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 Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.)

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Franchesca Sato

Franchesca Sato

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Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.) Empty
PostSubject: Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.)   Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.) EmptyFri Aug 02, 2013 2:52 pm

A thick cloud of dust masked the containments of the ten foot deep crater that had been caused by what the local people had described as a relatively large sphere like object that embedded itself within the rocky road outside of the gates of the Seretei. Upon its unexpected crash landing that had managed to go undetected due to its lack of spiritual pressure, helplesssouls stayed back in apparent fear of what the object from the sky was. Some had gone home to hide with their arranged families for the fear of an attack, while some let curiosity get the better of them, and allowed themselves to get up close to have themselves a better look.
The breeze had picked up, and within a matter of minutes, the dust cleared revealing exactly what the others had thought they had saw. A giant, metal sphere. Further  Intrigued, a small boy who seemed no older than eight years old, slipped past the wooden posts of his hiding spot, nobody daring to stop him as he gradually slid himself down the steep ledge of the pit. Brushing the dust off of his robes as he had found himself  coming  face to face with the foreign object that had caused so much mayhem. Reluctantly, he brushed the palm of his little hand against the smooth surface to find that it was surprisingly cool to touch...

Until it gradually began to become warmer as the flying ball had to begun to hum with life. Glowing a dark blue before an outline of a door way was carved out with a lighter shade from the other side of the surface. Startled, the boy scrambled back as far as he could, his back pressed firmly against the wall with his calf brown eyes wide in anticipation as the rest of the people on the outside of the crater tensed.  Had he unintentionally made the situation worse off? Though before he could find the answer to that himself, the light suddenly died, and with a faint 'ping'. A doorway opened. Half relieved, and half disappointed, the boy allowed a sigh to escape his lips. Though not before finding himself sucking it back desperately  as the wind was knocked from his chest as an unknown pair of arms wrapped around him sent him flying up from the pit with a single drop kick. Luckily, a crate of cotton had been left behind by the owner who was selling it, becoming the cushion that broke his fall. "Human pup! Hello!" A bright,feminine voice chirped  from inside the crater as her form was made visible upon leaping out of the pit. Upon hearing her greeting and sensing the weight of her spiritual pressure that was kept for the most part suppressed , people peaked out from the safe haven of their hiding spots, and gaped at  the bizarre  sight that stood before them with a wide toothy grin plastered on her face. The outsider was humanoid, taking  the physical form of a pretty, slender teenage female  standing five feet and six and a half inches, a small build , and a long messy cascade of black wavy hair framing her pixie like features.  She could even pass off as a normal human. You know, if you looked past the fact that she light grayish-blue skin, took away the yellow and orange mismatched horns that prodded out  from the top of her scalp, disguised her wide and fiery yellow eyes, smoothed the unusually sharp edges of her teeth down, and didn't wear battle armor. Then yeah, she would blend right in with the rest of them. 

"KILL IT! SOMEBODY KILL IT!" A woman's horrified screams could be heard in the background as she stumbled oversell trying to guide a group of shinigami over to the apparent menace. Their look of surprise quickly developing into a grim line as they drew their  blades. Despite how professional and composed they seemed, Lamahkia could tell that it was only a mask. A mask that hid a more malicious intent than any of them let on, it was practically engraved into their eyes and into the weight of their spiritual pressures. Yet despite the hostility demonstrated, her reaction didn't change. Instead, she let out a gleeful squeal that somewhat unnerved the brooding bunch as she cracked her knuckles, leaning back into a fighting stance as her body tensed. "Oh, so you DO know my plant's customs! Excellent, let the greeting ritual begin then, shall we?" Before she could make a move, a scoff was picked up by her pointed ears. "Greeting ritual? I don't know what the hell THAT'S supposed to mean, but this ain't a welcoming party. We're just here to kick your ass." 
The men and women stepped back to make way for a ridiculously tall and boney man who appeared to be no older than thirty walked up the scene dressed in sleeveless robes. The main one beneath the white cloak being black, while bandages were secured around his wrists. His left hand was left to dangle at his side while his free hand clutched the hilt of his katana, who's tip scraped across the dirt. His thin lips twisted up into a mocking grin, while his beady dark brown eyes seemed to pierce right through the female alien's center. Yet she held her ground. Sinking lower back on her hind right leg as she payed no mind to the captain's remark. "Lamahkia of D-13 from the planet Thorgax, and I-" A snort  was made followed by a glob of phlegm sailing through the air to land directly at the center of her armored chest with a sickening, "plop". Leaving the alien both confused and somewhat offended as the older looking man advanced foward with a stern look on his scarred face. "Yeah, look kid, nobody cares where the fuck you're from. Just that you got here, and that we're about to get rid of y-" Before his sentence was formed, the wind was knocked out of his lungs as the girl lunged forward and kicked him square in the chest, sending him skidding back an inch. Gasping for air with a hand grasping his chest, he gaped at her. "The, the hell was that?" Again, Lamahkia just smiled. "The starting point of the ritual, silly. Surely, your people have gotta know about that considering they even brought their own weapons~."

