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 Souta Suzuki, Skag Supreme.

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Souta Suzuki

Souta Suzuki

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Souta Suzuki, Skag Supreme. Empty
PostSubject: Souta Suzuki, Skag Supreme.   Souta Suzuki, Skag Supreme. EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 10:26 pm


Just who the hell do you think I am!?

Name: Souta Suzuki
     -Translation Swiftly Hard Bell Tree.
      -Alias's BAMF, Skag, Known as Ho Lee Chit in chinatown.
Age: Souta Suzuki as a soul is 523 years old. He couldn't tell you this number if you asked though. The hollow he was born from is much older than him though, having been created in 5 A.D. from a soul born in 32 B.C.
Birth Date:11/11/1490
Gender: Masculine
Arrancar Number: Souta currently claims the number of the Sexta Espada as his own.
Aspect of Death: The cause of Souta's death was his Arrogance, and that is the aspect of his death. Arrogance that he could win any fight, always driven forward by his streak of victory. So far, every time he's gotten too arrogant, karma has delivered a swift smack to his face. Has he learned yet? Probably not.

Like what you see?

Height & Weight: Six foot three, with a weight that is 199 pounds of mostly muscle.
Hair & Eye Colour: Both his eyes and hair are blue. He vaguely remembers both being black when he was a soul, and he attributes the new color to the strengthening of his electric abilities.
Noticable Difference: Souta Suzuki is, in short, a rough man. His appearance and personality come together to give off a very "Fuck'em all" attitude, mostly because that is in fact one of his dominant attitudes. He stands tall, at roughly six foot three inches, towering over most people, a fact that he doesn't mind using to his advantage. Another part of his physique that can quite easily be used to intimidate people is the physique itself. He has muscles, and he doesn't mind showing them off. Well defined pectorals and abdominals, with arm muscles to compliment. His face will rarely ever portray a sign of doubt upon it, much more common is confidence to the point of arrogance.

His face does the most work to convey his attitude, along with his general stance, but what would a cocky stance be without a cocky grin? He has a strong chin, with high cheekbones to compliment. His eyes are the most prominent feature on his face, a piercing electric blue, matching in closely with his powers, that is if he deems you worthy of using them upon, or if he's just so bored that he feels like blowin' some shit up.

He has spiky bright blue hair, that simply will not sit down. It's unknown if he gels it some manner, some suspect that he must for it to have the pure lift that it does, making his head look like a blue fireball if you squint. Towards the front, the follicles curve forward at the tops, causing a few strands of hair to always be infront of his face. His sideburns extend slightly past the bottoms of his ears. He has hardly a hair upon his face and body, perhaps he shaves, or perhaps he's just one of those naturally hairless people.

Clothing, such a wonderful thing, whether or not Souta likes wearing it (He doesn't). If clothed, He will be wearing what appears to be a mostly normal arrancar uniform, with a few changes. One of the biggest changes being the jacket. Rather then being closed, ever, it's perpetually open, showing nearly all of his muscled chest to anyone who cares to look. Is it even big enough to be closed? Probably not. The sleeves of this jacket will usually be pushed up so that only the normal parts of his arm are covered, the gleaming white substance that composes his forearms showing quite clearly. During a fight or other actiity they might fall down, and if he has better things to do he probably won't push them back up. The other modification is to the collar, which is not present. Instead he has a hood, lined the same black as the jacket, usually flopped onto his back. He usually won't have it pulled up, but it will be pulled over his head occasionally. As for his pants, they're mostly normal except for one rather large difference. They sit a tad low on his hips, being nowhere near his belly button, and are tied off with a black obi, the knot of this belt being on the left hip. No sword is stored in this obi, and it's not clear if it's actually holding up his pants. You'd imagine it would hold them a bit higher if it was. Maybe he just likes belts.

He has a few trump cards in his body, besides his many-pieced fists of course. A remnant of his hollow form that is always active, he has a rather strange mouth in general. Within it is an extensible, highly dexterous, and powerful tongue, useful for sneak attacks. He can extend it to nearly ten feet of length in a split second, making it rather a rather dangerous tool. His tongue is also the location of his hollow hole, a penny sized hole near the tip of it. He'll often let his tongue loll out of his mouth during a fight, showing the hole off. The oddities don't end there though, nay. He has a split mandible, an oddity that shows no signs of itself unless he chooses it too. But when he wants it to? It will split straight down the middle, all the way to his neck, teeth forming within the crack down the middle, giving him a three part jaw, making his nomming rather more effective. He can reform his jaw easily, leaving no clue to it's true form. The final weird bit about his mouth is that his saliva is slightly more acidic, however this has no real bearing. It just means it'll sting like hell if it gets into a wound, naturally, he won't feel it if it gets into his own wounds.

