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 ARRANCAR- Perez, Anastasia

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Anastasia Perez

Anastasia Perez

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PostSubject: ARRANCAR- Perez, Anastasia   ARRANCAR- Perez, Anastasia EmptySat Jul 27, 2013 12:35 pm

♦[Anastasia Isabelle Perez]♦
"I won't cry for yesterday."

"'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight."

Full Name: Anastasia Isabelle Perez

Gender: Female

Age: [Twenty-two] {{890}}

Race: Arrancar

Job/Occupation: Primera Espada

Face Claim: Lust, Fullmetal Alchemist

"You may have been born ugly, but at least you may die beautifully."

Height &weight:
Anastasia stands around five feet and five inches tall give or take away, depending on the shoes she wears.Her physical structure being solely made up of sleek, supple muscle, she weighs approximately 125ibs  with only enough fat to form out a touch of softness to her curvaceous figure.  Having a taller frame than most women, it provides her with a more mature appearance. Her facial features though soft, appear more defined. With a high set of cheekbones, a straight nose, and fully filled in lips as res as the blood that occasionally colors her pale cheeks. Her build being perfectly lithe as her body is well proportioned. With long, well sculpted out limbs that match with her evenly tall, and slender torso that goes well with her ample bust and bottom that fills in the areas that are deemed attractive. The smooth skin that coats the muscle is as white and as flawless as porcelain with a faint olive tone that goes well with her richly colored attire that fits close to her figure. All In all forming the appearance of a lovely twenty year old noble woman of italian descendant. Topped off by dressing her voluptuous figure in well fitted clothing of all kinds, the styles are different. Personally preferring dresses and gowns she crafts herself with the respective footwear that represents her status of high class and elegance.

Hair & eyes
Her  hair is a lush, medium length cascade of raven colored waves that curl a little past her shoulders . Having a slight widows peak that parts at the left, letting it frame both sides of her heart shaped face. Her long lashes are thick and inky black, framing two well polished almond shaped, passionate pools of ruby red that illuminate through the darkness that may fall across her, her pupils are deviously slit in a cat like manner,while small multiple thin rings spread out along the iris as if they were ripples disturbing the flat surface of calm . They tend to glisten when she is happy, or glow dangerously when she is irritated. 

Distinctive Features: Anastasia's hollow hole is small, and is placed dead center in between her collarbones and right  above her breasts. Around the skin, a red flame like symbol  is placed for no particular reason other than decoration. Along the small of her back, a rosy pink hourglass rests on her back with a prominent black "1" tattoo strategically placed at the center of it.

"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."

Ressurection & Release
Spin, araña. 

Appearance: Upon calling her release phrase, a purple gas seeps from her zanpakuto and envelops her body into a sphere. Upon clearing, her body has went through a transformation.  the lower half of her body morphs into the light grayish black, wand  yellow speckled abdomen supported by long, sturdy striped legs that assist her in climbing, spinning (along with the claw like structure of her nails), vibration sensitivity, jumping, and running. The upper half of her body is left apparently bare from a distance, though once looking closely, one can see that front is decorated with thick web patterns made out of sticky, yet durable silk that covers her breasts. The whites of her eyes turn black while her irises glow into a crimson red as they sharpen in focus. Her teeth are sharpened considerably, though her canines are the only ones that lengthen into prominent fangs, and as her saliva now produces venomous properties in her released form, it causes the entire inside of her mouth to have a light blue tint which interestingly give off the scent of blueberries and bananas. In the place of her katana, two foot long hunting knives take their place which is secured to her waist by a brown belt. 

Abilities: Like any arrancar in its released state, Anastasia's physical and spiritual abilities increase. Also as an arrancar, she is gifted with her own special abilities based of the theme of a spider.
In her resureccion, her body becomes ultra sensitive to vibrations, both spiritual and physical to help her detect incoming movements/attacks. Her venom is capable of  paralyzing the area in which she has bitten and allows her to feed on spiritual energy straight from the source. And like the average spider who has multiple silks that assist it with different purposes, Anastasia has her own four unique types of material. 

*Metallic threads: Which her spinnerets mainly form. This silver thread is used commonly for offensive purposes as it is the strongest thread in her disposal which is capable of slicing/piercing through solid materials upon contact as well as it is conductable to her own signature spiritual energy. (Which can allow her to channel her balaa/cero through the thread and cause it to explode upon immediate foreign impact.) 

