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 Bonnie Kidd (Done)

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Bonnie Kidd

Bonnie Kidd

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Bonnie Kidd (Done) Bonnieface_zps2accb339
Bonnie Kidd
"Now you've been warned, the eye of the storm, dont you know, the sea takes no prisoners."

"'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight."

Full Name: Bonnie
Age: 24 (488)
Race: Shinigami
Rank: Lieutenant of Squad One
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Appearance: Bonnie doesn’t look like a feared Pirate, or Captain, she is thin and athletic and only stands in at 5 feet 5 inches tall, and doesn’t look very intimidating. She is lean, and her muscles are toned. At a young age, Bonnie looked like a boy, but as she matured into her twenties, she began to fill out nicely. Bonnie has a curvaceous body, which she has no problem showing off. Her attire is all but a direct defiance of Soul Society code, and her obsession with teasing male shinigami.

Bonnie has fair skin, that is slightly tanned do to her constant exposure to the Caribbean sun during her lifetime. This lovely shinigami has hazel eyes, or should I say eye. The most distinctive feature of Bonnies’ is the scar that runs from the right side of her forehead, down through her right eye, over the bridge of her nose, and ends just below her left eye on her cheek. Bonnie wears an eye patch over her now useless right eye. Since becoming a shinigami, Bonnie has taken to letting her hair grow, it is a messy and untamed mane of golden brown that personifies her personality. There is also a small hidden purpose to Bonne growing out her hair, and that is to cover the majority of the right side of her face, as she is self-conscious about her scar and prefers to not talk about it.

Bonnie wears a rib lengthened jacket, only the last two buttons are done up, allowing for Bonnies bust to hang out, and show off her cleavage as well as her navel. Every article of clothing is similar to what the girl once wore during her last days as a pirate. Her under shirt is a thin cotton shirt that is lightweight and easy to move in. Bonnie wears two black leather wrist bands on each arm, each wrist band consisting of 3 gold buttons.

Bonnie wears skin tight black leather pants, with a thick leather belt around her waist. Attached to the belt is a blood red shaw that hangs around her hip. Bonnie also has a red bandana tied around her leg slightly below the knee and a small red scarf. To finish everything off, Bonnie wears a pair of cuffed leather boots.

"Don't use such strong words. It makes you seem weak."

Bonnie was always known for her cunning ever since her childhood. The young renegade had proven to be a master thief and knew exactly how to get what she wanted. Bonnie is always one step ahead of most people, she strives at knowing more that her opponent, and being able to utilized anything and everything around her, to her advantage. Bonnie isn’t only able to make the best of her situation, she is able to make her situation the best for her at all times, a master improviser and skilled liar bleed into the ultimate thief ad pirate in Bonnie.

Bonnie has yet to let her ability to devise and plan things out go to waste. While she was in the academy, she often studied her fellow students, and could pin point their weaknesses and where they lacked with other skills, Bonnie always felt the need to abuse this gift of hers and she does so with grace. Her ability to plan ahead, has always been her strongest suit, and it has proven to be a valuable asset in her life, from helping her captain the mother vanguard as a naval officer and a pirate, to getting her revenge on Rhim for his treachery, and lastly helping her and the search party apprehend the defected captains with no casualties.

The range of various techniques has employed throughout her life owe their success to this aspect of Bonnies expansive personality, if it wasn’t for her always active mind, there is no telling how many times Bonnie could have died or lost a ship to ship battle.

Being a prime strategist has always gone hand in hand with Bonnie’s cunning, with her uncanny ability to always make the best of a situation, she has to be able to utilize any advantages she can. Being a strategist is what Bonnie is truly known for, where her cunning has gotten her out of sticky situations, her ability to devise and think out elaborate plans keeps her from getting into those hard spots.

Bonnie has always loved being in the know, and being able to be prepared for anything that is to come. She takes her time to plan out almost every little detail of a plan. If Bonnie is given enough information in advance, or given the time, she can devise a nearly flawless plan, such an example of this could be seen when Bonnie was forcibly taken into Rhim’s crew, she planned for years and years, and made sure that once everything was perfect, she put her plan into motion and walked away one of the richest and most powerful people in the world.

From a very early age, Bonnie has proven that she has what it takes to be a great leader. When still just a child, Bonnie had organized a group of orphans into some of the greatest thieves around. The group looked up to her, they respected her, and followed every command given to them. Bonnie knew that being a leader meant more than barking orders and sitting back comfortably while others did all the work. When Bonnie was given command of the Mother Vanguard, she never once sat idly by, instead she was always out there with her crew, working her hands to the bone, just as they did. This made Bonnies men respect her more, she proved to them, or at least tried to show them, that even though she was their captain, she was still one of them.

Bonnie was able to lead several crews, each one as motley as the last. The naval officers serving under Bonnie, saw a fearless captain willing to ensure the safety of her crew, the pirates saw a fearless pirate captain that would destroy those who put her crew in danger.