But his most prominent feature, period, is his hands. Starting at just past his elbow, his arm transitions into the same type of substance that makes up a hollow's mask, both hands being nothing more than this substance. This means that his punches have quite a bit more oomph behind them, and he can easily block most attacks with his bare hand, which fits in quite well with how he likes to fight. One of his well kept secrets about these hands is that they're actually made up of hundreds of shards each, which he can manipulate via his reiatsu. This means he can give his punches a rather "explosive" quality if he wants, by shattering his fists.

Neither his sealed ressurecion, his Espada tattoo nor his mask fragment are anywhere to be seen usually. In the case of his tattoo, he keeps it hidden under his jacket from anyone he doesn't deem worthy of it. It's a slightly skewed four under his right collar bone, the loop around the bone as the leg below lilts towards his arm. As for his sealed ressurecion? He doesn't have one. And for the final issue of mask fragment, it's stealthily hidden along the ridge of his earlobe, facing towards his skull, neat and out of sight.

Every personality has two sides

  • Arrogance and Pride - If I shall examine the traits of a character, perhaps I should start with the very reason of his death? Souta, through no means of birth, but rather through the events of his life to his death, has grown into a very prideful, to the point of being an outright arrogant, person. This however, is not to be thought as of stupidity. He does know his limits, but he knows exactly how far he can go before he hits them too. Because of this, he usually won't think he's better than you, He'll know if he is. He may or may not point it out to you, depending on his whims. His arrogance can get out of hand though, leading to him biting off more than he can chew. This happens when he gets just a bit too good, when he's gone just a bit too long without getting his butt kicked. He becomes the strongest of what he knows. While he was a human, he had not been bested, not even by the beasts known as hollows. Admittedly, he had never seen a truly powerful hollow, and so even a minor shinigami was able to best him. As a soul again, he was the best of what he knew from the rukongai, and now he was more powerful than the minor shinigami... though a captain still landed a killing blow without much effort. Now as a new arrancar, he does not yet know his limits and, thus, his arrogance may be kept in check. The question, however, is how long that might last.

  • Man or Beast? - Souta is a man torn between two worlds; That of man and that of hollows. All Arrancar face this split, and some go to one side or another. Souta seems to flip which side he falls towards more on a regular basis. His only recent entrance into this form has not left him much time to figure out what he is now. So which side of this equation does he fall to more? In truth, Souta falls to both. He is very liable to instincts at times, especially while fighting, one should not be surprised if Souta seems to rely entirely on instinct at times. But then on the flip, he can plan and plot, a very unbeastly thing. These two traits form a teeter-totter, terribly tipping towards the one or the other. These flips can contribute to his unpredictibility, as he'll go from growling and ever more beast-like acts to waiting, taunting and teasing.

  • Unpredictability and Spontaneity - A trait who's effects refer back to it's own name, Souta's actions can take unforeseen paths. Often deciding things on a whim, or for no reason at all, this trait is one borne of instinct, and only further amplified by his time as a hollow. As a human he learned to trust his gut feelings, sometimes without question, even when it conflicts with his previous path. However, sometimes he follows it, and then thinks, his mind giving him a better path than instinct could ever provide. His unpredictability is a direct result of the combating things within him, the fight between the instincts of a beast and the reasoning of a man.

  • Recklessness against Cautiousness - Another one of Souta's dualitys in personality, caused again by the everpresent clash between instinct and reason. Souta will quite often be perceived as reckless, through and through. Perhaps he comes off as too self assured, or some other choice words. Of course, he is very self assured. If he thinks he can do something, he will do it. But is he fully and honestly reckless? This man is often deceptively intelligent, and despite his arrogance telling him he will never be beat, if he knows he can't win he will do his best not to overextend himself. It is possible to bait him out of any cautiousness he may have, but that could also just be because he has an an ace up his sleeve, a nugget of information that will cinch victory against an opponent he otherwise couldn't beat.

