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 Hisoka the Cat

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PostSubject: Hisoka the Cat    Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:51 pm

Hisoka Kinirith
"Everybody wants to be a cat."

"'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight."

Full Name
: Hisoka Kinirith
Age: 209
Race: Shinigami
Rank: Third Division Captain
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: Hisoka has hot pink hair that falls past his jawline and covers up to his ears and one eye. Half of his face is covered by his hair his ears are pinky, furry and catlike. On his ears are three golden earrings, each on the outside of his ears. The Shinigami captain has thin black eyebrows and gleeful golden eyes, the eyes are usually always twinkling with the spark of mischief or delight. He has a small nose and is usually smiling which reveals his long and sharp canines in his mouth. He is small and thin only five foot six inches and one hundred and thirty pounds, but his strength is much greater than his size. He has pale skin and a long pink tail with a golden jewelry in the guise of a fish on the end. Hisoka has two inverted black triangle tattoos, one under each of his eyes. He has thin lips and his body is rather bony not showing any muscle unless he gets into combat when the muscles rise to the surface to show. Hisoka is often dressed in grey slacks, pink socks, a black hoodie with splotches of color and a pink inside, and of course his white and black captains robe over everything. Under his sweatshirt he wears a pink wife beater that has a picture of a blue kitty on it cornering a pink mouse. Hisoka usually wears wooden sandals with his attire and sometimes will just go barefoot.

Hisoka often talks with his arms and has very open body language. His eyes will often follow a person he is talking to and his eyebrows and eyes will often dictate the emotion displayed on his face. His mouth is usually twisted into a teeth showing smile as he walks around facing the day and his ears twitch from time to time. When going casual he usually wears a black pair of cargo shorts that have more pockets and zippers than he could use, a purple t-shirt with a black number three down the front, a pink wool beanie and a pair of black combat boots. The Cat is hairless except on his tail, and head the rest of his body does not have a single hair on it. The Shinigami captain will often walk around without a shirt and while he has definition he does not have big muscles unless in combat. His fingers are dexterous and long, he paints them during certain moods either blue, pink or purple. Hisoka has also been known to dye his hair these exact colors, nobody knows his original hair color but it is known that pink is the most common by a bit. During a battle Hisoka will take out all his jewelery and is usually dressed in his casual attire without his captain's cloak. He considers it a bit too bulky for his tastes during combat.

"Don't use such strong words. It makes you seem weak."


-Loyal- Hisoka is very loyal and takes commands from people he respects very seriously. He will fight to the death for his friends, and would not abandon them in their time of need. He also enjoys spending time with people he likes and will listen to them for as long as he can. He holds people he respects in high esteem and is always on his best behavior/or prankiest depending on the person in question.

-Calculating- Hisoka was always very good at thinking ahead, and that has only gotten better with his age. The Shinigami Captain will be able to think multiple steps ahead of his opponent in battle. This also applies to diplomacy and social activity as well, The Cat has been known to pull traps in any kind of situation be it combat or day to day activities.

-Fun Loving- The Cat is extremely fun loving and will do anything that isn't too much work to make himself or others laugh. He loves jokes and funny songs/stories, and in his free time likes to create his own. While Hisoka can be cruel in his seeking of fun, he never uses his powers of verbal bullying on those who are innocent in his mind. In general the Captain enjoys dark comedy and jokes that could not be told in proper company.

-Witty- Hisoka is extremely witty and is known to have a comeback for any insult lodged against him. He is extremely good at verbal debate and loves to talk about mind expanding things. The Cat is usually the first person to a joke, or the first to ruin a punchline. He constantly feeds his mind information and will correct anyone no matter the circumstances. Hisoka thinks that if the person is wrong then he is doing them a great favor by teaching them the correct way.

-Clever- The Cat is extremely clever and is known for it, he is great at solving puzzles and setting traps. Hisoka is known for his cleverness in battle as well, and setting up troops for a defense or attack. It was for this that he was promoted to Captain, and it is one of his prized attributes. The Shinigami Captain knows he is clever, but he does not underestimate an opponent. Instead he will study them beforehand to get a proper estimation of their skill.

-Manipulating- Hisoka will often use people to further his means, however he never does this on someone he likes or respects. He is a master of mind games and will lie with a straight face, nothing can detect if The Cat is lying or telling the truth. He has no regard for the knowledge of those he deems unworthy and instead twists them to be his pawns. He can also think of the hardest hitting insult for a person he does not like.

-Sadistic- The Shinigami Captain is very sadistic and has been known to torture people he has deemed as evil. While he does not draw out pain for those who are honorable among other things, he will stop at nothing to inflicting the same amount or more of the victim's pain onto his victim. In battle he will often disable his opponent or strike him where it would hurt the most in order to win his fights. While this makes him a dirty fighter it also makes him a rather good one as well.

