her feet but not the toes. As for her Battle attire, she wears a top much similar to what would be a sports bra, and a pair of white shorts. When in this state, her hair is shortened to a cropped look, making her look very much like a tomboy. The reason for her clothing being the way it is in battle is because of the way she tends to fight ripping baggy clothing apart. Finally, at all times she tends to wear a pair of soft white gloves in order to hide her hollow hole.


Tema's personality can be effectively Described in three ways. Fun, Loving, and Joyous.

The only true thing that Tema ever searches for is ways to have fun and goof off. Being the most quirky of the Espada, in the fact she did not take sadness in her death. She died full of fun and joy. This has caused her to become the Espada of Joy. Her primary goal is to bring happiness to herslef and others, even in battle. This allows her to play games and to dance while fighting. She has taken to odd battle styles in order to play around more. When not in combat she likes to  lay in sand or water and simply rest, thinking to herself what fun there could be to have had. Fighting, dancing, singing, spinning, and even swimming are all things she loves to do. She simply wishes her superiors understood that their boring lifestyles do not bother her.

Being the Espada of joy, she takes many human traits within her such as love as well. She deeply cares for her opponents and her allies welfare, often making her hesitate in battle, or to even hold back, as fighting is something she loves to do. She takes great joy in all of the world around her, and even takes the time to smell the flowers when given the chance. She is by far the most human Espada in this aspect, but she remains loyal to her "family", and her view is it is a "till death do we part" type of relationship. Her reaction to someone wanting to fight, while she is a fun loving Espada, will more often then not accept, and fight as long as they wish to fight. After all, if it's what they love, why not?

This is the part of her that allows her to wander through life with the ability to wonder at the magnificence around her. She is able to find happiness everywhere around her, even in Hueco Mundo where other death aspects tend to rule. She tends to wander places of despair, and spread her reitsu into the area and bringing joy to those around her. She believes that joy is to be shared to everyone around her, and uses her reitsu to bring happiness to whoever truly needs it.

Reaction to death
Her Reaction to those that die is a tad quirky. When others die, she reacts with a quick prayer to those that die, and she nods to those around her who have fallen and remember all the fun times, and imagines the lives that they might have had in her mind. To her it is always a fun and exiting adventure that she never imagines ending. She always has so much fun at graves, imagining the lives that he people buried in the they earth might have had. After all, what else could they have had in their lives? Every person in the world has had at least one moment of joy, and this is what Tema loves, each and every precious moment of joy, both before and after death, is very important.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

Her Battle style tends to be difficult to describe. Her battle style is often described as beautiful, majestic, but also destructive and unforgiving. In battle, she prefers to rely on never getting hit, and simply devastating her enemies with sheer speed and evasion. On top of this she chooses to dance with her movements, making her less predictable, and allows her bala to dance all about the battle field with ease. She however has a tendency to go over the top at times, and so still needs to learn to be careful around her future Fraccion.

"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."
Ressurection Name & Description:
Pájaro feliz
Sealed Description:A simple short blade about dagger sizerd that she can keep in a belt or in her sleeve. a very compact blade.
Release Phrase:Let's have fun!


Resurrección:Upon reaching Ressureccion, All clothing save the battle attire of Tema flies away from her body as she gains sleek white bone wings with feather like bones upon the back. Her head gains a avian hawk like bone hem to protect her skull, and around her arms and legs grow long serrated talons. About her body, there is a thing layer of light hollow bones that cause her to become extremely similar to her Adjuchas form.
Resurrección Special Ability:
Joy Reitsu Manipulation: Using her ability to seemingly bring life to any room she enters, This form of Reitsu control allows her to send her reitsu out to her allies and buff them accordingly, but on the other hand she is also capable of granting this power to enemies then draining it away from them. Generally, this is a very support based ability, but also allows her to project her reitsu to harm enemies around her.