  • Intelligence? Really? -It may not be immediately apparent, but Souta does have some form of intelligence, whether or not it's displayed often. While matters such as electron orbitals or Darwin's Theory of Evolution are definitely not his area of expertise, he has the advantage of both street smarts and fighting smarts. His intelligence lies in observation, in catching details and drawing connections between them. While he's best at this in a fight, his abilities allowing him to decipher an opponent’s tells and thus counter them with relative ease, he is also very good at doing this outside of combat. There are times at which his observational abilities will exceed what one would typically expect of him, resulting in an understanding that he perhaps should not have, and an impression left that he’s smarter than he actually is. This trait comes from a long history of fighting, first ingrained when he was alive, fighting in the military. Coupled with this is a heightened awareness of his surroundings, and a strong reliance on all of his senses.

  • Pervert or a Charmer? - A pair of traits found in all men, eternally in conflict. Souta is, to put it blunty, a pervert. Every man is. The difference between a pervy wanker and a charming dapper however is how they present themselves. Souta has never been strictly one or the other, sometimes he may seduce a woman, gentle words and touches pulling her into his clutches, the influence of his humanity keeping him civil. But it is just as likely, if not more, that instinct and recklessness will combine to make him a grabby pervert. Does the humanity remaining in his personality from five centuries ago put him above the act of rape? Come and find out, Guest

  • Loyal till your end - Perhaps Souta's only trait that most people would agree as positive, this is one that he's had since his birth, and that has stuck with him through the past five centuries. Once he has decided that someone deserves his loyalty, there is a chain binding him to them that is almost impossible to break. Even moderate betrayals commited by the person he's loyal to might be overlooked, but a major one might cause a serious reevaluation. If Souta's loyalty is broken, he is sent through a spiral of emotions, that almost always lands on anger. Pure, intensified, sith-like, eviscerating anger. He will most likely attack and kill the person who broke his loyalty at the first opportunity. One person that Souta is loyal to above all, even if he doesn't remember her, is his little sister. Any betrayal she could make would likely be overlooked and justified. Because of this loyalty to a little sister he doesn't even remember, the quickest way to become someone Souta is loyal to is to fulfill the role of a little sister to him.

  • Indifference against Passion - Souta will quite often seem to be lazy, or to simply just not care. This is probably because it's true. Souta often just doesn't give a rat's ass. If it doesn't concern him, if it's not interesting, if it doesn't affect him or the people he considers close, he can quite easily just not care. His life will continue just fine. Let other people worry about it, let other people expend energy on solving it. Hell, they probably already are. So what would be the point of him lifting a finger to deal with it? He doesn't have a vested personal interest in something, him investing his personal energy just isn't justified. But... What if something does interest him? What if Souta is so interested by something, what if he has such an enormous drive to accomplish something, to beat someone, to find something that it begins to plague his thoughts at every minute of the day? If such a passion were to burrow it's way into his head, it would not let loose of it's clutches upon him until he saw it out to the end. His will pushes him forward stubbornly in such a situation, never ceasing, never relenting. The only way he will stop is to achieve his goal, even death has failed in it's attempts to stop Souta's drive.

  • Burning Rage or Cold Ire? - Anger is a part of all beings, but even something that seems so simple has a duality to it. Anger can be hot, burning coals of rage, flames of fury blazing forth from them, seeking to destroy, sometimes not even caring what. But anger can also be cold. Icy daggers, aimed with great intent at the sole subject of that ire. So which does Souta exhibit? While both are possible, when Souta gets angry, it tends to be the former. A raging hot bloodlust, burning out of his every pore. While Souta's anger could very well very well be aimed at everything around him, sending him into a super powered temper tantrum, when combined with a drive, with a vendetta, with an urge for revenge, it becomes an engine of destruction with a tight focus, who's only purpose is to carry out it's vengeance upon the things that fuel it.

