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 Alistair the Inquisitor

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PostSubject: Alistair the Inquisitor   Alistair the Inquisitor EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 8:30 pm

"And it's so easy when you're evil"

"'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight."

Full Name: Alistair Marcellus | He has been referred to as having a "black belt in torture" and being "The Grand Inquisitor of Hueco Mundo"

Gender: Male

Age: [40] {{2037}}

Race: Arrancar

Job/Occupation: Sexta Espada | Inquisitor

Face Claim: Alistair from Supernatural

"You may have been born ugly, but at least you may die beautifully."

Appearance: Alastair represents a man in his early forties or late thirties. He is quite tall, maybe 6'2'' or 6'3''. Alastair is quite well built for an middle-aged man. He tends to work out to keep his body in shape. Alastair's espada garments are quite easy. He usually runs around without his jacket, but in formal meetings or when he has a partner on a job, he tends to keep his jacket on. The jacket is long and made out of white leather with black and red tribal designs on it. His clothes have little specs of blood on them from all the torturing Alastair has done for the past years he has been in Las Noches. Alastair has short, brownish hair with a little gray on the sides because of his age. His forehead is quite large, but not large enough to be called a freak. He has almost nonexistent eyebrows. His eyes are blueish or greenish. His nose is a little awry because he has broken it quite many times. He has wrinkles under his eyes as well. He has a little scar on his left cheek, it isn't noticeable but when you look close enough you can see it. He also has a beard that matches the color of his hair.

Alastair's body has a lot of scars from battles he has gone through. He also is quite scarred because he himself has been tortured as well. When he himself got tortured, he was already a full-fledged torturer. So he didn't speak or even wince. All he did was mock the other man. Anyways, on with the appearance. His skin was a pale white, almost sharing hue with the desert, were it not for the crimson blood running beneath it. His body is well built as he has kept himself fit. His trapezius muscle can be easily seen as can his stomach muscles. His legs are quite muscled as well. Alastair is a very clean person. He always keeps himself clean. His fingernails and toenails are always properly cut. He rarely shaves his beard though. He kind of likes it. His rank is marked on his right shoulder-blade. His Espada rank is ripped into his skin, instead of a tattoo. His mask fragment are a white tunnel earrings in both of his ears. The hollow hole is located on his Adam's apple, about the size of a fist.

Distinctive Features: He has a nasally tone which tends to annoy many, but it adds to his sadistic self.

"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."

Ressurection & Release:

[Will be added later on, getting approved without a resurrecion at first.]

"Don't use such strong words. It makes you seem weak."


Alastair can be called many things. Being The Grand Inquisitor of Hueco Mundo, he is quite feared. His torturing skills are remarkable, as said by many. He is pure evil. Alastair is quite sadistic as well, well, not a surprise actually, he is a torturer after all. He isn't only feared because of his torturing skills, he is also quite strong in combat as well. He is capable of taking on many opponents at once. This has earned him quite a bit respect. But Alastair doesn't care for combat that much. His true passion is torturing poor souls that his companions or himself have captured. All enemy soldiers are delivered to him, he will make them talk. He comes up with the sickest ways to torture someone. But his favourite move is to pour acid into someone's eyes. That always can make his day. Just looking how the other person's eyes burn away into nothingness makes him happy. He also loves when his prey screams and squirms. Alastair usually mocks them with his nasally tone. He makes fun of their squirming. He usually teases them a bit, cutting shallow cuts on their bodies. Alastair is extremely prideful. He will protect his pride almost always.

Alastair also has a soft side for those who are dear to him. Like his own kind. He thinks of the other Espada and Arrancar as his brothers. He will do anything to protect them and keep them out of harms way. He likes to think that only he can dick around with other Arrancar. As an arrancar, Alastair naturally hates Shinigami with passion. When he comes across one, he will most likely dive into battle without thinking first. He tries not to kill his prey at first, as he wants to torture them first and then sell them to someone so that they could conduct some experiments. Alastair is quite smart, as he a torturer he must know anatomy quite well. He can also read his opponents, well, depends on who. If there is a stoic bastard facing him, he will have a hard time reading him and making him flinch. If bluffing doesn't work, he resorts to his power as a powerful arrancar, which he has clearly earned.

