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 ARRANCAR, altres

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PostSubject: ARRANCAR, altres   ARRANCAR, altres EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 12:11 am

ARRANCAR, altres 2u88jr8
"there's no way to come back from the abyss."

"'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight."

Full Name
: Altres .
Age: Twenty - Five | | Thousand Fifty.
Race: Arrancar .
Rank: Previous First Lieutenant .
Gender: Female .
Sexuality: Heterosexual .
Appearance: Altres is a considerably tall woman. Five feet and eleven inches tall, and well her weight? No one really pays attention to that. Her waistline though is very small with large breasts indeed. Altres has long black hair that seems to have turned a bit white-silver towards the tips meanwhile in the middle is a medium between a blueish gray. Her skin is a slight tan from the time as a human and a shinigami. Uniquely is Altres' eyes, being a purple-pink amethyst hue that does seem to have its own slight sparkle. There is a unique and strange marking underneath her right eye. It is a green tattoo that curves outward but sharply turns back into a tip like marking, almost scale like. There is then one tear line that goes down to the very sharp chin line. Altres' hollow remains follow along side the upper left part of her head. One curves down past the corner of her left eye while other three tendrils curve upwards by a couple of inches.

Both of Altres' arms are covered with long sleeves with white wrapping until her left hand that has a gray, white and black gauntlet type object attached. Just above her breasts and below her collar bone is her hollow hole, possibly two inches across and up. The majority of her upper body is covered in white bandages with only a sliver piece moved to show her belly button only. The rest then disappears below her bottom half of her 'pants'. Altres wears a old pair of black and white shinto priestess pants with two metal mantles that rest on top that connect them to her hip. Altres wears sandals underneath but are hardly able to see due to the length.  Altres' tattoo of her number though remains hidden from sight, oddly enough it can be found underneath her gauntlet - on the palm of her left hand. The number is the center focus however the fingers though have many tattoo designs that end up winding down to the number.

Strangely enough there are remains of Altres' Shinigami life within her chamber. Shredded pieces of her uniform, both the black main garment and her white coat that she'd constantly wear with her rank and her squad on the back half. Her previous dull zanpakuto, her actual one, remains on a wooden mantle that rests on the ledge that lets in the moonlight of the endless desert. Altres' blade appears dull and even rested, however when coming in contact with it's previous owner it appears to revert to it's original sharp stage.

"Don't use such strong words. It makes you seem weak."

: Docile . This is currently the word that many Arrancar comment on Altres' personality when they first come about her. She is very calm with wandering amethyst eyes. Altres is a considerably quiet and even considered to be a shy woman. She enjoys being able to listen to conversations while not needing to worry about putting her own input in. Altres does not concern herself with worrying about petty strategic terms about anything that involves getting herself in between one powerful group amongst another powerful group; such as Soul Society versing her new  'race'.

Underneath that neutral stoic, docile face is something brewing horribly. Seeing the crippled bodies of both human, shinigami and even follow arracancar, she finds not pleasure - but glee in seeing those bodies. Dead bodies and especially knowing the way that they died has been something that Altres has found sheer amusement in and is always crackling in private when it comes to discovering what may have happened to the deceased person. Behind Altres' calm face, she's plotting possible, painful and dreadful deaths that she can cause on someone.

Despite having gone crazy, there is a single piece of Altres' former self or at least her a piece of her shinigami self lingers. This is Altres' former logical self that lead her to her previous position. This logical side allows Altres to piece together information that she can over hear and uses it for her advantage. Showing a more cut throat side of the woman. Altres is willing to do anything that allows her to continuing to live and even survive despite who might be trying to kill her.

Loyalty is not of Altres' concern and does not care what she may or may not do. She's more worried about her well being then ever being loyal to someone else; they may just stab her in the back more so then the last person. Altres just tolerates the Espada, not caring for who or what they might be up to. But their information could be the key to her survival. It is rare for someone to awaken the deepest and darkest sadistic insanity level within Altres, majority of the time it happens when coming face to face with a Shinigami, causing her to remember her memories as one.