  • Nostalgia for Memories Lost - Memories are a fleeting thing. During his time as a soul, he worked hard to make sure he forgot nothing about his life. He clutched dearly onto all his memories, especially those of his little sister. His memories are what made him who he is, if he lost them, who would he be? He always planned to find his sister while in the soul society, after killing the shinigami who sent him there. His anger just made the goal diminish. Once he became a hollow though, memories began to fade. Bloodlust consumed all, the flavor of a powerful soul becoming the primary thing he cared about. Memories of his childhood were drowned out, of growing up, of his parents. The urge for a new soul surpressed all, until it even pushed down the memories of his sister, of his precious sister. Souta became a beast while he was a hollow. Beasts don't need memories, they don't need the past. They need the here and the now. Now as an arrancar, Souta is a man once more, if only partially. A man left with huge gaps in his memory created by centuries of bloodlust, centuries of hunting for the next powerful, next delicious soul. He has forgotten so much of his life. The only thing he remembers of his life as a human are the final few years in the military. He doesn't remember why he joined the military, or what he did before that. His life as a soul in the soul society mostly sticks with him, and he can even remember that he forced himself to remember... but he doesn't know what he forced himself to remember. The gaps in his memory plague him, pushing him to act out of character as the ghosts of his past wrap themselves about his body. Things may trigger him to remember a snippet of his past, and he will be washed over by pangs of remorse suddenly. But remorse for what? What things are drowned in his memory that plague him so? These pangs can drive him to sorrow and anger at himself in equal turn.

  • Honor? - Yes, you read that right. Souta has a form of honor, however twisted and perverted it may be. Does Souta's honor drive him to do such silly things as 'being polite'? Fuck no. Are you crazy? You have read the rest of his personality right? Souta is crass, loud and rude, and his honor is not the kind that will usually make him give a flying rat's ass. To see Souta's honor, you have to earn it. This honor is almost exclusively shown in a fight, and only a real fight. None of that crap where it's a steamrolling, or when people come at him like cowards, almost wetting themselves. No, it has to be a real fight. Opponents throwing the very power of their soul at each other, pushing all of the energy of their life into this fight, because if they lose the fight, they lose everything. That is the fight where Souta shows his honor. One of the few cases that Souta might show mercy is at the end of such a fight, if both he and his opponent were exhausted and neither were dead? Then a rematch was in order. This opponent is too fun to even try to kill without another fight being had. And if someone engages in this kind of combat with him and dies by his hand? He will remember them, and honor them, and beat the shit out of anyone who disrespects them, regardless of the fact that he's the one who killed them, of the fact that he considered them an enemy till their death. They earned Souta's respect with every fiber of their being, and Souta will defend that since he's the one who gave them the release from life.

  • Purposeless - And this is where Souta's life leaves us. He is a newborn arrancar. All of the memories he knows are of violence and anger, bloodlust and bloodshed. He has ascended to a new plane of power, become more powerful than he's ever been, and yet now he's being held back.. by himself. Memories lost haunt him, and suddenly the idea of gaining more and more power, the idea that was always so attractive, always the main goal as a hollow, is no longer as attractive. Souta's newfound humanity has rendered his purpose of the past three centuries lackluster, and he has no idea what to do now. The beast of the hollow he is is fighting with the man he once was, the man he forgot. Until something settles them, Souta will have no overarching goal, no true objective that he wishes to achieve. Short-term goals will come, of course, but these will only temporarily placate his drive for a purpose.

  • Others- There may be other aspects of Souta's personality that i have not gone in depth with, but these are the major aspects.

TMI?: Arts and crafts! Souta, as a child, learned these skills from his parents. Especially the talent of sewing, though he is equally skilled at other things such as braiding and woodworking and such. But the one he took to best was Sewing and Tailoring. His early tutelage in these arts led to him being highly dextrous, and probably helped with his skill in hand to hand combat. His skill with these arts has stuck with him through his two 'deaths', and he is still a good enough tailor to rival Uryuu Ishida from the anime.

Additionally due to this he is perfectly ambidextrous.

This, the power of thousands of souls

Hollow Power: An influence. Souta’s ability is to place an influence. This influence can only be placed in electricity, and until he masters his Ressurecion only within electricity in his body. What does this influence do? Simple. It allows Souta to control the electricity and amplify it. Naturally he can only amplify it so far, so he can’t turn a little lightning bolt into a massive wall of lightning, but he could up its power a few times over. As I said, Souta has to have absorbed electricity to be able to place this influence upon it, and while he can absorb electricity without harm, he can only absorb so much. While lightning strikes and power lines and weak attacks don’t have enough to overpower him, a good high powered attack devoted to electricity can overload him, and cause his fuse to flip, forcing all excess electricity violently out of his body and forcing him to rest his ability for a post while he unflips the fuse. This discharge can actually be regarded as a defensive measure, because the discharge of electricity would blow other electricity away, and mildly blunt other things. However, these other things, such as the portion of a kidou that isn’t electricity, or say the blade that had been wreathed in an insane amount of electricity, would still hit. Painfully.