Alastair can be quite charming. After he has had his daily booze, he likes to smooth talk women into coming with him. He likes human women. It has just stuck with him somehow. Nothing wrong with loving women. Being a player that he is, he sometimes hits the human world bars and pubs to find himself some kind of a fling for the night. Just someone he could fuck senseless. That's mostly why Alastair wants women.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Et Cetera:


*Making people scream, mostly because he is a sadistic bastard and likes to hear his prey cry out in pain and agony.

*The color red, mostly because red is the color of blood, he loves that liquid.

*Women, well Alastair is an Alpha-male who loves females.

*Torturing, he is a torturer after all...

*Alastair loves himself some booze once in a while.


*Shinigami, Being an arrancar he hates Shinigami.

*Drunk Women, Alastair hates women who are drunk, they might be easy, but they are stupid as hell... he likes his women sober.

*He hates when his prey passes out from blood loss or pain.

*He dislikes dirtiness. He isn't obsessed with it, but it shouldn't be too hard to keep things clean and in proper order.

*He dislikes being bossed around and used for errands. He wants to do things his way, not the way some punk tells him to.

"If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung."


Born in Rome to a legionnaire named Marcus Marcellus, and a scottish wench he took as a trophy wife while out to war. Due to her whining, he was given the given name of a scotsman, and also because she gave fantastic blowjobs, and a man will agree to anything during a fantastic blowjob. So his name became Alastair Marcellus upon the day of his birth.

He was raised as a roman, occasionally teased about his scottish name, but he'd get back at the boys by tying them upside down and driving needles through their flesh, yep he was a sadistic little boy. It wasn't long before he had his own little gang thing going in the community. Then, it was time for him to join the army to follow in the steps of his father, and such he did, going to military school and becoming an accomplished military interrogator and inquisitor. He was good at his job.

Due to his academy uprising, he was of course technically a centurion. And while he would occasionally lead men into battle, he was much better at being one of the ones who stayed and maintained order in the city, while occasionally torturing dissidents with hot iron rods up their asses.

Sometime near the age of thirty he was set to supervise over the flogging of some name, Josh son of Joseph, or something like that. He was rather tired from a party with a harem of twins the night before, and thus he wasn't really paying much attention. It went rather unusually but he didn't feel to comment, for the same reason as his tiredness, and so he didn't object to the crown of thorns or the regal robe they placed upon him, merely taking the executioners to be having fun in their jobs, and who is he to deny them that? They made him bear his cross, switched it over to some other dude who was strangely nice when the first dude's knees went out week, and killed him. There was a strangely large crowd, and Alastair heard something about this being related to the man with the crown and such, and told the executioners to hurry up and kill him faster so maybe the crowd would disperse.

A week later he was struck by lightning which somehow maneuvered through a cavern complex to strike him directly on the tip of his cock. God was obviously nonplussed.

He woke up surrounded by hollows who were somehow held back until he was at full consciousness and aware of the fact that he was going to be painfully scrubbed from existance (His pants were wetted) The hollow then killed him, brutally and quickly, and formed a Menos Grande due to the resulting dogpile that happened. It only took a few decades for Alastair Marcellus to take control of the beast, his soul becoming the dominant one. The Menos Grande would shortly after evolve into a Adjuchas.

And a century, maybe two, perhaps even three, he's lost track of time and such, but he can tell you that it was roughly four hundred years prior, maybe three hundred years prior, he has slept since then, don't hold his bad memory against him. Anywho, the point is he arranged an attack upon soul society, with a few other hollows he ran with at the time, a grouping to get stronger as it were. They assaulted, and lo and behold they came upon two powerful souls, one dressed up as a captain, and one who was nearly dead but quite powerful, and dressed up as a street urchin. He promptly ate the street urchin, as it was quite tasty, and then left, because he wasn't as stupid as the other hollows who were attacking the captain, and he knew he'd killed by said captain, thus he returned to Hueco Mundo.