This mentality of Bonnies carried over into the soul society, though just a third seat, many of the members of squad five looked up to her, and respected her. Hell a majority of them listened to her more than they listened to their own captain. The respect Bonnie had earned gained her the respect of the captains that she had been teamed up with, when tasked with retrieving the defectors. The captains managed to put their ranks aside for just the one occasion, and allowed Bonnie to lead the campaign. Her ability to lead and care for those around her earned her the promotion to lieutenant of squad one.

For as serious as Bonnie can be, she also has a soft side and a knack for being a trickster. This is something that Bonnie never out grew, the little kid inside her, never learned how to grow up. Bonnie is known for playing practical jokes on her fellow shinigami, she occasionally will tell people a lie or rumor just to see the reactions people have to the falsities that she spreads.

Just as much as Bonnie loves making people the butt of her jokes, she enjoys being the target almost more. She revels in a good laugh and feels it’s necessary for people to laugh every once and a while, even in the most dire of situations.

Though it has been a long time since Bonnie was called captain, or was in charge of her unruly crew of pirates, it is an aspect of her life that she can never let go of, it makes up a large portion of the person she is. Because of this mentality, Bonnie has been known to occasionally disobey orders and to do as she pleases, it is not in her nature to be told what to do, and even though she does her best to please, she still yearns for the freedom she once knew. It’s not just orders Bonnie has a problem with accepting, she still steals on a regular basis, despite being able to afford most of the things she steals, she would much rather use her black flag discount.

Bonnie has been caught in the act several times, but this does not deter her. Once Bonnie puts her mind to something, you can damn well bet that she will go through with whatever it is she has planned.


  • The sea/any body of water/ water in general.
  • Rum and scotch
  • People
  • Loyalty
  • Stealing
  • Practical jokes
  • Respect


  • Disrespect
  • Betrayal
  • Constantly being told what to do
  • Being looked down upon
  • Any talk of her scar
  • Her Former captain


"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."

Zanpakuto Name & Description: Arashi no yūrei (Ghost of the storm) is very different from most zanpakutou in the respect that it is not a katana but rather a cutlass. This beautiful blade is adorned with a golden hand guard with a skull and cross bones engraved into it, accompanying the skull is a small portrait of the mother vanguard located right beneath the skull. Surrounding the embossed skull are what look like the tentacles of a squid or octopus, these creep up the entire guard till only a single tentacle that extends the length of the blade.
When Arashi no yurei is released it loses its ornate guard for a small gun barrel and trigger, from this barrel Bonnie is able to fire bullets made of compressed water, and other water manipulation based abilities. The blade on the sword stays roughly the same, only slightly losing its curve.


"If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung."

History: -The Future is Born on the Streets

In 1525, in a small port in England, a young woman was baring child, and was living on the streets. The young woman had been left to fend for herself, after she had gotten pregnant by an officer of the Spanish navy. Luckily for the young woman, the people of the small town were kind and caring. An elderly couple that ran an Inn, opened their doors to the mother to be and even offered her a room, when the girl said she could not pay, the elderly couple just asked if she would be willing to help around the Inn. The woman accepted the proposal. She didn’t want her child growing up homeless. The Inn was also a local watering hole, for many of the naval officers, of the world’s various navies. The woman would often stare out of her window that over looked the ocean and would smile, “all of that will be yours one day my love.” she would say. Little did the young mother to be know, that what she would say, would one day be true.

A few months after moving into the Inn, the young woman was ready to give birth, and on a stormy night, she went into labor. The elderly couple had been expecting this day, and had set up a room for her to deliver her baby in. Unfortunately the young woman would not survive the birth, and she passed, shortly after her daughter was born, and she had named the baby girl.

-Growing up a thief

The young girl, named Bonnie was left in the care of the elderly couple. They did not mind, they felt it was the least they could do for the poor girl’s mother. The next few years would prove to be tough for the old couple, little Bonnie was a nightmare, she was unruly and didn’t listen to a word the two would say. By the age of five, Bonnie had grown into a little terror, and even though the old couple did all they could to keep her happy, she was never satisfied with her life at the Inn. One night, the young girl had grown tired of her home, and ran away. At first it proved to be a terrible idea, she had no experience on how to survive, and she was eventually tracked down by the old couple, and returned to the inn. The young girl was not happy with her failure, and wanted to be free, not that she wasn’t already, but she wanted to have fun and go on adventures, just like every other kid her age. A few nights after being returned to the old couples care, Bonnie once again ran away, this time she was prepared. The old couple would awake in the morning to find all of their money gone. Bonnie had made off with their money, and seemed to vanish from existence. that’s at least what the old couple had thought, you see, Bonnie had developed into a cunning little child, she had learned about her previous mistakes, and worked hard to correct them. Over the next couple of years, the young girl would live her life on the streets as a thief, robbing from nearly everyone in town, just to survive.

