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 Sweets on a sweet day~ (Open)

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Yuki Hana

Yuki Hana

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PostSubject: Sweets on a sweet day~ (Open)   Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:26 am

It was a nice, sunny day. there were barely any clouds in the sky, but the air still felt cool anyway. A girl sat on a short building, slowing noming away on the sweet cherry-flavored pocky she took from an nearby convenient store. "Yummy.." she whispered as she continued to nom away. Yuki looked up at the few clouds that were in the sky, & smiled. She enjoyed days like this; beautiful, & sunny. The sun in this world didn't hurt her like it did in Hueco Mundo. She didn't understand it herself, but at the same time she didn't try to understand it. Yuki just wanted to enjoy the short time she had in this world before an shinigami came to scare her away. She laughed to herself as she looked at one of the cloud formations, thinking that it looks just abit like an bunny rabbit.

Tell me that I'm what you despise most in this world.... Because, I know that I'm not worth your time...
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Sweets on a sweet day~ (Open)
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