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 Zilo D Telavu Finished

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Zilo D Telavu Finished Empty
PostSubject: Zilo D Telavu Finished   Zilo D Telavu Finished EmptySat Aug 10, 2013 2:13 am

♦[Zilo D Telavu]♦
"Being forgotten isn’t so painful... In fact I believe it’s a blessing since you don’t hold anymore regrets..."

"'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight."

Full Name: Zilo D Telavu

Gender: Male

Age: [Appears around 18] {{Actual Age:  22}}

Race: =#CCCCFF]Job/Occupation: Physical Education Teacher

Face Claim: Eyes Rutherford

"You may have been born ugly, but at least you may die beautifully."

Appearance:  Zilo’s appearance is different then what you’d expect of most Physical Education teachers, He isn’t ripped in anyway shape or form. Instead he looks like one of those guys that you’d expect to sit in his house all day, and do nothing besides play video games, and watch t.v. Standing at around six foot one, and weighing only one hundred, and forty two pounds, he isn’t mighty joe it would seem. Though besides for that fact there seems to be more to him than meets the eye, when his clothes are off, there is nothing but muscle, every inch of his body is honed, and toned to the max.

All the white tissue in his body doesn’t exist anymore, it’s just pink tissue, which is a combination of both red and white tissue, also referred to muscle tissue. He has silver hair that reaches down to his mid back, while his bangs if pulled down straight in front of his face, could reach possibly shoulder length if he wanted. His eye’s differentiate between two colors, first is a startling ice blue color, the second is a dark grey color, that seems voided of all life when he is angry, His skin color is almost a pasty olive color, white I’ll be it, but not too white.

His clothing attire, is mostly black, it goes from a black sleeveless shirt, to a black over coat, to anything in between. He is often seen when subbing classes dressed in a black button up shirt, with long black slacks. His shoes though remain the same black tennis shoes that he wears to gym.  Another distinguishing feature about him, is the black gloves that he wears all the time, they serve a purpose on hiding the scars on his hands, from the countless battles that he has been in.

Distinctive Features:  Zilo’s distinctive features would probably be the scar on his left eye, that was told to be an accident with a student, though the real truth behind that, was the student being a bounto. The scar is a jagged line that goes from right above the right side of the eyebrow, down to the corner of his eye and almost on his cheek. Other features that are normally unseen, are the scars on his hands. They’re not anything special, besides the fact they go in lines, that almost look like lightning in his veins, though as stated they’re covered by gloves.

Now the tattoo, there is a tattoo on Zilo’s back that seems to be a rose, And in fact it is a giant rose, it is dyed white, with small blood dripping down the sides of it, this tattoo was made in fact, for the death of his mother, that he had watched be gunned down by another quincy, because of an affair with another man that he could not approve of, her name had been Rose, and he had carried her name, and her signature with him since five years ago. The rose has three thorns on it, representing the three men, that had killed her, each time one is killed, blood is added to it, to remind him of how many he still has left.

"The curtain that falls down at the end, shall be pulled down by the blade of my sword."

Quincy Craft:  Ahh Zilo’s craft, now this is a tricky one, he isn’t your average quincy with tricks and bows with such, but instead he chose a more, profound distinction for himself, as most quincies can mold their reishi or reiatsu into the shape of a bow, or sword, he found it much more convenient to make the Weapon into a small pistol, two to be in fact, considering each one alone, holds less power than that of a oversized bow, Though one alone isn’t enough to kill against an opponent, it is just a limiter, to gauge them.

Even though the guns, are part of his creation they hold a small drawback that other quincies don’t have to worry about, it’s a power limiter, and he can tell how much he has used, each gun holds up to six shots, those shots, are equivalent to half the power of a normal arrow, so instead of wasting a bunch of energy in one big blast, he instead spends small quantities over a period of time, meaning he puts out less damage, but can also fire quicker and cause smaller, but deadlier injuries over all. This is meant to slowly degrade his enemies into a weakened state, in which he can decide to kill or let go.

The piece needed to bring out his Quincy item is his necklace, it once belonged to his mother, it is a small silver cross that he holds dearly, and keeps placed around his neck at all times, when he is finally ready to fight someone, he will remove the necklace from his neck and place it into his pocket, it is a power limiter, that cuts off any use of reiatsu or reishi, while it is equipped, so once this is removed, it is a sign that he will fight.