It was around this time, that the young girl’s legend would begin, and her leadership skills would begin to take shape. The illusive young girl had been living on the streets for some time, and had developed into a skilled thief. Her popularity and infamy grew amongst the town, it even caught the attention of the cities various criminals and pirates. Much to Bonnie’s surprise, these shady residents were coming to her for help, and here she was, just a small little girl the age of twelve. Before long, the young girl had put together a small group of thieves, they were known as the white skulls. The group was so proficient at stealing, that the naval officers station in the small port town, were called in to intervene. Bonnie had a good three more years as the head of the White Skulls, and as a prolific thief, before finally being caught by the naval officers. When Bonnie was brought before the commander, there had been many complaints about the girl, many of the townsfolk, wanted to see her hang for her crimes. This did not happen though, instead, the commander saw Bonnie’s potential and adopted her.

-Sea Legs
Though Bonnie had shown a deep hate for living with the old couple, she saw nothing wrong with being raised by the commander, instead she saw this as a learning opportunity. Bonnie would convert her new life style into a training exercise. Once the paper work had been filled out, Bonnie’s first task was to pay back the old couple, this was done by Bonnie going to work in the pub, located inside of the inn. In little time Bonnie had paid back the couple and was then sent to England, where she would be enrolled in the royal navy. It was hard to get the young girl in, the rap sheet, she had built up in the small port town had to be erased, otherwise she would never get in. It’s funny how things work, when your adoptive father is the highest ranking officer in the town, and magically overnight, the young girl’s name was cleared. The commander did this, because he truly believed that Bonnie’s life was out on the seas, and not in some dingy little town, or in some dungeon, and she was certainly too young to die just yet. If anything was going to straighten out the girl out, it was the navy. When Bonnie was enrolled, she had to pass for a boy, there was no way a girl could be a part of the navy, luckily for Bonnie, she was already tomboyish, the only thing that needed to be done was a simple haircut. Bonnie was later placed to work aboard a ship called the Mother Vanguard. The ship’s captain was a grizzly old veteran, and it was apparent from the very beginning that he and Bonnie, would be bumping heads quite often.

Bonnie was only fifteen, and started out as an ensign and not a deckhand. It was noted in the Navy’s history, that Bonnie was the youngest ranking officer in service. Her age would later go overlooked, as she proved that her mind was a far more valuable asset, to the crew than anything else. This came into effect, a month into Bonnie’s stay aboard the Mother Vanguard. The ship had drifted into pirate infested waters, and on a foggy midday, the ship was getting dangerously close to three ships. Bonnie had been in the lookout when she saw the silhouettes floating a few miles ahead. Bonnie rushed down to the deck, at lightning speed, and she alerted everyone on the way to the captain’s quarters, she had told the rest of the men to stay quiet. Normally the higher ranking officers would have disregarded her words, but they felt a deep down urge to listen to her.

When Bonnie reached the captain’s quarters, she explained the situation to the captain, though her  words had gotten through to the rest of the crew, the captain refused to listen to her and rushed out onto the deck. When the captain noticed that all the men had done as Bonnie had said, the captain went off on the young ensign and had her locked away. The MV drifted closer and closer to the ships and it was finally made apparent that the ships where flying pirate flags. Bonnie had devised a situation to get them through the small group of ships, but now that she was locked away, her plan was locked away with her. Instead, the captain whet on and ordered the ship’s crew to prepare for battle. It was going to be immanent anyways, the MV was the flagship of the navy and it was also the largest ship known to man.

The noise of the rushed MV crew, echoed out across the still waters, and it soon alerted the pirate ships to the presence of the MV. It wasn’t long until the three ships moved into attack position. Little did any of the crews know that Bonnie had broken out of the brig and was on her way to the deck. The young girl arrived silently in time to see how the situation was unfolding *that damn fool, is going to get us all killed* Bonnie looked around, she had to do something, otherwise lots of people were going to die and the Mother Vanguard would slip into the hands of pirates. The ensign slowly made her way to the front of the ship where she approached the captain, the rest of the crew had been in a state of panic, all but the captain and Bonnie. When the captain saw who was standing next to him, all he could do was let a smirk pop up on his face. There was still enough time to put Bonnie’s strategy into effect, she pleaded with the captain, until he gave in and listened to the girls plan. The veteran had never heard of such a thing in all her years as a captain on the high seas, how was it possible that this young kid was able to think of such a plan? Worrying about the questions later, the captain quickly went into action and began to order the crew. The ensuing ship to ship battle would happen in a flash, the MV escaping with little damage and sending two of the ships and their crew, to Davy Jones locker.