*Spirit Threads: Produced from the same spinnerets as her metallic threads, instead of a tangible substance it is made out of her own spiritual energy. Upon contact or any sort of attachment it has with its target's head, Anastasia's spiritual power overrides the weaker opponents physical form and takes control over the body for a certain matter of time, rendering him/her as a conscious puppet at her disposal. However, the potency of the ability depends on the power level of the opponent. The weaker the target, the longer the control and the stronger the influence she has over them. Yet the same applies the other way around, the stronger the opponent, the minimal amount of time before they can shake off her control.  Anyone above her power level renders this ability as useless to her.

*Sticky threads: Which is produced from the underside of her tongue (which also carries the antibiotics necessary to counter her venom's poisonous affects), and the open pores on her wrists. It is a very stretchy and durable material used for defensive purposes as it is the most impact absorbent and can withstand any temperature condition. Which is used for deflecting,binding, incapacitating,  retrieving, and is even a sweet source of nourishment. 

*Silk- Which is produced from  her fingertips and is commonly used for healing (or at least sealing) wounds,  often her own personal use for craftsmanship (clothing, rugs, blankets, art work, ect.)and  transportation via swinging or ballooning. Her lounging "beds" are  made from this as well, and though it's sturdy, it's generally very soft and comfortable to rest on.

"Don't use such strong words. It makes you seem weak."


Negative traits: 

Ect Cetra: Anastasia speaks fluent Italian, spanish, greek, and portuguese. With english and japanese being a main struggle made apparent in her speech as she is still learning the "common" languages. 

 Fears: Not knowing. Because nothing is more terrifying than the unknown. She also fears rejection. Thus, her preference to be alone. 

Goals: Nothing other than to simply live an honest life as much as possible to make up for the sinister path she took as a human. 

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Et Cetera: 




[*]To laugh 

[*]Pleasant company






[*]Obnoxious behavior





[*]A racist


"If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung."



Born out of wedlock was what fate had decreed for the first and eldest child of Victoria Axelle. The father being a mere solider, who took advantage of the dark haired woman who only had the strength to shed tears as everything thrown at her was forced to be taken, only to have to take responsibility for both her and her child a year after the baby was born. Afraid of word getting out on his crime and shame, he grudgingly  engaged in a loveless, and unhappy marriage with Victoria that was the start of the trouble. The couple had two children together, the youngest being Natalie, and their oldest, named Annabell. 

Introduced to the world as an angel. Pure and innocent, not the kind of personality that lasts long in the side of poverty. Like Among the other herds of lamb, the children would gather to schools to learn. Not much to be taught rather the starting point of how this hell began, Like wild untamed beasts. Pre-teen or adult, both of each gender from each district would be summoned by name. Sent to the Roman capitol where they would all slay each other before the watching eyes of the emperor to serve as nothing more than entertainment for the dirt that lived within the highest of ranks. Young and confused. Annabell would sit quietly, carrying on with her studies and training that she received from those who were fortunate enough to make it back from death in the arena and still have their humanity intact, silently praying each and every night for the light to shine through the black shroud of eternal night. 

Truth eventually comes to light, one way or another. As the damned sadist that held the genes that fathered her, sought out and attacked the small family, Annabell being the target of mistreatment out of the rest.

The ivory color tone of her skin, darkening to purple and blue from the contact of bony knuckles. Sometimes even enough for the skin to break and blood to fall like rivers down her naked back.

"Stop! hurts.." she whimpered miserably, her arms wrapped tightly around herself in an attempt to defend her own body.Only to have them pinned down to her back while positioned beneath the drunkard that reeked of fresh alcohol and grime.

"You will take what you deserve in silence!" he rumbled. The point of his boot cracking against her chest to draw out a piercing wail. The mother visibly flinching in her shadowed off corner. Closing her eyes and turning her head away in shame as the pain filled cries for assistance could not be fulfilled. 

Every night. The abuse continued. And every night, the tolerance for it faded to the point that the day there happened to be a moment of weakness for him, became his end..