    Death .
    Silence .
    Blood .
    War .
    Memories .
    Information .
    Life .
    Power .
    Logic .


    Emotions .
    Weakness .
    Humanity .
    Loyalty .
    Alliances .
    Love .
    Shinigamis .
    The Moon .
    Sand .

"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."

Zanpakuto Name & Description

    J U Z A K I was the name of Altres' originally zanpakuto. The spirit was once a man of apparently an Amazon descendent. He was large and fairly tall with dark skin tone with many white tattoos that would line up and down his body. Altres and the man known as Juzaki got along very well, to a great extent that the two managed to have Altres obtain her Bankai state. He was a very rude and an extremely ruthless man that expected sacrifices to satin his desires for blood and bodies. Juzaki though has gone silent in the now apparently useless Zanpakuto that Altres continues to hold. Juzaki had actually merged with the hollow infection when Altres' body was held in the realm of Hollows for a long period of time due to the dense spiritual aura that was encased around her body due to a betrayal. Juzaki's sadistic personality merged with Altres' mental state at one point, fueling the already sadistic amusement that was located there.

Ressurection Name & Description:

    Z A S H I is the name given to the sealed power of Altres' hollow powers. It appears to be a abnormal long katana with a black hilt and red ribbon tied criss-cross manner. The entire metal is of a pure gray until the tip which becomes a glossy white tone. The Hollow pressure is considered to be incredibly high, taking a glow of a off white hue that has a hateful, malicious tensity to it. The command for such a sword and aura is S C A L D with the name that follows after it. It matters not how Altres speaks but it will contain at leas the name of the sword and the command.

    A . D R A G O N was the previous form of Altres. Unsurprisingly for someone  whom was first lt., Altres was that of a Vasto Lorde classification of Menos. Her form was of sleek and a somewhat odd mirror compared to Altres' current appearance. The wings were of a skeletal form almost that of a bone-like-hand. The facial mask though was something completely different, it molded to her face, covering most expect for the eye piece which was a wide frame that showed her eyes and a strip of skin. Altres' teeth were long and jagged that appeared clear off over her jawline. It was a rare sight to be seeing flickering pieces of pure black hair flying around because of it. Most of Altres' dragon form was complete bone like substance with a three hand like claw form for both arms, long winding spike tail with curved backwards feet with large long nail claws. It was split in between the cleavage that allowed caused for pause seeing some type of skin other than near the eye socket.

    Unlocking her hollow powers allow the return of the upper portion of the skeletal to reappear until the waist of which the pants have been ripped away to allow the bone substance to reappear with a long spike tail. The hands on the back also reappear, however with a large amounts of fine skin like webbing that allow Altres to take flight. The gauntlet is removed which allows a large curve like piece that could be considered a shark's fin.

    P O I S O N is something that people wouldn't suspect from a previous Vesto Lorde who had a dragon as their animistic appearance. However it is true. Flowing through Altres' blood is poison that her body had created when originally trying to fight off the hollow infection. Upon becoming a Hollow, this poison soon changed to fit the new genetic makeup, instead targeting anything that the body's mind feels is an enemy or a target. This poison is located in nearly all of her fluids, blood, saliva, tears, sweat. However it is only Altres who can control whether or not the person she is with or targeting is an enemy or someone worth keeping around. Due to Altres' body creating poison, it also creates a type of barrier in a sense, any poison placed into her body would simply be changed to fit the poison that is already located within the body, she is immune to all poisons.

"If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung."



    Altres' human name has been long since forgotten during her life as a Shinigami. She was however, born in southern Germany to a lovely couple. They were over joyed to have a daughter, they were reaching their final years in life, despite having many older sons without a baby sister to look upon. Altres had been raised what could be explained as a spoil life style. Her parents did not have many chances to a raise a daughter towards the end of their life time.