Name: Salvaje Skag | Wild Skag

Sealed Ressurecion:
Souta's sealed ressurecion is.. unusual to say the least. Where most arrancar have a weapon of some sort, his sealed ressurecion is actually part of his body. The shards making up his two forearms are the sealed form of his release, and fists are a weapon Souta is quite happy with.

Release Phrase: Desnudar Sus Colmillos, Salvaje Skag! | Bare your fangs, Wild Skag!

Release: Due to being a newborn arrancar, Souta does not yet possess full control of his release, and as such can only partially release it. During this 'incomplete' ressurecion, his entire right arm turns into fragmented hollow mask to match the forearm, the shoulder becoming a solid, yet living chunk of the substance. Coming off of that shoulder now are three prongs, each a different length, the bottom one the shortest and the middle one the longest.

This brings with it a few other physical changes, but they're all fairly subtle. His ears gain a little bit of a point and fuzz on this new point, his eyes seem more animalistic, his hair lengthens a little. It really is quite the incomplete ressurecion. The question is how long will it take him to complete it?


Life is short.

Souta Suzuki was born to a trader and a tailoress. He had good parents, who raised him well, and he showed thanks for this by working hard, making a man of himself. His father taught him how to run a store, and how to haggle prices. He became quite good at it, and his father even trusted him with a few deals every once in a while. From his mother he learned how to sew, becoming surprisingly good at it, though it wasn't exactly his profession of choice, more of a hobby. He would often sell some of the things he made in his fathers shirt, simple knit-knick-knacks, clothes, and other things, and his father would always give him the entire profits from things he made. He led a good life, that's for sure.

At the age of ten, his mother had a second child, A girl. They named her Konan, Konan Suzuki. He was a bit weirded out at first, after all, babies are strange. They're squishy and they make noise and poop, and that's about it. But from the moment he saw her, he determined himself to be the best brother he could, and as such he would. He would take care of her for his parents frequently, even as his responsibilities expanded to include taking care of the trading post sometimes.

Life carried on this way for eight years, until trades started going bad. They weren't making enough money, so their father decided to go south, to the bigger city, to make some more money. He left Souta, then 18, a man now, in charge of the store there, and of the family. Not even a week after he left, something that would define Souta's life happened. His sister got sick. She lost her appetite, her energy, and her will to do anything. It worried him, but he kept working hard, and would often work through the night to make something that he could sell to make extra money to get her something to make her smile. When she smiled it meant the world to him, he truly was a devoted brother. Their mother took Konan to see doctors, but they all said nothing was wrong with her. He knew they were lying. His sister would never choose to act so sick, she really was sick.

Seven months after their father had left, he would return. The doctors assured them that her fake illness should start clearing up now, but it never did. He began to hate the doctors more and more as time went on, and she got worse. He argued with his parents often about her, but always made sure she didn't see or hear. They refused to listen though, assured that the doctors were right and there was nothing actually wrong with her. However, she kept getting worse, the effort to breathe becoming a monumental one for her. At this point, their parents couldn't deny it anymore. She was sick.

She was barely ten now, and starting to forget things. One night, he walked in to check up on her, and found her passed out, blue in the face, not breathing. He silently thanked his friend for teaching him some basic medical stuff to take care of his sister as he started to try and re-instill breath in her. It worked, finally, but it scared the shit out of him and his parents. The next night, they argued loudly, and when he walked by her room to get some air, he saw her staring at the ceiling, her eyes open, alert...awake. She'd heard everything. He cursed himself silently as he walked in, comforted her, let her cry on his chest.

This kept on for four years, and Souta was always his sisters pillar..but in some ways she was his. She gave him a role in his life. He never sought much romantic companionship, he had a few flings, but he'd never be able to devote himself to them like he did to his sister. So he devoted himself to her...but it was hard. Over the four years her memory losses kept occurring, progressing to the point where she'd even forget her parents sometimes, but never Souta.

They'd finally decide to send her to live with with her uncle. He had more money, and more ability to take care of her then they did. It was a tough decision, but one that had to be made. Souta would visit her at least once a month, and he'd be saddened every time he visited. She'd started to forget him, and apparently the separation made it more pervasive. He'd have to be introduced as her brother every time he went to visit, but she'd seemingly remember most things upon this introduction.