Blood spurted out from the two inch deep fracture from the knife that sunk itself deeply into his skull,gushing down his neck to soak into the fabric of his tunic, the body fell and the color gray tainted the wings of the angel as a tearful outburst allowed her to seek out her mother as well. Before she knew it, blood stained her clothes and a maniacal burst of laughter erupted from her throat as dark crimson pools seeped along the wooden planks of the floor. As a call of defiance wrung itself up into the heavens and to the ears of the frightened younger sibling and her mother.
"Never...never again will such filth harm us!"

Life at the Axelle residence was still difficult, even after the death of their major nightmare he still left an emotional impact onto the family. As food shortages grew worse during the passing seasons. It was difficult for them to scrape up a decent meal.Eleven year old Annabell and nine year old Natalie had to teach themselves how to steal. They'd practice pick pocketing each other until they became sufficient enough to be unfelt and took off into the town. Mingling with the crowds of people, Targeting those that lived in the higher class section of the district. Natalie made her way through and nudged a few people to make them revert all attention away from the Axelle that was slipping their money from their pockets before slipping out of reach. Sometimes they'd steal money, other times it would be food. For months they were able to keep themselves and their mother alive from starvation. That is until they day they got caught..

The butt of a roman soldier's sword slammed itself into her right temple during mid run. Sending Annabell sprawling to the ground, startled from the pain and breathless from shock from the surprise attack as the abused flesh throbbed. The man towered over the two sisters, his build described as sturdy as a brick wall. Cruel beady black eyes glared down into her own from behind the helmet, and for a split second she could have sworn she was going to die  here  and then..
Her head pulsed along with her heartbeat that pounded against her ears. Time seemed to move slow for her, by the time she could comprehend what was going on, a sword was drawn, and a a heavy thud occurred right after.
Annabell didn't even have time to even scream as the lights blanked out and right there and then she passed out. Her thoughts coming down on her like a ton of bricks as the realization dawned to her of what just happened. The solider had killed Natalie.
Natalie was dead.


Annabell had woken up to better situations, this one definitely becoming the top on her list for the worst. She was no stranger to pain, though this was nothing compared to the physical pain and personal shame she felt as she silently took her punishment. Thin leather lashed across the sensitive flesh of her back, over and over. Each one harder than the last and right over the previous one, By the fourth lash of the whip, the swollen, irritated skin broke open to leak out blood and pus combined with her own cold sweat. The smell was nauseating to the point that her stomach emptied itself of whatever was left from the previous evening . The screams that had ruptured out from her now sore throat had died within the tenth lash. Though as she did, it was a rather heartbreaking sound to bear, agony combined with despair and rage all at once. By the time the beating was through, she couldn't even stand up on her own much less walk. The solider had to summon a young male commoner of the streets to take her home.Her back was now a  mess of flesh and torn up fabric that had embedded themselves within the wounds, her pockets and hands empty of whatever she had stolen, and the burden of knowing she was going to have to explain to her already damaged mother on how she was now an only child killed her on the inside. 

The man had supported the young girl as best as he could. Assisting the girl to limp her way to the table which he cleared, to gingerly lay her out on her stomach. Lingering in the household just long enough to whisper his apologies and plant a kiss on her untouched shoulder before clearing out in time for her mother to walk into the room and scream.
"Annabell! oh my god...Anna! what happened to you?!!!! and Natalie? wheres Natalie? She needs to help me clean you up..Natali-" Gently, yet firmly the grip on her wrist yanked her back, which led her  to turn to stare deep into her eldest childs eyes. Glazed over in guilt and sorrow, the storm clouds swirled within her irises. Tears like raindrops cascading down her face. Annabell knew the words, but couldn't form them. Before she knew it, she found herself weakly shaking her head. Leaving her mother alone to piece two and two together and once that happened, Hell froze over.

Tables flipped, all remaining contents tossed about from the cabinets, Dishes thrown everywhere and glass scattered across the floor. But the noise was overpowered by the wails of a mother who has lost a life she had conceived. Throughout the mess she sat upon, arms secured around her abdomen as her body shook uncontrollably. Throughout the night, tears were shed. Annabell had to painfully force herself up to patch her own wounds up, thankfully there was plenty of snow from the heavy winter so she was able to maintain the swelling along with a herb treatment given to her by a neighbor who took pity on the poor family. Weeks after Natalie's death, Annabell's mother still cried through the day and night till her lips were cracked and her throat raw. Thin from her refusal to eat and sickly. Dark circles stained beneath her eyes from lack of sleep, and as Jade witnessed this all. It was the final straw that broke the camels back. 

