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 Tenth Division Information

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Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

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PostSubject: Tenth Division Information    Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:41 pm

The Tenth Division Information and Ranks

The Tenth Division of the Gotei Thirteen. We are the elites, the men and women who have been chosen to, and are willing to, give their lives for the defense of the Seireitei and the whole of the Soul Society. Our minds look at a battle field as a chess board, contemplating every move of ours, and the enemies'. Always three steps ahead are we, planting traps, setting up ambushes, or even seeing the tiniest of flaws in an enemy's armor, making them vulnerable to a strike. We are not the strongest, we are not the most technologically minded, we aren't even the most well-rounded of individuals. But nobody can out-think us in a fight.

So, if you wish to join us, know that we will test your mind and your battle prowess with each passing day. Do not expect to be sitting in a desk writting up battle strategies all the time, oh no. Because we of the Tenth division do not sit in the back of the army while our bretheren fight to defend our land. We are always in the middle of the fray. Whether we are circling from behind with the Second Division to flank them, or standing sword-arm-to-sword-arm with the men and women of the Elelventh Division on the front lines, making a wall of dead enemies to help hinder the hordes of enemies that are sure to follow, we are there.

If this sounds appealing to you, if this is how you wish to serve the Soul Society, then join us. Join us in defending this land. Join us in protecting the lives of the inocent souls of the Rukongi And rise up, my brothers and sisters, rise up to stop the hordes of Hollows and other evil creatures out there that threaten us! Raise your Zanpaktou and swear an oath that no being, Hollow, quincy, or otherwise, shall take this land from us! Swear upon your very lives that you will protect those countless souls that can not defend themselves!

Captain of the Tenth Division

The head of the Division, and leading mind in any Battle strategy. It is said that in any invasion situation, the Hierarchy of the Divisions become Captain Comander, as leader of all the Divisions, Eleventh Division Captain, as the head of the frontlines and the most likely to be in danger, then the Tenth Division Captain, who determines the strategic placement of all the troops of the Soul Society. It is he that holds the lives of each and every member of the Gotei Thirteen in the palms of his hands, for if he miscalculates even once, the whole operation could crash and burn within minutes and everyone, men women and children alike, will die.

Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

Lieutenant of the Tenth Division

The second in command of the Tenth division, and right-hand of the Captain. The Lieutenant aids their Captain in battle strategies, watches over the Division while he is away, and keeps the Division in working military order at all times. This last part is their main, and daily, duty. They not only must keep the Division physically fit and ready for an attack, but must also run them through tactical maneuvers to keep them ready for anything, especially an invasion.

Kaoru Honami

Third Seat: Vacant

Fourth Seat: Vacant

Fifth Seat: Vacant

Unseated Officers:





Fire can light up your life, show you the way, and keep you warm...

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Tenth Division Information
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