When the MV arrived back from it’s voyage, the captain recommended Bonnie be promoted, when she heard next infuriated her, but also made her happy. Bonnie’s fast thinking, courage, and valiant effort, resulted in the entire crew returning home alive. For Bonnie’s amazing display, she was made the first mate and eventually rose to be the captain of the Mother Vanguard. Such a feat had never been heard of in all of the navy’s history, a young girl had done the impossible. Aside from being named captain, she was allowed to pick anyone as her first mate, as a show of gratitude, she offered the spot to her adoptive father, who kindly declined. Though a little disappointed, Bonnie found a second candidate, the MV’s former captain. Though it was the captains retirement that had earned Bonnie the captain’s position, he willingly came out of retirement to serve alongside the fearless girl. This show of generosity, earned her the respect from the former captain, and the ship’s crew.

-Sacrifices must be made in order to succeed.
Bonnie began her captaincy, with a bang. Though the crew had performed well under pressure, it was not to their new captain’s liking. The young inexperienced captain, would redefine, what it meant to be a naval officer, starting with the crew of the Mother Vanguard. The following months would prove to be hell for the ship’s crew, many of the officers were not happy about being commanded by a seventeen year old girl (how they still believed was a boy). The crew would soon learn that their captain was unlike anything they had ever seen. For the rest of the year, the crew would grow to like their kid captain, she was hardnosed and had an unbelievable work ethic. Bonnie was even kind to her crew and did her best to treat them with respect. The young girl had made the transition from a common yet skilled thief living on the streets, to the captain of the royal navy’s flagship. Since Bonnie’s mother had died during her birth, she was unaware that she was living out the life that her mother had envisions for her. Over the course of the remaining months in the year, the crew was faced with multiple attacks from pirates, none of the pirate captain’s proved to be a match for Bonnie’s might. It was uncanny how the MV seemed to make taking on pirate ships so easily. Bonnie had captained the MV so well, that many were beginning to fear it. The royal navy had turned into a military might, not to be taken lightly. It was even stated that Bonnie and her crew had gone up against the legendary Black Beard and won, though this was never really confirmed by anyone other than the crew of the MV.

The young girl had everything going for her, she was feared by most pirates, and respected by everyone in the navy, things could only go up from here right? Wrong, on December 17th 1540, the Mother Vanguard would encounter its greatest challenge yet, and it would stand to be Bonnie’s last day as the captain of the Mother Vanguard as part of the royal navy. Bonnie awoke to the sound of one of her officers screaming out in terror, followed by silence. The young captain looked around, it was to quiet, something was going on, she could feel it. Bonnie slowly made her way to the window of her quarters, she could see the tip of another ship right next to the Mother Vanguard. The ship didn’t seem to be that of a pirate, but it didn’t look like a royal navy ship either. The young girl got dressed and slowly made her way to the deck where she was met by a crew of pirates, all of whom were ready to rip her limb from limb, Bonnie wasn’t going to go down without a fight, and she didn’t have to. The pirates had the entire crew of the MV hostage.

The captain of the pirates soon appeared before Bonnie, her eyes widened when they fell upon the enemy captain, there was no way, what Bonnie was seeing was real.
“you look like you’ve seen a ghost my old friend.” said the captain
“ it really you Rhim?” asked the young girl.
The man nodded his head, it was impossible, that last time Bonnie had seen Rhim, she was going to be hung, how was it that he was here, standing before Bonnie, and how did he find Bonnie in the first place? It was as if a dam had gave way in Bonnie’s mind, as it began to flood with questions, her thoughts were interrupted when Rhim spoke once more “I’m quite sure you have plenty of questions, but they can wait.”
“What do you want pirate?” Bonnie spat, she didn’t want the crew of her ship to see her as being soft.
The young captain’s reply only made a smirk appear on Rhim’s face “you my dear girl, are coming with me. That or I’m going to kill you and your crew, and then make off with this fine looking ship.” The crew of the MV began to mummer to one another, Rhim smirked and looked to the crew “oh its true lads, yer captain aint what she’s been claiming…..aint that right Bonnie?” he said, shooting a sinister glare her way. Bonnie stared at Rhim, the murderous intent growing in her, she refused to claim what he was saying was truth, but her silence more than confirmed it to her crew. It seemed like an eternity, she knew Rhim wasn’t playing around either. The girl looked at her crew and for the first time she really did look like a kid to them, she looked helpless. Finally Bonnie looked at Rhim with sorrow in her eyes “fine, I’ll go with you, but let my crew go”
Rhim let out a loud audible laugh “your crew? Hahaha” Rhim looked back to her men with a sinister smile on his face “you heard the lass, let the crew go.” Rhim turned and grabbed a hold of Bonnie, and made her watch as the crew was killed before her eyes, and then tossed overboard.