So there she lived for two years, until she died at the age of sixteen, in a grove of cherry trees. Souta had been there visiting, and he stepped out on his second story porch just in time to see her collapse against a tree. He ran outside as fast as he could...and was the first to see his sister dead.

His personality changed after that, all will agree. He joined the military, learned additional combat skills to supplement the ones you learn anyway growing up as a male. He became good with the sword, but he always excelled at hand to hand, able to easily take out armed opponents with nothing but his bare hands. His skill was frightening to watch, and people said he was possessed by a demon. His superiors liked this, and placed him in charge of people, knowing that their fear of him would keep them in line, and it did. He was the kind of leader who would always place himself on the front lines, and hardly gave a shit about the lives of his men, so long as they won. His prowess in battle was fearsome, and usually ended up with him abandoning his sword and fighting with just his gauntlets, killing anyone who stood before him.

But in truth, this was all just a way to fill a hole. He fought to cover up sadness with anger, and it worked well, as it always will. His anger and arrogance of his skills in fighting covering up his sadness at his sister's death and feelings of uselessness at not being able to stop it. He had always been able to see things, but he'd dismissed them before, they were just shadows in his eyes. But being close to this much death seemed to awaken his abilities. He began to see spirits, as his own power increased dramatically, soon even gaining other abilities. People fighting near him would return, that is, if they returned at all, with tales of an electric aura coming off of him. They would be dismissed of course, but Souta would learn to use this ability to his advantage, bending electricity to his very will. It wasn't very strong, being a weak ability, but it increased his already fearsome fighting talent to that of a demon, and indeed, he began to be called the lightning demon.

His arrogance only increased with his skill, and he believed himself to be undefeatable. Shortly after his twenty ninth birthday, he would be walking among the corpses from a recent battle, when he saw a fearsome beast. Surely it was a spirit, for the person nearest to him was only 20 yards away, and saw nothing.. but ay, it was huge...and a worthy opponent. He would grin, charging into battle. The man 20 yards away would report him battling with the air itself, but yet suffering wounds, blood flying across the air. This only further helped support the superstitions that now surrounded him, the Lightning Demon Souta Suzuki.

He would start to fight hollows this way, finding them much better opponents than any human. Four months after his first fight, he saw someone kill a hollow quicker than he ever had, a man with a black outfit and a sword. He'd yell, challenging the man to a fight. He'd first be surprised at being seen by a living person, and then would deny the request. Souta however, wouldn't be denied, and charged at him, attacking the man in black. The battle would be short, the man using some sort of magic, cutting down Souta, killing him quickly. The final words Souta would hear before his soul would be sent to the Rukongai is that his own arrogance brought about his demise.

,death is eternal.

He'd wake up in the Rukongai, a man digging through his pockets. Five minutes later, he'd be walking out of an alley, leaving a crumpled corpse with his clothes, the would be thief's clothes now upon his body, seeing as they were nicer. This would be how his life as a spirit started, killing the moment he woke up. His only objective now was to find the shinigami that killed him. Unlike most souls, he remembered every detail of his human life, and after finding out how easily souls forget, he devoted it all to memory, forcing himself to live through his life again every day, so that he wouldn't forget a detail, and especially not a detail of that Shinigami's face...or of Konan's.

He'd set out for the Seireitei the moment he learned more about these black robed men, determined to barge his way in and find the shinigami who killed him and return the favor. It didn't take him too long to get to to the seireitei, only a month, but after that... it took him nearly fifty years to find the right Shinigami. He finally caught up with him outside of the Seireitei, but... there was someone with him. From what he had heard, combined with the man's dress, this was a shinigami captain. Hrm. That could be trouble. He had no doubt he'd be able to take out the man who killed him but this captain? Bah, fuck it. This was the last reason he lived wasn't it? So, might as well go for it!