"Don't use such strong words. It makes you seem weak."

Behavior: Calm: Zilo is generally a calm collected person when it comes to most things. His personality in this section is being based on the fact, of how much one can take before they finally get to a breaking point, an lose themselves in anger. Zilo has grown up alone and by himself for the most of his life, after his mother had passed away, growing up around other children that had constantly been foreign to him, there was one small habit he developed and that was to be calm. Cause when someone in the child center, would act up and get rowdy, by starting a fight or calling others name, they were often severely punished for the actions that they had done. In order to avoid the confrontations and scolding, Zilo was able to still his emotions, and plan ahead of time.

Solo: Probably the biggest weakness of Zilo, he has been alone for as long as he could remember, away from his family, and those that had cared for him ever since he was at the foster care, or child care. He had become where he did everything on his own, and never bothered to ask, let alone accept the help from others. He truly believes that if anyone was to help him, that they too would take advantage of him. Or atleast that is the way it seemed... Everyone that has been offered help, or taken help was always in the grasp of the other, to do as they say, without questions and whenever they want it. It was a way to manipulate people, that is why he refuses to let others help him, or let alone offer his own service to someone, cause it could be an opening to being used.

Distant: As before, Zilo is a distant type man, he doesn’t let other’s close to him, there really isn’t any need, mostly cause it creates a weakness. If he was to get attached to someone, then it would certainly make an opening for him, a way for others to use, a single person to either kill him or bring him down to their bidding. So above all he doesn’t allow any connections to himself, let alone his own feelings for another. If something gets too friendly or becomes a way more than just talking, he will back out immediately. The bond made between people is often referred to the strength of others, but to Zilo it is a weakness that could make you fall, and no one wishes to see themselves dragged down, even if by someone they care for, and would quickly dispose of that weakness, as he has chosen to do.

Studious: A rare trait for anyone now a days, Zilo constantly has himself looking at something, and trying to figure out how it works, if something catches his eyes, he won’t stop studying it, till he can figure out every single thing about it, even if this includes multiple test, or even simply being blunt and asking someone as to what it can do, or what it is for, and how it works. This trait often takes up most of his at home life, as he never stops unless it is to go to his job at the school, and be the physical education teacher that they have. This trait can also be a trap and a fall for Zilo, for the fact any enemy can fascinate him on finding out more about them, ultimately giving them time to reach full power, or just as one would say, curiosity killed the cat?

Book Worm:  Just a trait that basically allows Zilo to pass the free time, not much is needed to be said about this, besides the fact he has his head in a book most of the time, either by reading a good book, such as a horror story or any other type of malification type books.  Also there is one or two books like a romance novel that he has said to been seen reading, but don’t let that rumor spread to far, because it could become a little more than a wasted breath, and possibly something you don’t want to hear him ask you about.

Pianist: Ahh the lovely pianist, wouldn’t one love the soothing music to the soul, or the saddening melody of someone with a broken heart, being played upon the strings, almost connected to the soul they say. This is a passion that Zilo holds to himself, he loves playing a piano, as when he was smaller he would travel with his mother, and watch her play the piano with her soul, and that’s how he is, to be able to play what he feels, and what he sees with just the string of a instrument, and to stretch it to no belief, to make it immortal, these are the feelings one must possess, in order to make the music come to life, this is the description of a true pianist, and that is how Zilo feels about playing his own soul, in a few strings.

Blunt: This is often the cause of troubles for Zilo, for the simple fact that he has been alone for a while, he had no reason to hide his thoughts or opinions, it often lead to fights, and arguments but never anything more than that, because of his personality, Zilo is often accused of being rude, but to one that tells the truth, it’s call being a blockhead denying the fact of the truth. For him people are all labeled and with one label, they are stuck in that section, unless proven otherwise, if you meet a certain criteria in his mind, you will always be there, in less you can proven to him that you are more than what one can see and hear... Or possibly it’s just that you are as what he say’s and you refuse to believe that, there is often times those who break destiny.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Et Cetera: Likes:

  • Studying someone or something.
  • Horror movies or books, that keep his interest.
  • Spicy food.
  • Italian food, or other types of pastas.
  • Sea food, is also another favorite of his.
  • Playing the piano
  • Teaching physical education.
  • Being forgotten
  • Having no attachments to anyone


  • Being remembered.
  • Lazy people are a pet peeve of his.
  • Sweet foods.
  • Alcohol.
  • Drunks in particular. he holds no respect for them.
  • Block heads, or also referred to idiots.
  • Someone trying to get close to him.
  • Piled up paperwork from work.
  • Someone he knows or a student being hurt.