A pillow smothered against her face and a sharp jerky stab impaled through the heart stopped all functions instantly. For a couple of days, she felt nothing. Though as guilt reared its head again, she found herself In her corner, curled up and rocking back and forth as she murmured to herself."I did a good thing...i did a good thing... " The crickets song lulling her sleep as the body of her mother was left to rot in her own room. And with no love or guidance to pick her up this time, nothing stopped her from further spiraling into darkness.


Constant training made Annabell physically stronger, and when she didn't train she would dance. Dance to the music that would be played by the lyre  of the music teacher. Her small delicate frame good enough for her to easily obtain a talent in the art. All styles of dance that was known, practiced on her own when she wasn't tossing knives or fighting against children that picked a fight with her on the streetsl. When the announcements about the arena was brought to her city , She would listen closely, letting her anger and hatred for the roman capitol boil over as she listened the immorality of it all. While people were starving or suffering in the other districts. The top districts and the citizens of the roman capitol had it all, food, money, clothes, and rig the pleasure of sitting in the colosseum while watching the others perish.

She heard this and seethed, using the flames of hate to be her motivation through training. She snuck into the forges, and spent her time crafting her knives.Sharpening them and polishing them to perfection. Practicing her aim until she became good enough to decapitate a bird in mid flight. To test her strength she would wait till nightfall and watch for the two soldiers  that had caught her off guard the day of her sisters death. 

She crept silently behind them, footsteps mute from any sound and she made sure to keep herself from sight though to keep them in her range. Once the opportunity to attack struck, the shorter soldier  was killed instantly by the knife that sliced through his throat straight on. The brooding man witnessed this and recognized the younger girl instantly from the hatred blaring in her eyes. He smirked grimly."I see now you have come back for more, Italiana?" His hand released the grip of his sword and instead, unhooked and uncoiled his whip. The crack against the ground thundered in her ears,  and Anastasia sneered. "I have come back again, this time not to be beaten, but to kill you!." 

Darkly he chuckled and lunged,the long cord of the whip cut by a swift slice of her knife. The battle was on. He aimed his punches and kicks that she dodged with ease. Blocking with her own counter attacks or ducking by, when he slammed her down he pulled out a long, jagged blade. About to swing in for the kill. Yet he froze. Eyes widening from horror as they trailed up to see the owner of such a shadow that seemed to cancel out the light.

A dark masculine figure gone unnoticed by the girl stood firmly behind her. His face masked behind by that of a monster who's emotionless eyes stared intently into his very being. While distracted,  the girl had discovered a new found strength, and she sprang back up to land a direct kick to the jaw. Concentrated and aimed carefully into the single joint of his lower jaw. Dislocating it and even breaking it. Broken from his concentration, he screamed. From his pain, she laughed at him and the battle continued. Every open spot he left, she struck. The male figure following her movements, their eyes matching . Making sure it was quick and as painful as possible. By the time he was already defeated through the fist match. There was still no mercy on his part, With her knives she carved him like a pumpkin. Only until hearing the arrival of footsteps did she finally kill him by slitting his throat before running off.Her crimson colored eyes dimmed to normal as the dark figure faded away with a sinister snicker gone unnoticed. Never had she felt so satisfied in her life.

"You realize why you are here, correct?"

"I am no idiot, It is obvious as to why I am here."

" are also aware that murder is punishable by death?"

"Are you also aware that death does not scare me?"

Seventeen year old AnnabellAxelle stood before the judge in trail, dressed in a tunic she had stolen off the body of a soldier. Her chin raised high and defiant as her expression gave no sign of emotion. Her hair once messily severed, now grown out to trail past her waist.A style that suited her best.Her body structure once stick straight skinny, now filled in with defined shape and hardened by supple muscle. The judge answered the young woman with a snort.

"Any sane person would be, but obviously you're a different my order under god, i sentence you to d-"

"Actually your honour, that won't be necessary."

A tall man dressed in a gray cloak took a step forward. A calm smile spread wide on his lips. 
"This young lady does not belong here, as she will be coming with me."

The judge quirked an eyebrow frowning a little as he began to rise from his seat."Who are you? and how in the name of god did you get passed the guards?!"