    Her memories are quite foggy as a human, but Altres remembers pieces of which she had very few friends and always being in her quaint and nearly empty bedroom. Pieces of paper were glued, taced, even taped all over the room with different colourful designs that created a somewhat demented looking overall picture on one part of her bedroom. The creature in the picture seemed to take the form of what would later be Altres' Vasto Lorde form in a spiral of utter darkness and a great amount of different colours.

    At one point social services had shown up after a call of rotting flesh. Upon stepping into the home it was found that the mother and father of Altres had been slaughtered and killed by someone. Their bodies having been decaying for more then three weeks. No one could locate Altres for another several weeks until one day an officer stopped by the house, finding a ten year old Altres drawing in the window of her own bedroom.

    Police and even mental doctors believed that there was something wrong with Altres, she spoke naturally in past tense for her parents. But she recalled vivid memories of the attack, not as if she was the one causing the death but yet she was standing there as it occurred. The drawings though later confirmed the suspension that Altres was suffering from some type of mental disease if possible.

    She lived for fifteen years in the same Mental Hospital that was said to house the most craziest and the most deadliest of mental patients. At one point, around the age of thirteen Atlres began to address creature sor people who were not even there. Speaking in a low monotone voice with an almost amusing tint in her speaking pattern. It began to worry the doctors gravely. Soon after the following months, certain patients who'd been mumbling about voices and growls ended up dead; torn from the inside out.

    Altres, was looking on with pure amusement and happiness seeing the blood and everything depicted as gore. It wasn't a surprise that Altres was suspecting of having done these acts. Though the video cameras located within her room had shown that she was sleeping at the time of the attacks. Meanwhile the rooms of those that had been attacked, their footage had flickered a bit before appearing normal like the person was sleeping. It wasn't until the following morning that it had been shown that the patients were deceased.

    It wasn't until she was nineteen, in a session with her therapist. As per usually she was silent, playing with colourful paints, oils, crayons and sharpies. Her drawings were something that the doctors held on not to make her happy, but to figure out what was exactly wrong with her. Altres openly admitted with happiness that she had sent her 'friends' to kill those patients. It was silent as Altres retold the tail with glee and sheer excitement that they were dead because they hated what she could see, and what they could not. They had to be rid of, they were destroying her perfect world of which everyone could see her friends.

    After that, it was no surprising that Altres was placed in solitary confinement with high security. It wasn't until her twenty-fifth birthday, at midnight did she actually die. It seemed that Altres had found a an object that was sharp enough, impaling herself through her through her right eye that stabbed her brain; ending her life. Oddly enough the dried blood in the morning resembled the current green tattoo almost exactly.


    The following memory that Altres was able to remember from her Shinigami life had been her time in the Twelfth Division. It seemed that she had passed her entrance exam on the fourth time. It was commented that Altres had a struggle in piecing together her mind, of which an adoptive family within the middle ring - the Fortieth District - helped with Altres reclaiming her mind. When this happened, it appeared that she was a very logical and serious woman who did not like when someone was speaking so lowly to herself or to someone else.

    Altres was located at the fifth seat, one of the two senior seats that a Shinigami is able to obtain alone within a Division. It was suspected with these few solid memories that Altres had to at least be within her late four hundred years with the Shinigami race. A well respected woman who was always on top of her work and never seen to be out of line with her captain who was always a crazy person - just as she was during her time during a human.

    However her time did change though in the following years. Around Five Hundred and Twenty-Five, Altres was offered the seat of First Lieutenant for the First Division. Considered a very big honor for the fact, she had changed over to the First Division. For a very long term she held the position, helping with the Captain Commander at the time with many uncertainties within Soul Society along with taking missions to help different squads that were sometimes short on hand.

    However, around her Six Hundred and Ninety year; Altres had been betrayed. The third seat in the First Division always had their eye on the position that Altres held and wanted it for themselves. They were furious when the woman from a different division, that of a lower seat obtained it. It was a false call to a rural part of the human world where the Third Seat encased Altres in pure spiritual pressure. Despite gaining her Bankai, Altres was unable to survive the sudden betrayal. The third seat had alerted Hollows with a certain type of bait that founded Altres, eventually taking her to the realm of Hollows.