  • Falling in Love.
  • Being in someone elses grasp, or under their control.
  • Losing the pendant from his mother that hangs around his neck.
  • Seeing his mother again.
  • Meeting the man that killed his mother, that he has sworn revenge on.
  • Losing in a fight... His worst fear.
  • Killing someone, is just not his forte besides for those that had killed his mother.

"If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung."

History: Child hood: The night was dark and cold, it was a night in which the woman would never forget, it was the birth of her son, a small baby a little bit under born, weighing only at three pounds. This was a small defect due to early labor, and may cause the kid to be a little bit harder to care for, the kid was a bastard child he had no father, except for the affair that she was with, that had suddenly disappeared to everyone, the truth is he was dead, and she knew it. The man Marcus D Telavu, had been killed by a man that had loved her, Rose M. Ross. The man also known as a dark knight in their minds, a man that did whatever he wanted, for whatever he wanted, while holding no remorse for anything or anyone that had got in his way, and she was next.

Going into hiding with her small child, she passed a few years here and there, faster then she had been prepared to let slip by her, the kid slowly growing, with the name of his father, his name was... Zilo D Telavu. Moving from country to country, as a traveling pianist, and playing her soul out in front of audiences, and different names to keep a way of living, which had allowed her to continue to protect the last piece of Marcus that she still had in her care, for five years this had continued in this way... Five years of running and hiding, it wasn’t a life one could live easily, but it was her life, and the Son that she had. Though the time for running was about to be cut short... In three years something would happen that would change both of their lives... and ultimately cost one of them...

For as long as Zilo could remember, him and his mother Rose, had always been moving, and going to different countries so that she could play the piano, each place they went to, the surroundings where different, it was exciting and at the same time a frightening experience. Whenever he would make some friends, it was time to go again, there was nothing there for him anymore. His mother had constantly kept him around her, so she was the closest thing he had, and the most important being the only one he had in his developing years, he knew from stories she had told him, that he had been very sick and almost didn’t make it in the first two years, and he believed that is why she couldn’t let him go, and kept him near her all the time. Or so he thought till one fateful day.

It was his mother big debut, she was playing in the grand center of the roman arena, she was spacing back and forth, she was dressed in an elegant blue dress, her long blond hair down to her back and down, she turned to Zilo and smiled, softly kissing his forehead, and telling him not to worry, that she was going to do fine. As soon as she started to walk away, a dark figure, a man with brown hair, and a scar down his face, he had a wicked smile greeted her by her stage name, his mother had turned ghostly white, and that’s all he could remember before everything went black, the feeling of something warm woke him up, bodies upon bodies laying around him, something red stained his hands, as he looked up to see his mothers crying face, she was full of holes, and different markings on her body, she smiled down at Zilo brushing his hair softly. “I’m sorry baby, you should go back to sleep.” She stated, nodding softly, being so young he didn’t know what happened, but later years, of moving from foster home to foster home, he realized at around the age of 10, what had really happened to his mother... She was murdered.

Teen Years:  Eight years since the accident, or so it was claimed, that something had exploded down in the base of the roman arena, that had taken his mother’s life, and several others. Zilo, also known for his piano skills thanks to his mother, in the short time he had to learn, was recognized by a elderly couple that had taken him in, little did he know that these two where his father, Marcus D Telavu’s enemies at the time, it was certainly an entertaining twist in history as one would say, for year’s they had slowly tried to kill the last of the Telavu line, but for some reason they just couldn’t take out the last bloodline, for him being a small kid, and nothing abnormal about him, he was a high school student, he was valedictorian, he hardly got into fights at school, except for one incident where someone had remarked about his mother.