-Rebellious- If Hisoka does not respect someone who is a higher rank than he is then he will not listen to them. This caused him a lot of trouble earlier in life, but ever since he was a fourth seat he had always respected his superiors. Now however he just is comedic rude to his peers and he often plays pranks on the ones he deems are more uptight. Hisoka justifies these actions by claiming that he is allowing and showing the person the way to relax. As of now he respects the Captain Commander, but if a time ever came when he did not he would become ridiculously outspoken at Captain meetings.

-Aggressive- Hisoka is sometimes aggressive and can be quick to anger if he is in a bad mood. He does not stand for other people claiming to be the best if he knows that he is better than them and will often fight and beat people to establish his dominance over them. However this only applies to males and he will not engage in combat with a female. This is not because he thinks they are not worthy opponents but rather for reasons explained below. The Cat also likes to goad dumber people into fighting with him mentally or sometimes physically.

-Weak to Women- Hisoka cannot hit a woman even if he is hit by her. While he can subdue them it takes a lot to bring him to that stage. As stated above it is not because he thinks them weak but rather he views the females in his peer group as superior to him. This respect extends to all women that do not get on the side of his anger, annoyance or anything negative. Hisoka will always be more subservient to a woman than to a man. Instead Hisoka will usually try to prove his dominance over the man. Females are viewed as important to Hisoka and he will usually go out of his way to protect one if he knows them.


  • Playing pranks
  • Naps
  • Flirting
  • Studying
  • Drugs
  • Friends
  • Spending time with others
  • Chess
  • Games of strategy
  • Reading
  • Jokes
  • Dark comedy
  • Debates
  • Out witting others
  • Solving a riddle or mystery
  • Women
  • Men to a lesser extent


  • His duties
  • Working
  • Being Serious
  • Dogs
  • Drawn out battles
  • Drawn out Speeches
  • Stupidity
  • Jails
  • Those he views as weak in high positions
  • Cockiness
  • Bragging

"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."

Zanpakuto Name & Description
Shikai Power:

Bankai Power:

"If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung."


Life as a Cat
Hisoka was born in the mortal realm as a black and white cat, he was born in northern japan and lives on a rice farm with a family. While being the only cat on the farm, the family owned two dogs as well. When The Cat was seven years old he got into a fight with a Lynx and lost his right eye, while he recovered it in his odd human shinigami body he would never have it again as a full cat. The fight was vicious and when he came back three days after he found that the family had moved in his absence. Three years after this, after having become a feral cat Hisoka was eaten by a hallow yet was cleansed and ascended to the spirit realm.

First Ten Years as a Shinigami
When he first became aware of his new life and his new body Hisoka found himself in the slums of the Spirit world, he was starting in the ghettos. The first thing he did was build a hut out of unused or junked materials he could find near himself.

While building his house he made the first friend he ever had in the afterlife. That friend was a younger girl named Autumn that he overprotected. He viewed her both as a little sister and as someone to keep track of. Which proved rather intuitive as Hisoka constantly had to find her those first five years he knew her. Autumn would constantly wander off, and having died at the age of ten it was not uncommon for her to get lost easily.

He then built her a hut next to his and after this began to think of something to do to get himself and Autumn out of the slums. Hisoka finally decided upon becoming a detective and began to work for various people. Soon his skills became apparent to the nobels who hired him to find items of interest for them.  

Life until Fifty
Working as a private investigator Hisoka gained quite a bit of money quite fast, in fact in the three years before being hired by nobels he made enough money to live in the upper class part of the Spirit World for the rest of his life.

While working he gained another friend, he was a bookworm and would often help Hisoka with his finances and red-tape. One time he had even gotten Hisoka off the hook for breaking another man's leg on a job when the man turned out to be innocent. This man's name was Julian and while Hisoka was on the job Julian would often entertain Autumn.

The three of them became thick as thieves. In the year after his fifth working as a detective Hisoka moved his posse to a nice house in the middle class district. While it was not the best homing option available it meant that they always had money for whatever they wanted. For the next fourteen years he worked as a detective and gained so much money that he ended up giving some away to the less fortunate. When he had spent twenty five years in the Spirit World he quit his job as a detective.

The three of them had more money than they knew what to do with and so for five years they simply relaxed and enjoyed the afterlife. However after this Autumn got bored and suggested that they try to enroll in the Shinigami Academy. Only Julian objected to this and Autumn soon dragged him with her to the sign ups as Hisoka curiously surveyed the scene. Much to his surprise they all proved that they had enough reiche to make a difference and they ended up becoming enrolled in the school for all Soul Reapers.

