An animanga Bleach roleplay
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 Rising Sun [Anastasia]

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Kaede Ryu

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PostSubject: Rising Sun [Anastasia]   Rising Sun [Anastasia] EmptyTue Jul 30, 2013 3:59 pm

Kaede stood atop a tall building, her choppy green hair flowing in the wind. The rising sun in front of her gave an orange glow to her pale skin and changed her blue eyes to green. Her face belonged to that of a young girl, perhaps out of her teen years and into her early twenties. Many people she met thought she should belong in a high school uniform instead of the drab black and white shihakusho. Her lieutenants badge sat on her left arm, marking her as a higher up that her men could report to.

The glow that gave the green haired girl a bit of colour lit up the land and blanketed it in it's warm grasp. She smiled at the world down below, a place she had once lived and called home. She wished she had lived a fuller life before she had passed on. Perhaps then she wouldn't be so angry with the living.

She patted the hilt of her zanpakutou and turned away from the view. A small sigh escaped her lips as she did. She wasn't usually put out here in the living world. Mostly her underlings did the dirty work, and she was stuck inside the seireitei doing paperwork for her captain, or otherwise performing strange experiments. It wasn't a bad situation, but it could be rather boring.

The tiny shinigami hopped down onto the ground below, landing lightly and looking around. She wanted to find the hollow she was meant to kill and do it in good time. It would leave her with some free time.

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Rising Sun [Anastasia]
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