    The time spent in that world was around more then five years. Altres' body had become infected with a hollow disease that was beginning to eat her from the inside out. At one time there had been a chance that Altres could have fought off the disease, instead becoming a Vizard instead. Her body and her will was too weak, eventually she gave into the hollow instead; due to her high level - Altres ended up becoming a high level Hollow.

    She found herself roaming a place that she had heard of during her time as a Shinigami. But slowly these memories were becoming weaker and weaker to remember until they seemed like a foggy glance off to the side. There were many different hollows that were trying to devour Altres, though it never seemed to work instead the woman would devour them instead.

    Over the years she was growing stronger and stronger until she was classified as a Vasto Lorde level. Her humanoid appearance seemed almost dragon like. Many would fear in coming near the hollow woman, during this time alone without anyone or anything to speak with - Altres begun to lose her mind again until one day she simply just well.. snapped officially. This day had been when Altres ripped off her hollow mask. During this period of time her hollow powers retained in a long katana version. Altres had gone on a rampage of which she destroyed anything and everything in her path. At one point though Altres left the bleak world into the world in between where the hollows lied.

    Foggy memories allowed Altres to locate remains of her previous husk. Torn, shredded pieces of black and white with a Zanpakuto beside the remains. Altres collected the items and returned to the bleak world. She traveled for a quite, still devouring different hollows in her wake until stumbling across a large fortress type building. It was the only thing that Altres could find and within, found an entire different type of life style.

    Docile and completely out of touch with many other people such as herself, some commenting on they were considered 'Arrancar'; hollows whom took off their masks. Some were curious about Altres, she spoke rarely unless attending a meeting. Most of the time it was about when something would be finished, such as that current meeting. Altres never showed interest in furthering the Arrancar power, or the Espadas. Instead Altres would openly admit she just simply wanted to continue 'living', without worrying about attracting unwanted attention that would destroy her or what she considered 'allies', in other words her pawns to keep her safe and alive.

Et Cetera: For plot purposes, Altres' was betrayed by the current First Lieutenant.
Face Claim: ------- , ------- , -------

ARRANCAR, altres 2u88jr8

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PostSubject: Re: ARRANCAR, altres   ARRANCAR, altres EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 12:18 am

Well done with your application, again!

You rank will be given to you by Eric, Nor, or Geoff.
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PostSubject: Re: ARRANCAR, altres   ARRANCAR, altres EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 1:18 am

Like the story. It's very unfortunate in my eyes, that she didn't remain a Shinigami. Since that makes us enemies and I hate having such good writers as enemies.

Before I grade you, I'm going to go ahead and tell you this, "You're not going to force your plot on a character who doesn't current exist," which is in response to your Et Cetera saying she was betrayed by the current First Division Lieutenent. Unless you were meaning not so much the person who eventually obtains the spot, but an NPC, which would be fine. But if you intended to force your plot on whoever obtains that position without their consent, that'll be a no-no.

Get back to me about the above and we'll get'cha graded.
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PostSubject: Re: ARRANCAR, altres   ARRANCAR, altres EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 1:29 am

No, no. Nothing will be forced upon someone who wishes to create the First Lt. I will play it by NPC now, and for those that create the First Lt. Altres will just mistake them for the one who betrayed her.

ARRANCAR, altres 2u88jr8
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PostSubject: Re: ARRANCAR, altres   ARRANCAR, altres EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 1:32 am

Wonderful. I just had to make sure. Don't want anyone having to be part of something without them wanting to xD

Where your powers are concerned, I don't really see your Resurreccion's ability. I see how she enters Resurreccion, what her previous form was and what she looks like, but no ability. Am I missing something?
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Ichigenka Shuken

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PostSubject: Re: ARRANCAR, altres   ARRANCAR, altres EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 10:13 pm

Sorry, forgot that you'd done as I asked since you didn't post.

All seems well here. Good quality writing.

Approved for Third Espada -- Captain Class, as well, with 260 Stat Points and 25 Skill Points.
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ARRANCAR, altres
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