It was during their first year when they met another female shinigami by the name of Yuchi she quickly became part of Hisoka's group of friends when it became apparent that she shared The Cat's love of pranks and became friends with Autumn. The group would soon become extremely close before Hisoka graduated their second year.

The Next Thirty Years
For some odd reason, and intense study and training habits Hisoka rose to the top of his class and graduated from the academy in two years. Hisoka was now looked on by the thirteen court guard squads and he wondered which division he would become a part of. While during this time he became slightly distant from his friends he did not sever the ties nor did he go for too long without seeing them. Friends were an important part of his life during the years as a shinigami.

He started in the seventh division under someone who he considered a giant fool. Hisoka constantly rejected orders and would voice his opinion at every opportunity. It finally came to a head when during a mission he went the opposite way and saved three of his squad members. For this act of rebellion it was determined by his captain that he should be punished, and while the lieutenant, second and third seat disagreed with him the forth and fifth seats encouraged the Captain to punish Hisoka. Perhaps they were jealous of him or worried about him stealing their spots. Regardless he was physically punished before becoming locked in the jail.

That ended ten years after he graduated luckily as the other captains determined his punishment was unjust. With that ruling he was transferred to another division to replace the forth seat that had just died in it. Unlike the seventh, the sixth division was a group that Hisoka could respect. His superiors were intelligent and powerful and thus began a long series of The Cat's rise to the top. During his time with the sixth division he learned how to master his Shikai and gained the power to move throughout space at will.

With this new found power he was transferred to the Third Division to replace the current third seat. During his time in the Third Division he went on two interesting missions, one which ended up being more than they expected and the other ended up unexpectedly in another way. For the first one it was him and Yuchi who was in his division along with Julian. They were the fifth and seventh seat respectively and the three of them were sent to a village on the earth where hollows were expected to have attacked. Once they got there however they soon found out that they were ill informed, instead of a rescue and search for survivors mission it became a full out fight with hundreds of hollows and a menos grande.

During the fight Julian was killed by the menos grande and Yuchi blamed herself ever since. Overcome by grief the three surviving members of the group began to spend more time together. However during this Hisoka would split half of his time with his friends and half trying to train his Zanpakuto and his spirit.

After getting back into the swing of things Hisoka quickly re-established himself as a good Shinigami. He was sent on a mission to determine his worth, and not only did he pass it at the end up the grader was also soon killed after throwing a twist onto what Hisoka expected. Hunting down the killer The Cat naturally extracted violent revenge on the person who ruined his chances of advancing to lieutenant at that time.

Forty Years as a Lieutenant
While he did not become a lieutenant when he wanted to another opportunity presented itself not long after. Recognized as a skillful Soul Reaper Hisoka was requested to try for the position again. This time on his mission it went off completely without a hitch.

He was immediately placed in the position to replace the former third division lieutenant who had become a captain for another division. Shouldering the position Hisoka realized that he enjoyed having responsibility for others and began to train those under him. It was a good system and he strengthened his division for it.

On another mission with the whole division Hisoka had to end up saving two new recruits from being trapped by the Spirit Train, it was quite an embarrassing experience for him. While he thought that his division was trained before this incident caused him to rethink that. It caused The Cat to train his men and women even harder and as such he drifted a bit further from Autumn but oddly enough not Yuchi who had began to hang out more with Hisoka after Julian's death.

Noticing this Hisoka quickly pushed beyond friendship with Julian who was now the forth seat of the squad. The current Captain did not approve of this action however and they quickly changed their relationship to one of a more discrete manner. Yuchi enjoys Hisoka as he treats her well especially compared to how she had treated herself for so long and so their secret relationship blossomed for a time.

For twenty years the two were together until a mission changed all that. Yuchi had went on a mission along with Autumn and other members of their squad. It was determined that they were killed in action after never coming back. Their bodies were never found but the place where they were supposed to go was completely destroyed. After this period Hisoka fell into a deep depression.

While he was depressed for over seven years Hisoka slipped a bit in his study but he still kept up with his duties as the third division lieutenant. It was like this for twelve years after the horrible depression that Hisoka would learn mixed news. His Captain had been assassinated in the middle of the night, and Hisoka was the person who was going to replace him. While the second division captured and interrogated the assassin Hisoka was not allowed nearby. The Cat was in such a giant rage that his skin was beat red and he swore in a scream for three straight days.

After all the death that had followed him as he was apart of the Soul Society Hisoka needed a rest and during the funeral he spoke with his Zanpakuto. Little did he know that this would set him up for something important in the coming years.

After the ceremony there was another one to celebrate The Cat's position as Captain, vowing to follow his old Captain's ideas Hisoka settled into running the division. He did well and soon established friendships with all his squad mates making up for the friends he lost in number.

