An animanga Bleach roleplay
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 Struggling to live (Open to all)

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PostSubject: Struggling to live (Open to all)   Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:12 am

The punch hit him square in the jaw. Tomix barely felt it. He didn't fall to the ground, just lent back against the brick wall, not meeting the eyes of the three gangsters.
"Come on, kid! They're worth a lot! Give us the gloves!" The tallest one spat. Tomix still refused to meet they're gaze. The tallest gang member stared at him.
"What? Too afraid to let us see your little scars? What, did you mommy forget to put on your ointment?" He and his friends laughed.

Tomix snapped a little bit.

Turning to face the lead gangster, he raised his (armored, the gangsters now realized) fist, and brought it down into his face. He flew across the alleyway, into the opposite wall. The other two gangsters just gawked at Tomix, who eyes were like the very message of death. They ran, taking their leader with them.

Tomix walked out of the alley, pulling his hood over his face and eyes again, his hands retreating into his pockets of his trench coat. He hoped no one had been watching his little performance. No one needed to know what he could do. Yuki had been the only one he had ever shown.

People stared as he walked past.
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Yuki Hana

Yuki Hana

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PostSubject: Re: Struggling to live (Open to all)   Fri Sep 27, 2013 5:16 pm

She stepped out of the garganta & looked around the town she was so accustomed to slightly bored. "I want some pocky.." Yuki pouted looking down to the candy shop then to the park, laughing to herself slightly. "I shouldn't even be here. A shinigami could catch me easier during the day.." she tried to cast aside the thought as an strong brush of air came past her. She ignored everything else in that moment, the chattering down below, the sound of the garganta closing itself, & even her thoughts. She closed her eyes & smiled, letting the comforting feel of the wind wrap around her body, whipping around her hair & dress lightly as it did so.
Yuki opened her eyes once the wind stopped & looked back down to her favorite oak tree in the park & sighed. "Might as well sleep while I can." In an instant she disappeared from the spot she was standing in & appeared in her favorite spot in the oak tree. Yuki yawned once & rested her head against the tree, lowering her spiritual pressure as much as she could before she slept.

Tell me that I'm what you despise most in this world.... Because, I know that I'm not worth your time...
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Struggling to live (Open to all)
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