The male growled as he rushed towards her, slashing at her with his blade as she merely dodged each exaggerated swings with every sway of her body. As she realized he was attempting to close her off against a dead end, she lifted her clenched fists up to guard her face in a boxing position, ducking beneath the one armed swing of his blade that for a moment left him open. She jabbed at the gut of the shinigami, taking advantage of his slightly bent over form to deliver a bruising uppercut his jaw with the top of her knuckles before jamming her elbow into the center of his throat to finish the three step combo. Leaving the captain in pain and gagging in a heap on the floor. ", bitch!" He heaved. His face gnarled in visible rage as he pushed himself off the ground as he advanced towards her with both hands held on to the hilt of his sword.  As he did so, she merely smiled and eagerly charged forward as well. Her hands groping towards the hilt of her jagged looking blade as she mused to the black robbed people that surrounded them both. Aggressively clashing blades as they were drawn, only to step back in order to lunge forward to crash against each other again as she mused. "It's kind of rude you know. I just arrived here, and yet none of you have bothered to tell me who you are. Hmm, perhaps if I defeat your leader in the ritual, i will get my answers?" 

Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.) Oerba_Dia_Vanille___Signature_by_nubcakemew
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Hayato Nanami

Hayato Nanami

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Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.)   Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.) EmptyFri Aug 02, 2013 3:36 pm

It was about noon time. Hayato had been invited to have a drink or two with some of the other shinigami in various divisions. A nice break from the normal fighting routine he was stuck with. Some frowned upon how, as a lieutenant, he could be so laid back and nonchalant about things. He was actually happy he could. If he were able to do such, then it meant that there was a time of peace. Instead of going right to the normal place where they all met for a drink right away, he decided to stop by the academy to check on some of the spitfires that were planning on becoming shinigami themselves. Some of the students were aware of who he was and actually seemed to be happy to see him. They viewed him as a sort of hero or something like that. It felt nice, being viewed in such a high manner, considering the constant words he received from his fellow lieutenants, squad members, and even some of the captains.

Hanging over the ledge, he watched as two students started a spar with wooden swords. They had yet to receive their asauchi, but that did not matter. This was but a simple spar and they had no use for an actual weapon. Hayato had offered to overlook their spar, allowing their normal teacher to go take a breather. As the two below rushed forward, he could not help but seem aware that they left so many openings for one another. If they acted like that on the battlefield, they would be nothing but hollow fodder. Tightening his grip on the railing, he could not help but shout at the two.

"You on the right! Your footing is absolutely terrible! And you on the left! Do you really expect to strike an enemy down with such shallow hits?! If you're going to be like that, just go ahead and feed yourselves to the hollows right now!"

Both had stopped to look up at him, and all they could do was nod. They went back to trying again and actually had listened to him. A lot of people tended to do so when he gave them reason. Sure, Hayato could goof off, but when it came to fighting, he was serious. Any of the eleventh squad members could tell someone that much. He continued to watch the students below spar. Eventually the one he had yelled at for having shallow hits had knocked their opponent down. The girl turned towards Hayato and flashed a smile, offering a quick thumbs up. He returned the gesture, turning around, only to come face to face with their teacher. The man seemed rather impressed with how well Hayato's pep talk had motivated them.