Two Fresh Captain Decades
For the next two sets of ten years Hisoka was known as the rookie captain and he was always the one who spoke last during meetings. He was still green and he did not know all the ins and outs of his position that was thrust upon him. Perhaps if he was groomed for the job he would have been in shallower water. Eager to find a way to prove himself Hisoka made it his goal to not be the only captain without a bankai.

Thanks to his earlier friendship with his Zanpakuto the process was simpler than most's. After this occurred during a mission in which Hisoka fought off ten menos grande from destroying his squad, Hisoka was more regarded as a captain rather than regarded as a fill in which he was before. Overall he could not complain about the rise in social status little though it may be.

The mission which marked his end as a rookie was not that one however, instead it was during a fight with a rouge Arrancar. While the Soul Society thought it was a group of hollows the Shinigami arrived to a pair of Arrancar. Not expecting this two of Hisoka's men were cut down in the first minuet. The ten toughest Soul Reapers of the Third Division were there and they still lost four men before bringing the pair down. The two Arrancar had planned on starting a war between Heuco Mundo and the Soul Society, thanks to the intervention of the Third Division there was not much damage.

Mastering the Basics for Twenty Five years
After that spectacular mission Hisoka took a two year break from being a Soul Reaper and left the division in the hands of his lieutenant. Since he had saved up his vacation time from all those years he had quite a lot of time to waste when he decided to spend it. The Cat decided to vacation in the real world in Hawaii where he constantly snagged human's drinks out of thin air and pull other pranks on the inhabitants.

All good things must come to an end however and Hisoka resumed his duties or shirking them two years later. As soon as he got back he began asking other Captain's for advice on how to run his squad. After listening to all of the various answers he compiled them and picked and morphed the advice into a path suited for him. Soon after he implemented the plan and the division became even stronger for it.

It was later on about ten years after the Arrancar battle that Hisoka went out on another mission that turned heads. This time it was Bounts stealing souls and Hisoka single handedly killed the menace before it had time to grow. Thanks to his quick action he was able to get to the three bounts before they could grow too strong. After defeating them and bringing them to trial the other Captains soon viewed the odd pranking cat as a peer and often consulted with him and allowed him to speak more during the Captain meetings.

The Last Twenty Four Years
However after drinking in other's praise he soon decided to up his high with drugs. It was a dark time when he first started as he took off more time than he was supposed to be allowed. However he got over it within four years and was then able to keep his habit in check. The Cat never says what it was that made him scale back from his fix however.

It was after that when Hisoka began teaching more and more often, while not bad it also bit into the time he needed to focus on his division. Soon he saw that however and taught only those in his squad while picking up more missions for his restless underlings.

It has been two hundred and nine years since Hisoka was born and the last mission he went on was one of the most boring. It was after this mission that it was silently decided that Hisoka was not fit for diplomatic options with that particular set of Quincies. It seemed that both groups had quickly dissolved into a series of playground insults aimed at the other side. Luckily others were there to replace The Cat who had claimed he would eat their children during the exchange.

After he was scolded for his behavior he went out again ready to lead his division wherever it may go.

Et Cetera: Anything else you wish to add about your character?
Face Claim:-

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PostSubject: Re: Hisoka the Cat    Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:10 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Hisoka the Cat    Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:47 pm

I love everything that you've got, but I'd like a clearer description of your bankai ability, please.
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PostSubject: Re: Hisoka the Cat    Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:04 pm

Thats better. Approved!

Jor, Eric, or Momo will determine your points.
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PostSubject: Re: Hisoka the Cat    Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:35 pm

Approved for Captain Class with 250 Stat Points and 24 Skill Points.
Descriptions in place of or in addition to pictures would have been greater, but this is still high quality.
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PostSubject: Re: Hisoka the Cat    Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:24 am

Unapproved -- We'll talk when you get on next.
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PostSubject: Re: Hisoka the Cat    Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:27 pm

When you're finished, I'm bumping your Stat Points up to 260, with the same number of Skill Points.
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PostSubject: Re: Hisoka the Cat    Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:45 pm

There hopefully the new Bankai fits in better, think Portal the game.

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PostSubject: Re: Hisoka the Cat    Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:15 am

I believe (I can't remember for sure, though) that over Instant Messaging I said no to teleportation. We have Shunpo, Sonido, Hirenkyaku, Senkaimon, Kumon, Descorror and other things to serve that purpose, and Teleportation as one's actual power will not work well at all.

I'm going to have to ask you change your power. If I didn't mention in Instant Messaging that my stance on teleportation powers was a no, then I'm sorry. Though I'm almost positive I did.
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PostSubject: Re: Hisoka the Cat    

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Hisoka the Cat
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