He would appear before both of them, using an improvised Shunpo. The weaker shinigami was shocked, but the captain had seen him coming. Wasn't that hard to see a bastardized shunpo. Souta turned to the captain and simply told him that this was a matter of pride, to settle a score, and that he can have his ass whupping when he's done with the small fry. The captain would just laugh and tell him to go ahead. With a grin, Souta would face his opponent, Telling him his name. He may be a bastard, but he did have some Honor in a fight. The shinigami introduced himself as Ichigo Kurosucki... Souta merely observed that having strawberry as a first name was kinda gay. The shinigami would get furious over this and attack, with a clumsy charge. Souta would grin, and with two steps forward he would have his fist jammed into the shinigami's Solar plexus, commenting about how many openings he had before kicking him away, yelling at him to try again, see if he can kill him now that he's more than just a human. The shinigami would growl, before with a shout he'd release his blade, turning it into some gay cleaver thing, bigger than him. Souta would laugh, telling him that with that big of a blade he'll never win, and he went to prove it, killing him by ramming his fist through the man's eye, causing his skull to explode. Flicking the blood off his hand his attention would be captured by the captain informing him that he would have to die now, due to him having killed a Shingiami. He'd laugh, using what was speed for him to kick at the captain's face, crossing ten feet in a split second. However, the captain blocked it with a single hand, before throwing him down to the ground, telling him to bring better. Souta would get up, a grin upon his face. Their battle would be short and bloody, most of the blood spilled belonging to Souta, although he got in one hit, and only one hit. Producing a hidden blade, he'd manage to cut across the captains left pectoral, leaving a cut which was deep enough to probably leave a minor scar. But that same attack probably sealed his fate, as it made the captain get serious, cutting him in half, literally, his legs and part of his left side falling away from him as he coughed up blood. The captain would introduce himself as he prepared to cut his head in half as well, However, something would interrupt him.

Over the head of Souta would come a Cero, the captain barely managing to block it in time. Where the fuck did it come from? Why from the four hollows that had suddenly appeared! What the fuck were four hollows doing in the Rukongai, near the Seireitei at that? Who the fuck knows. All that matters is that they were there, and while three of them were small fry, one was an Adjuchas, the Adjuchas having just launched the cero. With a grin it'd come forward, eating Souta in a single bite, absorbing his soul. And that is where his memories end.

... or is it? ...

The life of a hollow is akin to that of an animal. Instincts often take place over reason. Many hollows are driven by the thing that ties them to this world still, but Souta skipped over that phase, by the very unique manner through which he became a hollow. After being consumed by a hollow, a soul is usually destroyed, assimilated into the energy of the hollow. But Souta? Souta had just gotten his ass whupped by a captain, and he had a bit of a bone to pick. And he was just powerful enough of a soul that combined with his willpower, he wasn't going to just be assimilated by this hollow. He refused to lose himself. So he was drowned in darkness, drawing energy from the evil imprisioning him. Eventually, he became the prison, his soul forcing itself into the position of top dog, shoving the other souls down to become his throne, and his body. Souta was the Hollow now. His rebellion had caused the hollow to do something that the Soul Society had no record of, an Adjuchas forcefully being pulled under by a soul within it, and the other Soul taking control. It was rather horrible to watch, the body rending itself as bone structure change and new flesh grew, but at the end a new hollow stood, a powerful hollow.


Souta' s time as a hollow was time mostly driven by instinct. Souls were simply so delicious that he gorged himself on them, hunting ever more powerful souls to fulfill his hunger. But above all, there was something that he simple just had to do, so much that the goal stayed throughout his entire transformation.

He had to kill that Captain.

The first time they fought again, Souta was an Adjuchas still. He lost that time, just barely managing to get away with his life. But now he knew his opponent. He knew how powerful his prey was, and what tactics he used, and he'd sure as hell make sure that the next time he could win. But that wouldn't come for many years. Souta purposefully avoided the Human world for decades, lest he be forced to fight before he was ready. Instead, he gorged himself in the realm of hollows, consuming vast quantities of hollows, never managing to sate his appetite, but never caring. Power was within his reach, the only thing standing between him and it was time, the time required to eat an innumerable amount of souls. He could feel his power growing, however slow as it was, rising forever higher.

Did he even realize when he became a Vasto? Looking back, he couldn't remember. It was almost as if he ascended without realizing, like the process was nothing, like he was always meant to be a Vasto Lorde so becoming one wasn't worth the effort to remember. Whatever the process, he was one now. Immeasurable power at his finger tips. Power that he'd use to kill that damn captain.

Their fight this time wasn't so favorable for the poor shinigami. It took Souta a while, but he suppressed his bloodlust to wait for a moment when it could be released to it's peak. But he didn't wait long enough. He won the fight, no doubt about that, almost killed that damn captain, but he got reinforcements, that forced Souta to retreat or accept the truth of his own death. He'd gotten satisfaction out of that fight though. He had won. And he would win next time.