This day was the darkest day in Bonnie’s life, it also marked the day she lost her right eye. Upon seeing her crew get slaughtered, Bonnie erupted with rage and managed to get free of Rhim’s grasp, from there, she proceeded to hack her way through Rhim’s men, the girl was so full of rage, that nothing seemed to be able to stop her rampage. As Bonnie was about to strike down a sixth pirate, her blade was met with Rhim’s. The two clashed back and forth on the deck of the MV, with Rhim’s remaining crew as an audience. Rhim was a better swordsman, that was no denying, but Bonnie was in such a rage that she was able to keep on the pirate captain’s level. Eventually Rhim found and opening and exploited it, forever marking Bonnie. With a quick swing, Rhim’s sword came down and slashed across Bonnie’s face, claiming her right eye in the process.

-A Pirates Life For Me
After Bonnie had been slashed across the face, she passed out. In her time spent unconscious, Rhim’s crew disposed of the MV crew’s bodies. Rhim then assumed command of the Mother Vanguard and set course for the Caribbean. Three days into the journey, Bonnie finally awoke, only to find that she couldn’t see out of her right eye, she rose from her bed and looked in a mirror, she looked upon the scar and shed a tear remembering the crew that she had just lost. The defeat, would not sit well with Bonnie, from that day, she began to plan her revenge against Rhim, until then, she would make the best of her situation.

When Bonnie emerged from her room, Rhim greeted her with a smile “you took a while to finally wake up. I was beginning to worry.”
Bonnie shot Rhim a piercing glance, her remaining eye, showing much rage in it. “You shouldn’t be worried about me Rhim. If I recall, I was once the leader of our little group of bandits, and I am the captain of this ship.”
“Your ship, if you haven’t noticed yet, your crew is dead and you now belong to me.” the captain’s reply was harsh. Rhim gave Bonnie a pat on the shoulder before looking out to sea. As night rolled around, the Mother Vanguard had made its way into pirate infested waters, the royal navy’s flag had still been hoisted and it would prove to be a valuable asset. Since the MV wasn’t flying a pirate flag, it drew less attention to itself and made it easier to pick off other ships. The MV also proved useful in looting other ships. It was a plan that Rhim had planned on from the very beginning, his crew was dressed in the navy uniforms, and Bonnie was still allowed to keep her captain’s attire. What many didn’t know, is that, the plan was Bonnie’s idea. She had told Rhim, that the MV would be a good way of getting close to other ships for looting. The wearing of the navy uniforms also added to the facade of the MV still being run by naval officers.

It was a terrible trick to play, and Rhim was quite impressed with Bonnie’s willingness to participate and become one of the crew. With Bonnie as a part of the crew, Rhim quickly rose to power as a pirate, he took credit for Bonnie’s plans and took full advantage of the MV’s superior size and power. Before long, Bonnie and Rhim had become wanted criminals, the proclaimed Pirate King and Queen. Since Bonnie was the brains Rhim saw it fitting that Bonnie become the second in command of the crew. Bonnie took to this, much like she took her captaincy, she befriended the crew and had no enemies. The day was fast approaching that Bonnie would once again take back control of her ship.

-My Turn to Play
As the years went by, Bonnie had reached the age of twenty, and her twenty-first birthday was fast approaching. For someone so young, Bonnie had accomplished and been through quite a bit, she was an unruly child, youngest and most feared naval captain, and she was earning a reputation as a deadly pirate. The MV had been in the Caribbean waters for two years now and Rhim had just about run the seas dry, he plundered, pillaged, and looted just about everything that moved. Bonnie had been forced to adapt to a new life style for the third time now, and this one seemed the most promising. After a long night of celebrating a major haul, the crew of the MV was fast asleep, at an inn, located in Cuba. It was now time for Bonnie to do what she had been planning for years. Bonnie and Rhim were the only two that had actually gotten rooms, the rest of the crew was scattered throughout the inn. Rhim awoke to the sound of knocking at her door “what” slurred Rhim.
“It’s me open the door. I have a few plans I want to go over with you.”
Rhim let out a small grunt before getting up and heading for the door. When the pirate opened the door, he received a bullet to the chest, he stumbled back and looked up at Bonnie as he fell to the floor “you clever little bitch.” he said, as he clinched his chest in pain.
“you knew this day was coming old friend, and now you will die, and your crew will be mine.” Bonnie finished her sentence with a smile before drawing another flintlock pistol, and shooting Rhim in the head. The crew members woke when they heard the first shot, one member ran to see what had happened, before he could make it up the stairs, Bonnie came walking down, wiping the blood off of her hands. The young girl looked at the now alert crew and smiled “looks like your under new management boys, if anyone objects, I’d be more than happy to negotiate” the crew seemed content with Bonnie’s words, and with a simple point of her finger, the crew rushed to the MV.