The man smirked a little and dismissed the question with a mere wave of his hand. "That information is classified my good man, now as i was saying.."
He craned his neck to face the female that had been completely dumbfounded, and a rush of breath escaped her throat. It was the same man who had helped her home that night of her sisters death. He had not changed at all since that night. Same build, and face. Even wearing the same black robes beneath his cloak just as she recalled. As the judge called for the guards, the male's piercing green eyes did not leave hers as he unsheathed his blade and decapitated the elderly man in one fluid motion. Annabell was paralyzed, and once again she felt as helpless as the day she was in his arms. As the body collapsed in a heap, the man sheathed his blade, and walked over to the trembling teen. "Shh, don't cry, little one." He soothed, his eyes soothing as he cupped her cheek, wiping away the tears that she didn't even know were there. "You've suffered a lot through your life..and though i could get in trouble for what i'm about to do, I'm going to tell you now." He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and whispered. "You don't have to be afraid anymore. You don't have to worry about starving or money, because I'm going to give that to you." He tapped a finger against her forehead, and without warning, Annabell felt herself fall limp against the older man's shoulder. Far too unconscius to hear him say. "When you wake up, you will be a princess. Just as you used to dream." as she was let go to fall into a spiral of unwanted sleep.

The never ending sense of darkness seemed to rob her of just her physical ability to move. For as she was trapped in her numbing void of a blank world, she could hear and feel everything that was said and was being done to her. From the silent sound of bristles brushing through the once tangled knots of hair, to the zipper that secured the dress to her slender form. Silent murmurs, and different textures of different materials brushed against her skin. All in which she subconsciously remembered, and wondered. 

Awakening was a startle, no doubt. Rather than finding herself on the lumpy, bitter smelling mattress in which she recalled back in district twelve, she found herself in the luxury of a well put together room. Her body unwillingly slackened into the comfort of the cushy bed, as she became tended on by an unknown group of people that prepared her for her 'morning meal." Unable to respond, she simply starred around in both awe, and confusion as the so called 'servants' called out ever so politely in a certain tongue that she was able to pick out surprisingly, as Italian.

"Have you slept well, my lady?" His rich bass voice rang in a tone that was uncommon to her misused ears. The shock that crossed her features becoming apparent to the butler, who kindly repeated the question to which she responded with a simple nod. As the morning 'ritual' continued, it seemed that the hell she had previously gone through in which she deemed as for countless ages, had been nothing more than a dreadful dream in which she slowly forgot and adapted to the refreshed memories that began to replace themselves instantly. Even in name, time, and appearance. 

Capturing a glance of herself in the full view, flawless made mirror. She saw a different person captured in the reflection that was barely anything in common with whom she once thought to be. No longer skinny, but slender, her face and eyes the same, but more defined with her hair and iris a darker hue. As the day continued, instinct kicked in as her being became one with this new identity. No longer a peasant, but now a princess. No longer Annabelle,  but Anastasia Perez. Yes. Such a change that she was sure was to be permanent . 

As she took a seat among the throne and looked out to the spanish people, the final piece of the puzzle was set. And no longer did she remember the dreaded past. Yet remained as scarred as she was as she awoke. Her personality now as cruel and controlling as she became. 

Used, and abused servants bowed at her feet. Dealing with her outbursts and demands when, and whatever it best seemed fit. Random fits of unnecessary fury lashed out to her victims for little, to no reason other than to unleash a heap of held back stress. .

The back of her hand cracked across the left cheek of her maid that sent a platter of treats to spill across the floor of her bedroom as a cold, unforgiving glare bore through the forehead of the timid girl whom held back shameful sobs as she gingerly cupped the reddening flesh. 

"You foolish girl!" She hissed. Gesturing towards the mess that lay at her feet. "Look at what you have done!" Gripping the front of the girl's blouse, the following beatings were harsh, and unforgiving that ended with the maid's face battered and bruised in hues of blue to black with a tint of red that trickled down the corner of her busted lip. "Leave, now!" She ordered sharply. Her voice rising into a deafening screech. "Go away! And may I ever see your face again, i will have your freshly severed head held in my own hands." Her slender digits clenched tightly in a trembling fist an inch away from the petrified maid who immediately fled the room in a tattered, sobbing mess.

Such abuse didn't stop there. And neither did the nightmares that plagued her. As they grew worse, so did the abuse. Up to the point that the people were respectively at the point of breaking. .