But that next time wouldn't come, at least not While Souta was a hollow, not that that would be much longer. Masks are painful things, and Souta's began to itch. But it wasn't his mask, it was under his mask. He began to claw at it, to pull on it, to rip it from his arms arms and shoulders, until finally he'd wrench it from his face, ending his time as a hollow.

Souta was now a newborn Arrancar.

And the power... oh god was the power intoxicating. When he first evolved, he just let it flow, becoming the sun that the white desert lacked as he let his soul burn brightly. Did it ever feel good. But of course, being like that in the white desert won't go unnoticed, and it wasn't long before a representative of Las Noches came to see what was going on, one of the Espada themselves due to the amount of power Souta was putting out. First order of business was seducing this fine looking arrancar with his naked and chiseled body. After that he allowed himself to be led to Las Noches, and even persuaded into putting clothes on. Because of the extreme amount of power he possessed he was offered a position among the Espada, and so he got his first rank, that of the Eighth Espada. Course, he wouldn't hold that rank for very long.

His first two days as an Espada, were quite full of action, too full to recap in detail. He gained his first Fraccion and Enemy in the same action, Saving an arrancar from death and sating his hunger at the same time by biting the head off of the Fraccion of the Sixth Espada, literally. Not that he knew that it was the Fraccion of the Sexta at the time... though not that he would have cared. And so, upon realizing that the Sexta probably had reason to not like him now, Souta decided to handle this proactively, going to the throne room of the Sexta to kill him, for no real reason other than it sounded fun. And inside that throne, he found a rather interesting surprise.

Ichigo Kurosucki, the very Shinigami who'd killed him, and to whom he'd returned the favor in the Rukongai, was seated infront of him. What kind of shenanigans had lead this former shinigami to be seated here as the sixth Espada? Souta wondered if the rest even knew he was once a Shinigami. He didn't have to wonder if Ichigo remembered, because when Souta entered, speaking about how he was there to kick ass and take bitches, Ichigo laughed, and after back and forth they introduced themselves, as true warriors do, and at that point, the Strawberry's anger made it very obvious he remembered. Vividly. And angrily. This did nothing but amuse Souta. This would be their last fight. They were tied right now, one kill each, and this was the tiebreaker right here! Their fight was beautifully uninterrupted, the Arrancar Souta had saved, getting him into this mess in the first place, was handling the small fry that Kurosucki had collected as his Fraccion, leaving Souta to kick the Sexta's ass.. for a small duration. You see, when Souta had his fist through the Sexta's chest, quite sure he'd just won, the Sexta decided to use his ressurecion, and began to viciously and violently rend Souta. Souta, as a newborn, had never used his ressurecion, but he could feel it welling up in him, and it only took a little bit more beating to release it's power. At which point it was over. Even the Sexta couldn't stand up to Souta's full power, and the fight didn't last ten more seconds. As he stood above the Sexta's corpse, Souta took the sword which was once his, and stabbed it into the ground, taking his seat upon the Throne. He was the Sexta now, wasn't he?

Fuck yeah he was. And he already had a Fraccion too, who'd fought with him. Seemed like a good days work.

Roleplaying Samples


Souta Suzuki, Skag Supreme. 3Oiat

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Honestly, I love your app. I only have one note, and one question.

The question is, ate you sure you only want Sexta? I could see giving you the 4th Esoada position with this app, but it's your choice. I will give you either one, whichever you want.

The note is, please take out the mention of a rank in your personality.

Fire can light up your life, show you the way, and keep you warm...

Souta Suzuki, Skag Supreme. How-draw-flames

...Or burn you, maim you, and eradicate your very existence. It all depends on how you treat it.
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Jor'lo Shoukyakuro

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Though I'm still not sure what reason you have to having a weakened res, I can not deny it, so I deem this app...

Souta Suzuki, Skag Supreme. Chuck-norris-endorses-last-ounce-of

For Captain Class, Cuartro rank with 265 stats and 24 skill points.

Fire can light up your life, show you the way, and keep you warm...

Souta Suzuki, Skag Supreme. How-draw-flames

...Or burn you, maim you, and eradicate your very existence. It all depends on how you treat it.
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Souta Suzuki, Skag Supreme.
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