Note: Abilities can only affect allies within fifty meters of herself

Once Upon A Time

The Beginning of Life
The beginning of Tema as we know her human's life was not quite as happy as she herself is. Born as Demi Gelan, her life was one of persecution, as when born, not only was she a child born as the child of a rape victim, but she was also born as a halfie, half native american, and half Asian. She grew up abused and tortured by her mother, who accepted nothing but one hundred percent from her. If she had anything below a ninety, she was beaten till her bruises turned purple, and she could no longter walk. Her mother took the liberty of breaking each and every joint of her child's body at an early age, and despite the cries of Demi, she never let up, Demi has this to thank for the fact each of her joints are double jointed. And this was the way she learned how to survive. Because even despite the fact that she was beaten and abused, she forgave her mother, for Demi alway felt that if she had never been born, her mother could have been happy. But Demi remenbers times in this life that weren't so hard, where her mother smiled or sand, or even danced. Her mother even gave her ice cream on occasion. But seven years into the young Demi's life, she was left an orphan, as her mother stole her life away to go to her maker. This weas the beginning of the life that Demi would one day see as the development stages of true joy.

The Slow Youth
As Demi grew older in the orphanage, she studied hard in the schools, and even went on to high school, earning the right with an all but perfect score. This was where thing got odd to her. She was constantly praised by the others in the orphanage for how smart she was, and she was odd to this, as before, she had been ignored for the most part, but she supposed that this was a happy occasion, so she took in the joy and made it her own. After reaching high school, she made a nice friend, a boy, in the high school. while other avoided him for his bleached hair, Demi stayed about him smiling and helping him study.  While she felt that no one would mind that she helped the boy through school, it seemed that in the end, that one teacher would object in the end. One male teacher took her aside, her history teacher if she remembered correctly, and he spoke to her, telling her to stay away from the boy for her own good, when asking him why, the man slapped her and told her a filthy halfie had no room to ask a man like him his motives, and that an orphan like her should know her place. This of course, made Demi confused, but her face was poker faced even through the slap, and she simply shook her head and said she would help a friend through anything. The man promised her that only one of them would survive graduation, and that was the truth.

The Promised Death

When the day for graduation came, both her and her friend where to pass, but the man followed through with his threat. The day before the graduation ceremony, the man appeared at the Orphanage while the rest of the children and adults where getting food and playing at the beach, as Demi volunteered to do the cleaning as she always did. The man took her by the hair as she gasped, the man had surprised her by coming from behind her. As he held her long teal hair in his hand he smiled as he whispered in her ear he said he would make this as painful as he could. Hepulled her to the ground by her hair, and before she could get up, he placed his foot on her stomach, and pulled out a large knife, taking it across her cheek drawing blood and he smiled. He spoke a few simple words. "You'd best be happy as you die, at least that boy gets to live." This gave her comfort at least.


The Eternal Joy

After her spirit was released from the body, her spirit wandered to her friend's house, and she looked to the bleach haired boy calmly. He seemed to be playing video games, and she was happy, as it seemed to be what he used as a release from the real world. She nodded to him in her spirit form, she hoped he would live a good life. And so though the report of her death was kept largely hidden to the school body, and the disappearance of her school teacher seemed to peek very few people's attention, her friend Graduated, only to find out five days later, that his best and only friend had been raped and murdered. Instead of grieving, he carried on, studying harder and better than he ever had before. Demi was happy for this, but she felt that it was her time to go. But unsure how to, she grabbed her chain of fight, and ripped it from her body.

As it ripped from her body, her body morphed in to a large dove like hollow. Her soul watched the boy, but felt nothing but joy, so it flew off. She vanished into the hollow world, and her memory grew hazy. The next thing she remembers though, is the joy of being reborn as an Arrancar. Her body cleaned and purified, and when she awoke she saw so much beauty in the eternal sand and night around her. She smiled, for this was home.

The Mystery of Evolution

These are the memories that became lost to the young Demi, who took the name as Tema when becoming an Arrancar.