Bonnie had started her life as a criminal, and somehow, it seemed fitting that she would end her life as one. That day, the crew set sail, headed where? Even they didn’t know what Bonnie had planned. The ship sailed endlessly through the seas, the once proud naval flag that few high was now replaced by the haunting jolly roger. Bonnie became a merciless pirate, She moved on from taking down trade ships, she was now going to hunt down the other pirates. Bonnie had the full support of her crew and they proved to be valuable assets to Bonnie and her conquest of the Caribbean seas. With the MV at her disposal, and Rhim’s crew at her side, Bonnie made quick work of opposing ships, many of the battles seemed to be a one sided affair. The MV blew through ships so quickly that, many never saw the MV coming or going, this eerie style of battle earned Bonnie the nickname The Ghost of the Caribbean. Once again the main power behind this hit and run battle tactic was all thought up by Bonnie. The crew and Bonnie reveled in the success that they had, many of the other feared pirates in the region and even the navy proved to be no match for Bonnie, her crew, and the MV. They fell rapidly one by one, until only a few select pirates remained. Bonnie later formed an alliance with the remaining pirate captains, and started a union, she knew the only thing that would stop the pirates was the navy. The new enemy would have to be phased out for piracy to survive, that or they would have to adapt. Bonnie had no problem with either scenario. As Bonnie’s twenty-fourth birthday approached, and she had made a name for himself as a ruthless, and feared pirate, no one was going to stop her. The MV and its crew were so successful and feared, that many port cities, and towns near most of the coasts, went abandoned. The young captain of only twenty-three years of age, was happy with her success, but there was one thing left to do.

-The Gallows
“this flag says that I shall fight until only my bones remain.” Bonnie spoke these words to her crew as she held the infamous pirate flag in her hand. Bonnie was ready to end her life as a pirate, she had sent a letter to England and then had the MV set sail to a spot that marked both the beginning and end of Bonnie’s life. Just off the cost of the small port town that Bonnie was born in, the Mother Vanguard sat, floating gracefully on the sea. For those in the town, the sight of the Mother Vanguard brought fear, but the Navy saw this as a threat. Bonnie sat at the stern of the MV looking at the port town, through the dirty lens of a spyglass, the navy had taken the bait. The young man smiled at the sight of the fast approaching ships, it seemed as though the navy had adapted to fighting piracy, the new ships were now smaller, but they could never outrun nor outgun the MV.

Bonnie turned to her crew with a smile on her face, it was time for her to pay for her crimes, her impending death did not worry her. She climbed into the small row boat and was lowered into the water, the MV then turned around and set sail, to where no one ever found out. When the naval ships approached, they decided not to pursue the MV, instead, they arrested Bonnie and took her back to the town. Bonnie was thrown in jail till, her judgment was passed. The following day, Bonnie was scheduled to be hung, it also happened to be her birthday *the irony* she thought as the noose was tightened around her neck. She was asked if she had any last words, but she kindly declined, and with the push of a lever, a legends story came crashing to an end……or did it?

-The Plus Side?
There was the distinct sound of a crack, and a roar of cheer from the spectators. There hanging from a twine rope, was the lifeless body of a legend. In an instant, Bonnie’s entire world went black, and it stayed that way for quite a while. The darkness seemed to last an eternity, and Bonnie was beginning to believe that she had gone to hell, she paid for her sins, or she was about to, she didn’t know. Then amidst the endless sea of black, a small light flickered to life, it wasn’t a flame, but it wasn’t any form of light, the young pirate had seen before. Bonnie began to notice that with the kindling of the light, she could feel again, she felt alive, but how? The last thing she remembered, was falling down before her neck broke, so why was she breathing, why was she able to move?

Eventually the young woman made her way towards the light, once she reached it, she was met with a sight, that she was not prepared for. Right in front of her vary eyes, Bonnie was staring at her lifeless body, as it hung from the gallows. “I..I..impossible” she said aloud. Not knowing what to make of this situation, Bonnie’s soul left the gallows, and headed into town. As the fresh spirit roamed the crowded streets, Bonnie noticed that some of the towns folk could see her. The spirit of the pirate walked up to the people that seemed to see her, she begged them to tell her what was going on, but even they could not explain the odd phenomena. Distraught, and scared, Bonnie made her way to the local inn, there was a plus side to being a ghost, and that was she was able to sleep, without anyone telling her to leave. A few days went by, and Bonnie was no closer to figuring out her situation, but now she would have another problem to worry about. When the young pirate awoke the next morning, she found that the inn was particularly quite, perhaps a little too quiet for her liking.

Bonnie ventured outside and was met by a masked fiend that, looked as though it had been waiting for her. The ghost pirate looked upon the beast in terror, what was she to do, she had no weapons, and this thing didn’t look friendly. Bonnie was beginning to believe that she was indeed in hell, and this thing was here to torment her, and punish her for the crimes she had committed. Little did the young woman know, that what she was staring at, was a hollow. The beast had yet to attack Bonnie, it just sat on the roof across the street, and peered at Bonnie with glowing yellow eyes, and a salivating grin. The longer Bonnie stared at the beast, the more she recognized it, she had seen the creature once before, but where? Then as if she had heard a gunshot, Bonnie jumped and her eyes widened, she finally remembered where she saw the thing before, it was present, the day Bonnie was captured by Rhim. There was no denying it now, the all black body, which resembled a bird.