A rebellion struck at the break of dawn, and it was not a peaceful one. As the crew burst through the doors, no kindness or sympathy was shown towards the maddened princess. As her body became reduced to helpless mounds of flesh,her vengeful spirit stayed. Her chain tied tight to the area in which she died for what seemed to be eternity.

Not even after Anastasia's brutal execution did the anger and pain subside. Her maddened rage kept her soul tied to the castle, her spirit wandered the halls from where she used to walk. Angrily scaring away any living being that approached her way. Objects went flying, and brutal scratches would appear from nowhere upon the backs of victims. At night, her bone chilling, maddened cries would travel through the hollow ballrooms. Any shinigami that would approach the area, would pass her by as she cried for help due to their own fear and unwillingness to hold her down. Even if the brave enough soul reapers that were able to keep her down long enough to attempt to preform konso, it sparked a green flame upon contact that engulfed their zanpakuto and arms. The sense of hopelessness of being unable to be saved, increased her anger to the peak in which the chain attached to her chest ached. 

Four days after the aching appeared, it grew worse with every agonizing moment, and each time a shinigami would refuse to release the girl. One day, in an desperate attempt to free herself, she wrapped the shrinking chain along her knuckles, and pulled with all her might until it popped right out. Exposing a gaping hole that unleashed a brand new wave of anger and pain. 

This one, in which overwhelmed her and covered her body head to toe with a black foam that transformed her body into a demonic like form. Though appeared humanoid, its aura like that of a gigantic arachnid like creature. Having no emotion but the undying instinct to feed.


Anastasia was never able to fully recall the first few decades of being a reborn hollow. Having no conscience whatsoever except having the never ending need to feed, and feed, and feed. She ate any being that held a decent mass of spiritual energy. From human souls, to other hollows, to even a couple of weak shinigami. It didn't take long to adapt, and become an adjucha. At this point, memories became much more clear. Though her conscience was still slightly muddled over with animal like instincts. 

The beginning memory that she was able to remember was the half eaten corpse of what seemed to be a humanoid being. The remains of black cloth shredded, and tossed about within the gory mess of blood, and discarded entrails. She remembered the damp feeling of fresh blood along her fangs as she lapped out the spiritual potential of what used to be a shinigami. As she ate, she could feel the surge of power run through her veins. Reminding her that she was drawing close to her goal of adapting into an arrancar. A being unknown to her personally, though the hollowfied portion of her knew exactly what it was, and yearned for it. 

For awhile, she wandered into the menos forest of Hueco Mundo, Traveling along the shadows of the quartz trees, trying her best to disguise her spiritual energy among the menos grande. Awaiting for her prey to pass by. When that didn't happen, she would take her chances with the towering beasts that hid themselves along the trees. 

She wasn't always successful with her hunts. Sometimes encountering stronger hollows that had been around in this state much longer than she. "Stupid piece of shit." A raspy voice hissed from behind a white mask. The yellow eyes boring deep into her own in a manner that reached her as almost menacing. "Do you really think that you could defeat a high ranking hollow such as myself?" She didn't answer. Rather, simply hunched back in preparation to pounce. This action leading to a grim snicker that roughly ground itself against her eardrums. 

"Very well then, you'll die here like every other fool in this forest." It lunged, and the battle began. In a heated battle of cutting, scratching, and biting. She managed to get the gigantic beast to fall to the ground through strategically trapping it within the confinements of her webs. It's struggling tightening the binds to the point it painfully dug into it's skin. Calmly, the spider like hollow took its time, wrapping her victim up tight in a capon of white To which, she crawled on top of it with fangs barred. The poison dripping from the tips as the pupils in the center of the beady red eyes enlarged.  "I-impossible!" He roared. To which it was Anastasia's turn to chuckle. "Not as impossible as you think." She began. Raising her head as she soothingly stroked the uncovered portion of  his throat with one of her willow black legs as he struggled in apparent panic. Bemused by the response. "You see, you were never a match against me to begin with." Her words angered the hollow beneath her, to which the pressure against his throat grew albeit rougher. 

"I told you once, that I would kill you." Without thinking any further, she opened her mouth as wide as it could go, and sank her fangs deep into it's jugular. Cutting through every muscle and blood vessel that stood in its path. In its final moments, tha hollow's eyes only had time to shut, as a blast of red light followed up next. Charring his head clean off his massive body before it even had a chance to scream. Satisfied, she didn't hesitate to feast on her reward, with each bite the surge of power burst within. Overflowing her to the point she thought she would burst....