Years as a teen was normal and easy going for him, there was no moving around, he made friends and there was people that he had loved and cared for, though this was just a stage, the people his new guardians had meetings with and had discussions with, where none other than the man referred to as the dark knight, with discussions on what they should do, and how to take the boy out, little did they know that he was also listening in on the conversation, and discovered the word, and let alone the world of a quincy... They where beings that had abnormal spiritual power, that was used in order to stay peace, but this man was using it for his own desires and pleasures, he was a true satanic person, or a devil as others would say. Ignoring the conversation that boy had overheard that one night, he continued as he was.

Continuing to go to school, but something new had been added to his life, the elder couple had grown attached to the boy, and where stalling time for him to become strong enough for the battles ahead, soon at the age of 17 they took the boy out of school, and got him a degree from his school, along with making him take a test, and passing for his license to teach physical education in the future, though the reasoning behind this was more than meets the eye.  Leonardo, and Elise took Zilo to a small underground area, in which his training would take place, sparring matches and fights, every day, there was no being gentle, scars and other things where placed upon Zilo, his hands constantly being struck by arrows, his eye being scared because of barely dodging an arrow, these spars where life and death, not fun time for sensei and master.

Even with the strict training, it had been a toll on Zilo, he hadn’t the physical strength to handle most of the stronger attacks, or even move around the terrain with ease, so most of the time it was physical training, in which he had to push himself ever further, or risk getting hurt by the arrows, that came down and made him work harder, to not be hit by them, this was the beginning of a long road for him, this boy was going to be made into a horror on the battlefield, a man with no emotions, he was going to be the perfect counter for the Dark knight... one would say a white knight was being made, but it couldn’t be the exact opposite, it was another Dark knight, with no emotions... To stop someone with the same strength.

Adult Life:  The training had lasted for about 5 years, it was around the time before his twenty first birthday was coming up, it wasn’t exactly that time, but during all those years, it would be four years at max it seemed, that he was scared, wounded and pushed to a breaking point, there was no emotions in the trainings, it was just mechanics, it was like there was no sympathy, and he knew that, they had told him, his purpose was to be used to defeat the man known as the dark knight, and that was what he was going to be, the destroyer, and the peace keeper, the man made for fighting against something with no emotions, and he would have to be made into the perfect killing machine and that’s what they had planned. And so far it had worked. He had no more emotions except for one... And that was hate.

All Zilo held was hatred towards the man that had made his life a living hell, no other emotions had been shown from Zilo, he hated everything an everyone at that moment, the couple that had taken him in, the Dark knight, the friends he had supposedly made, the teachers, and everyone that had gotten close to him, the connections where cut, and nothing remained besides the blackness of contempt. Upon completing the training though, he was released by the couple, the school he would be teaching is the same place that he had grown up in, and that’s where he would be staying until the time had come, the introduction was choppy from the principal since it was sudden, but the new physical education teacher Zilo D Telavu had just transferred in from the college he had been studying at. Sure it’s not much of an introduction but it worked, and people believed it... And thus starts Zilo’s new life as working as the new physical education teacher.

During the time there, Zilo would be faced with challenges that he hadn’t expected to encounter, and now was time to put those into action, how will his fate go now? And how will it continue to look later on... Will he develop feelings for others and grow attach? Or will he continue his fate of fighting with no emotions, and ultimately becoming the new black knight... To take out the older one, that was neither human, nor a quincy but something else entirely... What exactly is he? Zilo doesn’t care really... But he is interested to see... If there’s more quincies out there like him and the elder couple... And what of the man that has caused his life hell... what exactly was he?


Sorry if it's a little choppy, I know it is, but it's been a while since I've made a character app, or even attempted to get back into Roleplaying, and decided it'd be a fresh start. As for something I need a request of someone, that's evil or what not, to be the "Dark Knight" Mentioned in the history, to be Zilo's nemesis and I'd appreciate anyone wanted to do that for me
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Sasha Kusat

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Zilo D Telavu Finished Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zilo D Telavu Finished   Zilo D Telavu Finished EmptyTue Aug 13, 2013 11:57 pm

All seems well to me. We'll work on mechanizing your ability as soon as you'd like. As for the approval of this character. I'll go ahead and approve it.

I understand you're coming back from RolePlaying, so don't take it harshly that it shows. Your writing is very brittle in a lot of places. It's nothing that I'll require to be fixed, but I feel more effort could have been put into this. More time. A spell check. A grammar check. Something.

Approved for Below Average with 60 Stat Points and 8 Skill Points.
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Zilo D Telavu Finished
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