The hollow let out a loud cry, before leaping off the roof, and diving at Bonnie. The young spirit was quick on her feet, and dove out of the way, if she was going to survive this, she would have to think of a way to kill the beast. Bonnie looked around, she had noticed that she wasn’t able to grab anything, her spirit form seemed to not permit it, to make matter worse, Bonnie had just now noticed the chain of fate dangling from her chest *what the hell is this thing?* she thought, as she looked at its corroded links, time was running out for Bonnie it seemed, and she didn’t even know it. The pirate remained in hiding, hoping that the birdlike beast would not find her, but Bonnie didn’t know how to control her spiritual pressure, and the beast was hot on her trail. Bonnie began to notice that she could feel the thing getting closer and closer, she began to move from spot to spot, until all of a sudden, she could no longer feel the best anymore.

As Bonnie slipped into an alley, she nearly fell on her ass, when a man clad in a strange black getup appeared before her.
“relax, I’m not going to hurt you.” the shinigami said, looking at the freighted Bonnie.
“what the hell was that thing, and why I’m I able to walk around? I should be dead. I was hung three days ago.” the questions were pouring into Bonnie’s mind.
The shinigami placed a hand on Bonnie’s shoulder, something that the young ghost had said, concerned him “you died three days ago?” the shinigami said as she looked at the chain hanging from Bonnie’s chest, it was dangerously close to being to corroded, luckily for Bonnie, the shinigami had arrived when he did. The shinigami gave a reassuring smile, and cut her off before she could answer. “I’m going to send you to a place where all your questions will be answered.” with that, the shinigami quickly preformed a soul burial on Bonnie.

-New to the Game
The second that the bottom of the shinigami’s zanpakutou touched Bonnie’s head, everything went black once more. For this to have happened a second time, Bonnie was a little on edge. The young woman’s eye began to flicker open, the bright sunlight, momentarily causing Bonnie to squint. Her eye finally adjusted and she was able to see her surroundings, she was defiantly not in Port Royal anymore. The cityscape, Bonnie saw before her was like nothing she had ever seen before. As the young woman looked around, she was unaware of the small group forming around her, I guess they had never seen a pirate before. Bonnie’s gaze fell upon the spectators, and she gave them a faint smile *who are all these people?*

Just then Bonnie heard a voice approaching, and as it got closer, the crowd seemed to dissipate. As the spectators dispersed, Bonnie was greeted by two shinigami, they had rushed to the area, because they had gotten reports of an unidentified high spiritual pressure in the area, it was obvious, that they were not expecting to find Bonnie as the pressures source. Much to their dismay, the two shinigami were greeted by a confused Bonnie Kidd, who had woken up in the rukon district, after the soul burial was preformed on her, just moments ago. It is uncertain as to why Bonnie appeared here but, whatever the case, the two shinigami knew what they had to do. They seized Bonnie by her arms and dragged her towards the division one barracks. Not knowing what was going on, and the fact that she had been through quite a bit in the last couple of hours, Bonnie didn’t put up a fight, as she was dragged through the streets.

The two shinigami brought Bonnie before the captain commander, it was an odd occurrence that a soul as strong as Bonnie’s came around, she had potential and didn’t even know it. The captain commander asked Bonnie a few questions, like her name and how she ended up in soul society. Upon hearing Bonnie’s story, the wise captain, ordered the two shinigami to take Bonnie to the academy. As the three left, the two shinigami explained what the academy was for, and why she was going. All these new and interesting words, confused Bonnie. Just a few days ago, she was the proud pirate captain of the Mother Vanguard, she was feared by all, and had no equal, now she was in a strange place, surrounded by strange people, and headed to a strange academy for soul reapers.

-Like Riding A Bike
When Bonnie arrived at the academy, she wasn’t sure what to make of it. The young woman was thrown straight into the program, with no knowledge of what was going on, luckily for her, the teachers were kind enough to give her the break down. Over the next couple of years, Bonnie learned all about the shinigami, and everything else about the afterlife. To the surprise of those around her, she took to her training rather seriously, and had made the advanced classes with relative ease. It didn’t even take long for the young pirate to learn the name of her zanpakutou, and get a grasp of its shikai. The progress that Bonnie had made since joining the academy was extraordinary, the difference in her skills from then to now, was like night and day, the teachers were certain that she was destined to be a great shinigami.