Awaking up bare naked on a field of sand was not the most comfortable experience. But not as uncomfortable as the fact that countless humanoid beings watched from pillars that towered over her. Cold eyes studying her intently as a few low whistles drawled out to meet her ears. The cat call instantly made her defensive, though her tension was slightly passed aside as a sheet of bage colored cloth clothed her nude frame. A grotesque looking hollow in the form of a deceased king towered over her declared himself to be king, she did not dare to breathe a word of protest despite the familiar sense of hate for herself as she did not say a word. Rather accepting the white robes that symbolized her as part of the arrancar army. Training in her new found abilities seemed relatively easy, as it was no different to how she used them when she was a hollow. Save for the physical differences and the fact that her human form is much more light and flexible than it was. Even in personality she had matured, within her unaging body, she taught herself how to cool down her emotions by masking them all beneath her neutral expression. 

Though as time passed, and more arrancars were either killed or replaced, the less Anastasia participated in the wars until she stopped showing up all together.  As her purpose seemed to be insignificant the more she thought about things, until one day everything in las noches went quiet. The previous war had left a good portion of the building in damage, while bodies of the deceased littered the ground. A bit saddened, though at the same time repulsed by the scene around her, she went to work. Providing proper burials for her fallen comrades once she was certain the shinigami had left arrancar soil, their bodies wrapped in  shrouds made of webbed silk while she used the very same material to fix the broken parts of the fortress until everything went back to normal.

Deciding there was nothing left to do here, as it was all empty, the espada walked away into the menos forest. Making a new home to stay far up into the caves as she kept an open eye out for any possible company that had evolved past the growling and howling phase. For awhile, not a soul seemed to come around. Disappointed, the girl made her way back to the fortes with the intention of taking her belongings back and leaving soon after to reside elsewhere. Though as soon as she came within distance of the white building, she felt a strong spiritual pressure drift from the inside, piping her curiosity enough for her to make her way inside and discover an Asian woman casually sitting on the marble throne.  Her feet swinging in tune to the soft hums of her voice while a few other arrancars  walked about in opposite  directions. Anastasia stepped to the side to let one out, her neutral expression  melting into that of confusion upon seeing her, and rightfully so! Decades had passed and no life had wandered the massive halls. The female arrancar was baffled. Having forgotten to mask her presence, one of the strange woman had detected her, yet remained calm. Instead, turning her head to where she entered and gave her a welcoming smile. "Hello, there." 

Her lithe form easily slid from the throne and on to the concrete floor while Anastasia stood perfectly still upon her approach. "I am Ellade. I take it you are familiar with this place?" The fair woman offered, with a bow. Her thin armor clinking in response to her movement.  Not wanting to come off as rude, the Italian arrancar returned the pleasant smile, and curtsied in response. "As I am Anastasia, polite foreigner. As for this place, you can say that I am knowing of it, Si.~" 
The smile became a grin that crawled on the Asian woman's face, a smug one managed to sneak its way on her own. "As intrigued rosy  irises met dark brown, the Asian woman's armor once again clinked as she stood up straight, arms clasped behind her back as she gave a nod. "I don't suppose you'd mind giving me a tour, would you? Surely you know the background of the place better than I, and i'd be interest to learn more about it." Anastasia allowed a nod before taking the lead. If arrancar had the same attitude as this stranger, perhaps things were finally going to take a brighter turn after all. 

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PostSubject: Re: ARRANCAR- Perez, Anastasia   ARRANCAR- Perez, Anastasia EmptySat Jul 27, 2013 6:09 pm

Approved, Thank you for editing your abilities.

Your stats will be given to you by either Jor or Eric.
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Everything you have in your ability right now is fine, though I'd have to ask you to remove the specifics.What I mean is for you to remove the four kinds of spider silk she can create, as those belong in your Stats and Skills thread as techniques. Your ability already mentions she can create silk, so no need to tell me what they are here and now.

Aside from that, wonderful application. I remember back during Arrancar Dynasty. My, oh my. How you've grown since.

Primera? You got it, girl.
Captain Class Character with 270 Stat Points and 24 Skill Points.
Have fun

(I also liked how she went from Annabella to Anastasia. At first I was confused, but then I realized, "Oh, she changed her identity! Nice!")
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