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 Arrancar, Yuri Sasaki

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Yuri Sasaki

Yuri Sasaki

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PostSubject: Arrancar, Yuri Sasaki   Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:08 pm

♦Yuri Sasaki♦
"Even If Her Heart is Broken, She Can Still Go On Living."

"'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight."

Full Name: Yuri Sasaki

Gender: Female

Age: [15] {{220}}

Race: Arrancar

Job/Occupation: Fraccion, #33

Face Claim: Nepeta Leijon (Homestuck)

"You may have been born ugly, but at least you may die beautifully."

Appearance: Yuri's skin is a pale gray, something that attracts strange looks even from Arrancar. Her eyes are a strange olive green and her pupils are often slit in a catlike fashion when she bored or in a battle. When feeling playful and happy, her pupils widen to a normal shape. Her hair is short and black, stopping somewhere around the shoulders and the chin, and is usually in a messy hairstyle. She's rather short, having not reached her growth spurt when she was human, and stands and 4'9". She doesn't weigh much either, just a slim 98 pounds with a small petite frame. She has small curves, her breasts being quite small and her hips pronouncing her feminine nature. Atop her head is a pair of what appear to be white horns, though they're actually her mask fragment, with an almost cat ear look to them. She often paints them to look like candy corns, the bases being dark orange, the centers being light orange, and the tips being yellow. Her canines are elongated on the top row of teeth, they're also very sharp. She has long elegant fingers with sharp nails that are curved into points. Her outfit consists of short white boots with black lines going up the side, the heelless shoes ending at the base of her knee. She wears a pair of white short shorts that also have the black line down the sides. Her shirt matches the other items of clothing. It's sleeveless and hugs her torso nicely without making it too tight. On her arms are just plain white sleeves that start below the shoulder and end in the middle of her palms. Sometimes she'll wear a large olive green trench coat over her clothes that drags across the floor and has too-long sleeves that cover her hands.

Distinctive Features: Her hollow hole exists beneath her shirt in between her breasts. Her tattoo of a 33, her ranked number, sits on her right hip.

"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."

Ressurection & Release:

Zanpakutou Name: Corazon de Leon (Lion Heart)

Release: Cortarlos, Corazon de Leon (Cut Them, Lion Heart)
Info: Yuri's mask remnant, a pair of horns that resemble cat ears, extend out over her head. Her mask remnant not only grows out of it's ordinary appearance, it wraps around certain parts of her body. Her torso is covered from her neck down to the base of the ribs. Her upper lower body is also covered, however they give more skin. When she releases it she looks like she's wearing half a sweater and a pair of panties. Besides her clothes, she also looks more like a lion, her short black hair growing into a large bushy black mane and her canines elongating. Her feet are left bare and from the base of her spine a long lion tail has grown. Her zanpakutou is replaced by three long metal claws on each hand that she holds between her fingers. In addition to the changes to her body and outfit, she also grows more powerful in her res form than she normally would be.

Abilities: In her released state, her abilities center around that of a lioness. While strong before, the tiny arrancar becomes stronger. Like the lioness, she's a huntress. She uses her teeth and her claws to kill and fight. Her fighting is strictly close combat.

"Don't use such strong words. It makes you seem weak."

Kind - While she tends to be bothersome, the young arrancar is still kind to those that are less fortunate. She figures that she was saved by the kindness of a man and that she should be kind as well. Her kindness sometimes causes problems for her, since she can often be naive.
Childish - Yuri acts like a child most of the time, at least when she's bored. Which, yes, is most of the time. She spends a lot of her time bothering people and making a nuisance of herself. She only bothers the people that she likes, so if she never does something to irritate you then you're not important.
Naive - She's sometimes too trusting. It isn't a good trait to have when you're constantly trying to protect yourself from other people that hate you. When she was on her own, Yuri often made allies that ended up turning against her, and sometimes it was obvious that they would.
Intelligent - Just because she's naive, doesn't make her stupid. She does tend to keep that part of her hidden though. When she gets serious, and that's a rare thing, she shows her intelligence. If she's about to explain something, she pulls out all the stops. She is very smart, she just hides it.
Intuitive - Sometimes this might cause her some trouble as well. When she thinks somethings wrong, she starts a mini investigation on her own. She desperately wants to know what's plaguing the people around her. She stops her nosiness whenever she gets caught or gets in trouble.
Helpful - When needed, she will do anything to help you. As long as you're nice to her. Of course, if you're rude she'll still help but it's doubtful that she will try her very best.
Impatient - If she asks for something, she expects it soon afterwards. She doesn't want to wait a month for the one she asked to go out and do her request. She wants it to happen within a week at the most. If not, she becomes grumpy and irritable towards the person.
Cool Headed - She's not easily upset. Even when she was a human she was surprisingly calm when she was being picked on. The only time she gets angry quickly is if you threaten her friends or kill someone close to her.
Lazy - Yes, that's right, despite all the things above and her over active cat reactions, Yuri is very lazy. She doesn't like to do much and exercise is a big no in her book. Not that she would need it, she's stuck skinny for the rest of her life. But, regardless, she's probably the worst fraccion to deal with.
Rebellious - Perhaps this term is over-exaggerating a bit. She doesn't truly rebel but when given a command from Souta, she says no. And generally that no sticks. She does it to both spite and bug him.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Et Cetera:

  • Cats - If it isn't obvious by her catlike eyes, teeth, mask remnant, and nails she's absolutely in love with felines. She finds them absolutely adorable and often takes to acting like one.
  • Shipping - By shipping, she means that she likes to pair her fellow arrancar up with each other. If she thinks you'll make a good couple, she'll add that to her wall of 'ships' or pairings. Literally her wall. In her room, in the back of her closet out of sight, she has pictures pasted to it of all of the different possible couples.
  • Messing Around - She's quite a playful girl, often taking to bugging people when she's bored. When she acts like a cat, she'll curl up on a keyboard or force someone to pet her by rubbing against them. If no one will play with her she'll use her claw-like nails to scratch up furniture or scratch other people.
  • Playing Dress-Up - Whenever she gets the chance, the little arrancar will go to the human world and whisk away dresses and other clothing that she thinks will look cute. But usually not for herself. She gets large clothing items and sticks them in people's closets to tell them that they should wear it for her. She leaves them a note with it that says "DO IT" or something of that sort.


  • Large Canines - While she likes animals in general, being a cat person and playing as a cat kinds of puts her off with dogs. She likes them well enough unless they are huge and then she retaliates against them by either hissing or fleeing. If cornered by a large dog, she will fight against them and take her chance at running away.
  • Rude People - She knows that she has the tendency to be quite rude on occasion when she invades another's personal space or their room... or their keyboards... but she despises truly rude people. She's playful, but when others disrespect and treat another person like shit she gets quite upset.
  • Death - Now not all death. But death of a friend. If she watches a friend get killed she will lash out. She doesn't care if it results in her death at the time, just as long as she tries to avenge them.
  • Party Poopers - If she's having fun and someone ruins it for her. That's just it.


  • She often replaces certain parts of word. Ex: Purrfect, Impawsible, etc. instead of Perfect or Impossible.
  • Yuri kneads people with her sharp claws to show her affection, and sometimes she licks them.
  • She cusses unless someone reprimands her.
  • She hides in her closet when she's upset. If someone finds her too often, she goes to hide in someone else's closet.


  • Being Forgotten - Yuri hates to think that she'll be forgotten. For this reason, she pushes to be the someone that has left a mark. Whether it be because she's an annoying child or because she was a friend.
  • Losing A Friend - She can't even bring herself to imagine this. It's the same thing as being forgotten but if imagined, she curls up in her closet for about a week.

"If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung."

Birth to Death
Ghostly Afterlife

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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar, Yuri Sasaki   Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:22 am

Excellent job, Wife! Approved. :3
Eric or Jor will rank you.
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Ichigenka Shuken

Ichigenka Shuken

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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar, Yuri Sasaki   Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:52 am

Remove everything you currently have in, "Abilities." Whether or not you'll have access to Cero will be decided after you're approved; how you decide to spend your Skill Points.

As for what should be in your Abilities section, just explain what the general idea of her power is. I'll go ahead and say now I'm not personally too fond of the idea of summoning-related abilities, only because that means you'll have your Stats and Skills and to function effectively in combat, they'll need to have their own Stats and Skills, else they're virtually useless.

I don't really want to say, "no," because I think I might be able to help you out with that idea and get something functional, I'm just not sure how worthwhile it will be. My advice is to change your power, but if you decide not to, then we will continue with what you have.

Regardless, I'm going to need you to write out the general idea of your ability. It seems to be the theme of, "Command and Control," so perhaps write something about how her power revolves around the subordination of lesser beings, be they hollows or dead animals (which I guess are hollows anyway).
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Yuri Sasaki

Yuri Sasaki

Posts : 3
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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar, Yuri Sasaki   Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:37 pm

Bump I think?


Spoken - Are You Listening? #339900
Thought - I'm Still Listening. #33cc00
Battle - You're Not Listening! #33ff00
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Ichigenka Shuken

Ichigenka Shuken

Posts : 78
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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar, Yuri Sasaki   Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:58 pm

You never let me know you were ready to have it looked at.
Give me some time. I'll continue with it sometime tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar, Yuri Sasaki   

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Arrancar, Yuri Sasaki
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