Since Bonnie had shown so much progress, and such great potential, she was often sent out with patrol groups, to learn the ropes. Every patrol was the same, a heavy serving of nothing, no signs of any hollows, no people that needed saving, nothing. Then on the fifth patrol, the group of students hand split up and wandered away from each other, the half of the group that Bonnie was with, was ambushed by some hollows, once again Bonnie’s mind went to work, she quickly studied the hollows as they attempted to attack, and within a few minutes, Bonnie had devised a plan to ensure the safety of her fellow students and kill the hollows. The officers were yelling out orders as they arrived on the scene, but then a voice rose above their own, the voice was Bonnie’s, and she began to bark out orders. There was so much confusion that the shinigami didn’t know who to listen to, finally Bonnie set her plan in motion and the shinigami followed by example. After a few minutes of fighting, all of the hollows had been slain, and only one shinigami had died. The officers thanked Bonnie for her quick thinking and returned back to soul society.

The days following the ambush, seemed to go by quickly and before she knew it, Bonnie had graduated at the top of her class. Bonnie was seen as one of the top prospects coming out of the academy, her skills had expanded to cover almost every field, she would be a good fit, for whatever squad she ended up with. Bonnie’s reputation had grown since her stay at the academy, and she was growing into somewhat of a legend among the lower ranked shinigami. The young pirate had even caught the attention of a certain shinigami, who saw Bonnie’s potential. That shinigami was the squad five captain. The captain had been keeping a close eye on Bonnie, ever since that faithful day, when she arrived in soul society. Now that Bonnie had matured as a shinigami, he seized the opportunity to recruit Bonnie to the fifth division, where she would be named the third seat. The fact that Bonnie had been placed as the third seat from the very get go did not sit well with the other division members. Over the course of the next couple of years, Bonnie would play her part in several events, earning her the respect of the Captains of the gotei 13, as well as most of the shinigami.

-The Betrayal (Taking off the training wheels.)
The day started like any other, Bonnie made her way to the fifth division training grounds, and began her daily regiment. She started slow, and just did a few basic exercises, but as the morning rolled on, the third seat, increased the level of difficulty to her training, and began to spar against a few of the other officers. It wasn’t long, until word reached Bonnie and her squad mates that their captain had gone missing.

It seemed that the captain had chosen to back stab all of Soul Society as was found out later on, if Bonnie was crushed when she heard of the captain’s disappearance, she was defiantly enraged now. The Captain had defected from soul society with several other shinigami, the sudden betrayal, sent a shockwave of anger throughout Bonnie, the sensation was similar to that, back when she watched her crew get slaughtered by Rhim’s gang of pirates. Bonnie was the only low ranking officer at the meeting the following day, since she had been close to the captain she was brought in for questioning, but she was as out of the loop as anyone else.

In the following months, Soul Society would scramble to recover from the fifth squad captain’s betrayal. Three divisions had lost their captain’s and there weren’t many qualified Shinigami to fill their places. The captain commander put together a team to retrieve the renegade shinigami, Bonnie had pleaded her case to join the efforts to bring back the traitors and was rewarded a spot in the group. When the group did catch up to the defectors, they were met with a fight, but it was a fight in which they were prepared for, thanks to Bonnie. She had devised a plan long before she was placed in the group, and took the time to reveal her plan to the group as they prepared to enter the world of the living.

Crowned the Vice Captain-
Bonnie had gone into the battle, as one of the strongest seated officers. It seemed as though, she would not let that go, she proved her worth, as she held her own against her former captain.. The young shinigami had evolved it seemed, since she had first stepped foot in soul society, she had trained vigorously since that day, and was determined to see the traitorous captain brought to justice. the ghost of the Caribbean had once again been resurrected, she had obtained her bankai during the fight and showed quick adaptation to her new found strength. The shinigami that the group had been sent to capture, were caught off guard by the strategies, and ruthless attack style that Bonnie had employed.

Eventually the captain was incapacitated, thanks to the combined efforts of everyone involved. When the shinigami returned to Soul Society, Bonnie was promoted to the first division where she was later granted the spot of Vice captain. The young shinigami’s string of successes, had been added to, and all of her hard work and effort paid off. Bonnie would now  spend the rest of her time building up her reputation as a well-respected vice captain, she won over everyone in the seireitei for her amazing display of courage and power during the hunt, but the she didn’t want to stop there, she felt that she had to become stronger than what she was, even though, she was considered one of the strongest already.

Et Cetera: Anything else you wish to add about your character?
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So your character was born in the 1500s, lived the life of a Pirate, went to Soul Society where she eventually had to incapacitate her Captain. She fought against her Captain and didn't necessarily defeat him, but succeeded in incapacitating him.

Aside from some clunky phrases and wobbly grammar here and there, there is nothing outstandingly wrong with this application. I trust you've fixed the 1523 issue I mentioned in the chatbox. I'm really iffy on your Bankai. I'm not sure if I'd like to give it to you right now, and so... I think I'm going to go with my gut feeling on this one and ask that you remove your Bankai from the application and earn it In Character.

I'm sorry.

Aside from that, I'm happy to approve you for the Lieutenant of the First Division; Lieutenant Class with 200 Stat Points and 20 Skill Points.
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