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 Meditating Through Science

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Hiro Barnabas

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PostSubject: Meditating Through Science   Meditating Through Science EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 5:38 am

Hydrogen, by twos, and oxygen in one, creates a water. The liquid that allowed normal humans to live. However, add another oxygen bond, just one, and that life substance becomes toxic, Hydrogen Peroxide. A substance that would kill someone who attempted to drink it. But high grade peroxide, is used for rocketry, good for making escapes. He used this method before.... But the most interesting use of this method on living beings, as it is explosive, used for bleach, and so many other things harmful to humans, yet they still use the stuff. How odd. But another combination for H2O2, was to add Sulfur and two more oxygen bonds, creating H2SO4. Sulfuric acid if you will. The man grinned in his thoughts as he lay in his trash pile his mind going through the ideas of science. Sulfuric Acid was an acid that was very strong and harmful to the body which are known if he recalled" chemical burns" But Sulfuric Acid also caused  thermal burns by dehydrating the area it affected. And if it gets in your eyes, you were as good as blind of course. It had another name though.... Oil of Vitrol he believed. A lesser known name for it....

The old man shook his head as he peeled back his leather hood that covered his form. He had taken on a new form now, but wore the same ratty clothing he had worn when he was at the park. His face was young now, a narrow chin and slender jaw. His eyes were a green color, and his ears slightly pointed, much like an elf. He had actually met "elves" before, but in truth they simply had a minor ear defect that tapered the top of the ear. As for his body, he looked healthy, with soft skin, and the mole he had on his face earlier gone now. He smiled. The only thing that persisted with this body was the ruby colored stone embedded in his wrist, permanently giving him a light amount of energy. But when he concentrated on elements, he felt like the stone granted him more power. But when he thought, without the drunken state he took to, his mind would flash to a time where he had great power, before he sold the power to alcohol, the chemicals within it dulling his mind and soul. How weak had he grown? There was once a time where he believed he rivaled the death gods. But now.... He was feeble, because he gave it all up.

He gave up the power, the glory, for peace. He just wanted to be released from the world he had put himself in, so he drank. He drank and drank till he was in a stupor. But now... maybe it was time to sober up and train to where he was.... Who knows. Was it worth it? The power of eternal youth often left him wanting, but he refused to end his own life, and his natural instincts taught him not to be reckless. The now short black hair boy say back in his pile of trash and shook his head. Nothing was worth the pain of eternity. So he took the bottle of whisky next to him, and ages his young body. the short black hair growing thin and grey as the black hairs fell out, the new hairs greasy and sweaty, as his young features turned old, his nose large and crooked, his chin large and cleft like what you'd expect in a old movie. His white teeth fell out as the pain of new rotten teeth grew in. He stared at the whisky in his now wrinkled old hands that where wrapped in dirty medical gauze. He took out the cork and chugged the whisky, the bottle about a foot tall, and about as thick as a football player leg, but he didn't care. This would only barely get him buzzed. Sometimes, it was just better to forget. Better.... to let go.

(Not expecting a lot of points for this, just a few)
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Meditating Through Science
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