An animanga Bleach roleplay
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 BOUNTO , mizuho eiri (WIP)

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Eiri Mizuho

Eiri Mizuho

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BOUNTO , mizuho eiri (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: BOUNTO , mizuho eiri (WIP)   BOUNTO , mizuho eiri (WIP) EmptyTue Jul 30, 2013 10:16 pm

"they all are my children, as i am their mother."

"'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight."

Full Name: Eiri Mizuho .

Gender: Female .

Age: Eighteen | | Very Old [Old Woman Ancient Sort] .

Race: Bounto .

Job/Occupation: Queen .

Face Claim: Bleach , Orihime Inoue , Eiri Mizuho .

"You may have been born ugly, but at least you may die beautifully."

Appearance: Eiri takes the form of a beautiful young woman at the height of five and three inches tall with an average weight that is purely muscle in fact. She has dark navy blue coloured eyes that appear to just warm someone from the inside out. Her hair frames her face with a unique orange-reddish hue. It is mid back length and rarely does she allow for it to go past that or above it in a short cut length. Her facial features are sharp but yet having that feminine appearance to them. Eiri's eyes hold a more innocent, curious nature to them despite having lived for decades; deep down during the time of fighting for her very life shall that wisdom and mature appearance shine through the rest of her body.

Though strange for a Vampire Soul eater to be considered as a teenager - due to her youthful appearance Eiri attends different Schools in order to keep herself and the rest of her race up to date with the rest of human society. Currently staying in the Karakura school district, Eiri wears the traditional female uniform. On the days of which she needs not to worry about attending the High School, or any Universities once she graduates; Eiri enjoys wearing heavy pea coats, or a brown leather jacket while wearing a maroon skirt, black leggings and some type of shoe wear. It allows her to appear mature, but yet keep that innocent facade she allows other people to see.

Decades old has allowed for Eiri to learn something about herself. She is able to tap into the power of the souls that she has consumed; allowing her body to age forward at least five years for her physical appearance to maintain a more adult like figure and facial features. Eiri is able to easily maintain this new appearance by consuming more souls then usually, roughly three times a day does she need to consume to continue the more adult appearance. During this time, Eiri's facial features seemed hardened, a colder off set glare that is always on her face. Abandoning the teenage choice of clothing, Eiri would typically wear more neutral colours; gray, black, white with dash of maroon and navy type of clothing.

Distinctive Features: Eiri's tone in the beginning sounds rather cheery and always happy no matter what, sometimes giving the impression of a air head. Though when someone - or something - comes to realize exactly who Eiri is, the tone becomes harsh and dark, it fits her better once she takes her adult appearance.

"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."

Doll: L O R E is the given name of Eiri's doll. Though not taking the actual form of a doll. Lore takes the form of a necklace that rests below the uniform or the casual daily clothes that she wears. Lore though is anything but like Eiri. The two of them have been together for man centuries, even so Lore has more of a .. Lust type of personality that easily allows Eiri to beckon both human and souls towards her that allow her to easily feed. Lore is constantly trying to find ways of Eiri to transform herself older that way she can easily find some type of lay and not be so wound up tightly when being - or trying to function like a typical school girl. Despite this, Lore is truly dedicated to Eiri and has no quarrels when it comes to killing off one of their own due to them either not taking orders correctly or even going off on their own and nearly exposing their locations to different Soul Societies throughout the world.

B R E A K . T H E I R . W I L L is a command phrase on top of the typical Germanic command that Eiri speaks. The necklace then glows before transforming into something rather.. demonic truly. Lore is roughly the same height as Eiri, if not a couple inches taller. Though Lore never actually touches the ground, she seems to levitates off the ground by the sheer force of manipulating soul pressure. Lore's skin takes the tone of a purple-pink tone, with very little articles of clothing to cover her what could be considered womanly parts. The pieces of clothing seems to be very thin shredded wedding veils. They cover the frontal view up below her breasts, though leaving her entire backside and arse exposed. Lore's nipples to put bluntly, are covered by golden coverings actually, allowing the entire breast exposed. Her 'hair' is actually spiritual pressure that takes the colour of an intense red with horns spiraling out of her forehead. Lore's spine begins to crack outside of the skin into a long floor length tail.

Lore creates balls of condensed spiritual pressure and flings them at her enemies, able to craft and create any type of weaponry that can seem imaginable.  Lore though however is not the only person who can use these items, due to the centuries that Lore and Eiri have been together, Eiri has learned how to handle the weapons and use them herself against the same type of foes.

B O R N . A G A I N Eiri and Lore have the ability to combine themselves together. Though both lose the beautiful appearance and transform into some type of actual demon. Her body becomes slightly larger, the type of a mid class hollow seen in Hueco Mundo. The body is consisted of skin and scale like features with a large bulky hunched over form, a pushed backward hip structure and a curved outward shin leg like type of structure. The beasts arm is unique all on its own. Almost like sharped glass and jagged earth. In this form, Eiri is able to condense soul pressure into unique fighting styles such as slashes and bursts of power. Though there has only been one time when Eiri and Lore have come to an agreement in this physical form, during the rule when the 'Prince' tried to take her title and become King.

"Don't use such strong words. It makes you seem weak."

Behavior: There are two sides to the same coin that is called Eiri. There is the type of when she is both a teenager and trying to act like a normal 'human' being among other mortal beings. Eiri has a shine to her that shows she is always happy and nothing will bring that down. Curious about every single new thing that she or a group of people stumble across.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual .

Et Cetera:
✓ men
✓ food
✓ music
✓ culture
✓ family
✓ her children

✕ women
✕ shinigamis
✕ arrancars
✕ hollows
✕ quncies
✕ 'school'
✕ homework

• dislikes attending high schools every couple of years; enjoys universities better.

"If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung."

History: [Try to make this at least a paragraph (10+ sentences.)]

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BOUNTO , mizuho eiri (WIP)
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