Upon reaching the plane, the Beastly Dove Tema came to begin fighting other hollow with a strong joy coursing through it's body. IUt's body smaller than other follow, but the young hollow found an unbelievable strength in the power it found in joy. It would bite the masks of hollow with great swiftness, it would strike it's beak into the holes of other hollows and bite deep into them and rip out their essence. The dove fought and fought non stop without a single moment of rest, as though it could just feel where the rush of battle was, where the rush of spirits where, and it loved it, and sought to join the location and to take in it's essence to it's own so that the others could be taken into the pure joy of the hollow. The small hollow eventually began to grow as within only a single year, the young dove rushed it's evolution, it's joy evolving it to one of the Gillian beasts. This is where the seemingly impossible happened. The Gillian that came from Tema became a horrific beast of a gillian as it began to devour literally anything it could reach it's hand to, the beast focusing on the follows nearing their evolution, even going so far as to devour other hollow in mid evolution in order to feed it's need to evolve. As a Gillian, Tema did not know why she devoured, but she knew she had to keep devouring, and devour fast. It was an insatiable need, as though there was a purpose sparking in the Gillian.

It's evolution seemed to rush once again in only three years, as the pure Joy Reitsu enveloped the Gillian and it was shrunk down to a slightly humanoid bird like Adjuchas hollow. The being stood on two legs, and had two wings  upon it's back. It had two solid white bone arms, and the face was not there, only a single slit for a mouth that opened only to feed or speak to other Adjuchas. Despite seeming blind, her eyes hid under a thin film of energy bone that covered her eyes from the sand that would fly up in battle. The female Adjuchas would often stare deep into the starless sky out at the single moon and smile to itself. It felt great joy in the sight, not that it could explain the feeling to the other Espada. It simply felt wonderful, and felt like she had felt it many times, and felt it still needed to be shared. And share it she did. She at the masks of other Adjuchas, and even ripped off the masks of other adjuchas and devoured the beasts whole. To her it was euphoric, a marvelous joy that she could become more, the whole time in this form, she was capable of spreading and draining her joy from those about her. the lows draining her opponents and allowing a fast kill. And when impossible, she would simply fire her Cero from her fingers in a quick burst while they where weakened. But that's when something she saw piqued her curiosity. She saw that there was more to evolve to, and found that ripping off her mask would allow for a newer evolution. Taking the back of her head where the full mask met, she cracked the mask in half and ripped the mask off, great pain rippling through her body as her body sought to remove such pain from her memory, she awoke as an Arrancar, the wonder of Sand all about her, soft robes of white draped around her slender form, a hole in her right hand, and a hollow bone bracelet around her wrist.

She blinked as she awoke in the mysterious world. What was it? What was she? These were memories that seemed to be wiped from her own mind, but she did remember one thing. She was filled with joy, and her joy brought her power. She found at her back was a slender blade, and as she withdrew it she could't help but stare at it. It was curious. But she put the small blade back as she wandered the desert and spotted a hollow. As it rushed her, she did not flinch nor phase, as the adjuchas charged her, she bent her knuckles into a fist as a launching of bala ripped into the head of the reckless Adjuchas. She couldn't help but smile. Perhaps it's soul was in a batter place now? Who knew.

One day in the endless desert, she made it to a palace of white, and she smiled, perhaps this would be a whole new adventure for her? As she entered the borders of the castle, she was stopped by several Arrancar guards, and she simply smiled as she dashed beyond their ranks, her speed greatly surpassing their own, and as they turned, she was already gone, dashing through the palace of the Espada, before running into a curious being. The man stood tall, with a seven imprinted on his eye. a single arm, but he held a large rune blade. The man swung down on her in fury a mere Arrancar would come into their base the way she did, but as the blade fell, the nimble girl ducked under the single arm of the man and thrust her arm into the hole that the man had within his chest. She cracked her joints, and ten bala erupted through the Espada's body. Five down the whole and five up, ripping the man in twine as the bala erupted him inside out. She laughed with delight as the man seemed to take bliss in death, feeling the blood wash over her, she smiled as 9 more espada soon came about her and she smiled to all of them waving, their partner a bloody mess on the floor. She spoke only four words. Nice to meet ya.

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Ichigenka Shuken

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PostSubject: Re: Tema, 7th of Joy   Tema, 7th of Joy EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 12:48 am

Before I progress with the grading, I'll have to ask that you create a separate account for this wonderful girl~
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Ichigenka Shuken

Ichigenka Shuken

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PostSubject: Re: Tema, 7th of Joy   Tema, 7th of Joy EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 1:14 am

Approved for Septima Espada.
Also approved for Captain Class. Quality writing, lad(ess). 250 Stat Points and 23 Skill Points.
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Tema, 7th of Joy
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