"You just gotta show some back bone, teach."

With that, he made his way down the steps towards the two down below. The girl reached down, offering to help her sparring partner up. He accepted her hand, then dusted himself off. Hayato patted the boy on the shoulder, then did the same to the girl. A proud smile formed against his lips. The girl certainly had a knack for zanjitsu, she just needed to practice harder hits. After the boy controlled his foot work, he seemed to be fairly light on his feet. Perhaps he would be decent at hakuda. Nevertheless, the two still had a long way to go.

"Great work you two. Perhaps next time I show up I could spar you two on one."

The two laughed nervously, knowing he was serious. The lieutenant often did spar with some of the students, allowing them to get the feel of fighting with an actual seated officer. Some students would take him up on his offer while others politely declined it. He looked at them with an arched eyebrow, folding his hands behind his head, then offering a grin in response to their bewilderment.

"Don't worry. I'll take it easy on you guys."

The three laughed in unison. Not long after, Hayato had felt two rather immense sources of power. One was one he knew all too well, his captain's. Then there was another. It seemed foreign. No, this was bad. This was really, really bad. Turning towards the teacher, he gave a nervous smile. The teacher simply nodded, allowing the eleventh division lieutenant to know that the students were in capable hands. With that, he took off, trying to pinpoint exactly where the sudden burst of energy was coming from.

Damn it, why did there have to be a fight now of all times? Hopefully it was not too much of a disturbance. Still, Hayato was further away than what he anticipated. It would certainly be a long trip to discover what was wrong, and hell by the time he got there, the captain would have taken care of everything. He always did, after all. Hayato came to a stop, contemplating this. Why should he worry? The captain was his own man. He went to turn away, only to sense a flicker in his captain's reiatsu. It seemed it was his business now. Turning back around, Hayato headed towards the direction, exhaling a breath he had been unaware that he was holding. Hopefully he was not too late.

Why are you so worried? What can you do if your captain is struck down? You'll just die, too.

His zanpakuto spirit was trying to talk some sense into him. She attempted to do that quite a bit, but he was hell bent on seeing exactly what the other force was. Plus, it was obviously in Rukongai. That much meant there were citizens around, and he didn't need those casualties. Hayato offered a grimace, still moving forward, not even bothering to look back.

"If I can get there, I can at least make sure there are no casualties of civilians." Now only if his feet could get him there faster.

Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.) KszLZn5
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Franchesca Sato

Franchesca Sato

Posts : 4
Join date : 2013-07-24

Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.)   Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.) EmptyFri Aug 02, 2013 8:41 pm

"Too bad you'll never get your damned answers because you'll be dead in a second! Don't you know whom you're dealing with kid? You're facing against the captain of squad eleven! Kenpachi Doiji." The burly captain roared, the power behind his swings intensifying as adrenaline pumped through his veins. He's strong. the alien grunted, shifting her stance perfectly so that she could step up to match him. Despite her petite stature, the captain was astounded to feel the increasing push of power that resisted against him. His eyes widening in disbelief as he felt himself starting to become overwhelmed by the smaller woman, who's grin seemed to widen with a renewed sense confidence. She suddenly pulled back, causing the captain to stumble. In an attempt to regain his footing, she took the opportunity to slash at his left wrist which held his zanpakuto, before swiping the tip of her sword clean across his cheek. Leaving him and his squad entirely stunned. Feeling a sticky warmth run down  his hand along with the side of his face, he took a moment to raise a hand to his face and swipe the area of the dampness with his two fingers.  Lowering them to meet his eye level, he froze as a sudden realization dawned to him. For the first time in years, he was bleeding. Even if it wasn't a major injury, he felt entirely numb as if he lost a limb. With each drip of blood, a drop of his pride ran with it. She had managed to cut him. Traumatized by the fact, he was deaf to the warning cries his squad gave as Lamahkia advanced towards him with her blade up and drawn low. Instead of feeling the tip of the blade pierce right through his flesh, he was surprised to see that instead, she had merely poked the area above his navel with  the butt of her sword, her face contorted  into that of disappointment. 
"I win." Baffled, the captain glared down at her in disbelief. "What?.."  She lowered her blade, scowling in apparent disgust. "Don't play dumb with me, you heard perfectly well. I win. YOU gave up before the fight even began. Therefore, i automatically win." She turned to walk away, and with each step the captain's face flushed a brighter shade of red until he was fuming purple. "What the fuck are you blabbering about?!  This fight isn't over until one of us dies! Come back here and finish what you've started."