Feeling the power from the street urchin he ate, slipping into his body, he was on the verge of orgasm. It was a delicious power, a huge power... an overpowering power? Yes. The soul refused to assimilate, to become part of him, and fought against him. It took it a while, but that soul forced Alistair back into the hollow's recesses, but he never let his soul be destroyed either. He didn't have the power to take the hollow back though.

He was cast into the darkness for what seemed like an eternity. First that of an Adjuchas, and then a Vasto Lorde, spending all his force to keep himself alive inside of another's soul. It was a torture of kinds, but somehow he didn't find himself resenting the man imposing it on him. He'd do the same, if he could. Could he hold a grudge for that?

He was like that for a long time, to the point where it became normal, instead of torture, until one day, a light broke into the darkness. Alistair clawed at it, his hands finding purchase and dragging himself out of the darkness with force to knock him out.

When he awoke he was in the desert, across from another man, with shock blue hair. Who... who was this?

Alistair the Inquisitor 63-66

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Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

Posts : 38
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Alistair the Inquisitor Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alistair the Inquisitor   Alistair the Inquisitor EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 9:44 pm

Ok, now it's time for some notes on your app, and yeah, there are a good few of them.

Let's start with your appearance. It doesn't really... Flow. It's choppy and doesn't run together. It's nothing that will get you unapproved, but it will affect points, and gender rank since you're going for an espada position. Just letting you know. But what will get you unapproved is your lack of a hollow hole, and your mall fragment. It's a mask fragment, not a glove fragment. It's required to be on your face, not a ring.

Second, your personality. It's ok, not what I'd expect from someone looking for Segunda, but ok. But I want you to take out the reference to you being the Segunda in it. You have to be approved for a rank, and so far you're not approved for anything.

Now, for the big one... Your power. You control an aspect of another character... No. Not allowed. It is actually listed as one of the banned powers listed. You will need a new one, because in no way will that be allowed. Sorry. Also, please get rid of the sections that are for other races. Last thing about your power, every Arrancar has to have a sword they seal their power into, or the first time they are defeated they would lose them. Please describe your sword.

Lastly, in your history you go for a Starrk-like thing, creating another person when you top off your mask. This would mean that when you typed off your mask, your power was sealed into that person, meaning someone else would be required to make that second character and ALWAYS post with you to give you access to your own powers. Unless someone specifically states that they are willing to do this, this will not be allowed.

Fire can light up your life, show you the way, and keep you warm...

Alistair the Inquisitor How-draw-flames

...Or burn you, maim you, and eradicate your very existence. It all depends on how you treat it.
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Posts : 17
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Age : 24
Location : Finland

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PostSubject: Re: Alistair the Inquisitor   Alistair the Inquisitor EmptyWed Jul 31, 2013 8:07 pm

Ready for approval :3

Souta Suzuki is a faggot. :3 <3
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Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

Posts : 38
Join date : 2013-07-23

Alistair the Inquisitor Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alistair the Inquisitor   Alistair the Inquisitor EmptyWed Jul 31, 2013 8:30 pm

You fixed everything needed,  and you know the limitations you will have until you come up with your res and sealed state. I  deem this app...

Alistair the Inquisitor Chuck-norris-endorses-last-ounce-of

For Captain Class,  Sexta rank,  with 225  stat points and 22 skill points.

Fire can light up your life, show you the way, and keep you warm...

Alistair the Inquisitor How-draw-flames

...Or burn you, maim you, and eradicate your very existence. It all depends on how you treat it.
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PostSubject: Re: Alistair the Inquisitor   Alistair the Inquisitor Empty

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Alistair the Inquisitor
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