At this, Lamahkia snorted. "Oh, you don't know what I'M talking about, do you? Well here, Mr. I'm so big and bad, let's replay fifteen seconds ago, to refresh your memory, shall we?" She feigned a look of sheer terror as mirrored his earlier actions. Slapping her palm against her cheek as her eyes went wide behind her pair of  black rimmed glasses.  The division 11 captain sputtered, half humiliated and angry as he immediately started swinging blindly at her. "Stop that! Stop making that stupid face! You make me look like I'm some kind of weak shit, like you!" This sent the grey skinned alien into a fit of laughter that even his own squad couldn't help but join in a bit quietly at the irony of his statement. Side stepping his swipes."That's rich coming from you, clorbgnus (silly) human!  You get one injury and you looked like you were about to defecate in  your pants." She wiped a stray tear that escaped the corner of her right eye, and flicked it towards the direction of the so called captain, her gaze facing the crowd that surrounded him with an unimpressed look. "Surely, this man can't truly be your leader. He's a coward!" She whipped back around just in time to counter a would be devastating blow to the top of her head with a single block of her wrist. And sure enough, it didn't even break the top layer of  skin. Her yellow eyes bore into his own, as he attempted to overwhelm her but to no avail. He had the high spiritual power, sure, though he lacked any knowledge of what to do to use it to it's full advantage. It made her question the squad's choice of leadership. It made her rather angry. Coming from a rather barbaric planet who's residents were full of ruthless yet practical warriors herself, this man was a prime example of everything that they despised in a person. All talk, with little to no action to back up their claim. Having captured the glances of the women and men that witnessed the fight, she could feel, even see the potential from each and every one of them. How they could be so much more under a better influence than this. 

As he dropped his body frame low to shoulder into her, she jumped and flipped over his head to then grab on to the fabric of his captain's haori. Pulling him back as she sprung up on to his shoulders. Her powerful legs locking around his gullet to momentarily restrain him as she blurted out. "How is a new leader selected here? I would like to know." A dark brown haired man cleared his throat as he spoke out from the crowd. "Whoever kills the current captain takes both the title of the next Kenpachi, and his position. No questions asked." Upon hearing this, she squeezed a bit tighter on her grip until all color in his face struggled into a pale white. A knowing smile curving up the corners of her mouth as she raised a  brow. "Is that so?" and with that, she lifted her blade and without a moment of hesitation, plunged the wickedly shaped weapon into the heart of the man. Giving it a twist with each shove to ensure his death. The tip of the blade stuck out all the way through from his chest, and out from his back as she pulled her sword back out from his body and jumped right off of him.  Erupting a fountain of fresh blood to pool onto the ground as his limp body fell. Though before whatever remaining life dulled over from his eyes for good, he was able to witness the personal removal of his own blood stained captain's coat as she put it on herself. Resting her hands proudly along her hips as she confidently looked among the faces of the anxious looking shinigami with a big toothy grin. "Human brothers and sisters of squad eleven , I am proud to say that I'm now your new leader!~ and with that, I've got nothing else to really say except that I promise to lead you to the best of my ability...and well, what's  up?"

Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.) Oerba_Dia_Vanille___Signature_by_nubcakemew
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Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.)   Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.) Empty

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Turning back time. -flashback- (Closed.)
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