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 Little Jeff ( WIP)

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Little Jeff

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PostSubject: Little Jeff ( WIP)   Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:03 pm

They Lied to Me

NAME: Kemuri Aiboi
- Alias: "Jeff"

AGE: Looks 18 in Gigai
Looks 20 in Spirit Form
Is 428

ETHNICITY: Stark White


But They Didn't See My Beauty

EYE COLOR: The two orbs of visual hues placed in the skull of this boy, was that his eyes were blue and dark, surrounded by black rings, where he had burnt his eyelids off.
WEIGHT AND HEIGHT: In terms of stature and height, and weight as such, his height is a standing five feet and seven inches. As for his weight, he is measured about one hundred and forty pounds.

Jeff is young man with a interesting disposition. His skin is stark white, with a leathery feel all about. His skin looked almost like it had been bleached, and his once light blue eyes have gone a darker shade, the eyes dark, the eyelids burned out and removed. His facial features are  smoothed out and mask like. His ears seared to the sides of his head, and his black hair frizzed and wild like a dance of ash. But this is not the end of oddity for the boy. This hair was down to his mid back, the black burnt looking hair framing around his stark skin, the only big color on the face a pair of dark burnt red lips, crooked into a permenant smile.

His entire body had the leathery and stark white feel and look, and he wore a odd style set of clothing. In order to appear more normal, he wore a white tee-shirt with a red stained white hoodie over it, the hood itself was good enough to cover his eyes with shade. And along with this, his legs are covered by a pair of soft black cargo pants, and covering his feet are a pair of black tennis shoes. This is the shape he has taken when adapting to the idea of horror stories from the human world to his gigai.

His true form, is a fairly handsome man with short messy red hair, often a little greasy due to him spending most of his time computing or reading. His physique is actually rather toned thanks to him creating devices that require him to exercise in order to  use the computers, a habit he is forcing each member of his squad to come to use. He stands around five feet and ten inches tall, and is only mildly hairy about his arms and legs.

He does not normally modify his captain's outfit, so it looks the same as the usual captain's attire.

No One Did.


Jeff's personality is a cracked fragmentation of reality. His sights of things are often stuck staring at the places about him, and seeing them dripping in blood, and his cracked mind often imagines the many ways he or something else can die in particular manners. However, this is not to say he is a naturally violent individual. On the Contrary. He is a man with the power in his mind to ignore the thoughts, until battle anyway.

He tends to keep his cool and try to have as normal of a life as humanly possible for a shinigami, but he had his issues during missions on occasion. He enjoys his long walks, and he enjoys wearing his "Puppet Suit". He Avoids killing innocent if they end up in the area, but if there are casualties, he doesn't care, and if an ally is in the way, he will kill them as long as it completes his mission.

Jeff exists with only one thing in mind. What's to my benefit?


  • Puppets
  • Skeletons
  • Knives
  • Smiles
  • Music
  • Organs(Instrument)
  • Organs( Livers and such)
  • Top Hats
  • Masks
  • Suits
  • Hoodies
  • Flute


  • Frowns
  • Fire
  • Crying
  • Whining
  • Sexual Acts
  • Liars

Go To Sleep now...
-Sealed:In the sealed state, the zanpaktou takes the form of a large butcher's knife, as opposed to the katana. It takes this shape, as while members of the Seireitei often choose to limit the size of their katana, Jeff has changed both the size and the shape of his katana in order to better suit his personality. The Blade's name is Monogatari-sai, meaning The Story Festival. It's release phrase, No wa, karera ni kyōfu o oshiete mimashou! Monogatari - sai, iku. Let's tell them a horror! Go, Monogatari-sai
---Shikai:As the name may imply, this particular zanpaktou borrow's it's names from stories, as does it's power. While the shikai is active, the user is able to read a single being into life from a story into life to fight for his cause. The stats of the being amount to as many stat and skill points as the user, but can differ from the user in the way, that while he may be fast and kidou based, his creation can be slow and steady, but defensive based.
Currently he has Three Beings he can summon due to his practice with this skill(will include their point total in my stat area)
Jeff The Killer- In his story, a boy whose visage has been taken using this captain's Gigai. Extremely violent, Agile, and strong. Seemingly immune to pain, and has great skill with any weapon he holds. Resourceful and quick, he is a force to be reckoned with, due to his ability to take a final stand, and continue attack for a full post after he is supposed to be dead.

The Fenter Woods Horror: A slow beast with the power to go put up a personal spirit barrier that grants it half of it's total defense as a bonus, including hiding it's signature of power. This beast breathes a toxic poison to anyone within fifty meters of it that will kill anyone that attempts to endure it's smell for more that 7 of the user's posts. The beast itself is slow, but defensive, and uses it's size and strength to it's advantage when fighting.

Unknown appearance, has not been summoned (will be added when he first uses it)

Slenderman: The fastest and most kidou based of his creations, this beast is known to many as Slenderman. It moves at astounding speeds while weaving spells about an area. The Slenderman itself is capable of releasing spells the user knows. The Slenderman while it has no face, has the ability to sense even the most buried energies, and will seek them out. While the Slenderman looks like it could be easily defeated, it carries with it immense defensive skill, and fights using it's surrounding to it's advantage. When it speaks a kidou into existence, it carries 1.5 more power than if the user said it. How does it speak? Sign language.
-----Spirit:The spirit of this blade had not been seen by Jeff, but bankai has still been achieved. The spirit, terrified of it's master, shows itself as a simple book when in the spirit world, amongst an enormous library. The spirit world of the blade itself is vast, and summons beasts from the boots to strike at it's master whenever he enters.
------Bankai:This bankai has never once been used, even in front of the Commander, and the Captain he fought for the spot has been sent to the grave after their fight, so it is unknown whether he used his Bankai during this time.

The bankai has no release phrase, as the butcher knife that the captain holds vanishes, and he summons four beings to fight at his side. The beasts from his shikai are each summoned, along with a fourth.

Eyeless Jack: A being that relies on pure speed, Eyeless jack has the ability to make it where his attacks cannot be felt by any means. This is his only skill aside from great skill with a scalpel. He has great speed and defense.
Eyeless Jack:

Because Sleep Is Salvation.

This Is My Story.:

I am a spirit born child. Meaning I am one of the rare occurrences in the spirit world, where I am born into the world though a "live birth" as a spirit. I say "live" because we are all spirits, but moving on. The circumstances of my birth are not uncommon. A man and a woman fell in love and made a baby through much primal and ball slapping sex. Nothing new here. Just some love making. But then again, I suppose if you consider the fact a spirit born can only happen after every 500 or so abortions in the human world it is a bit odd, but moving on. I grew up in the number districts. Born to a woman who cared for me very much, and a father who worked hard to keep up with making sure we had the few necessities we needed. All while trying to make sure I got a decent education. So of course for a while they tried to keep me on a "safe" path to childhood. Y'know, not pissing off the neighbors with my ever growing thirst for knowledge collection, and my habit for getting into trouble. But where was the point in just sitting idly by while everyone tried to make themselves as these big men. Especially, well I didn't know it at the time, but a special little butcher knife always appeared near me. And one day, a curiosity happened. The knife I carried in my belt drew the attention of some of the people.

Now, before I get to this let me explain something. I am the son of a field worker and a seamstress. At the time I had the physical appearance of 13 years old. shaggy long red hair, only bout four feet and ten inches tall, and a little scrawny. I was more than happy to search through people's things in order to learn about them, so I had some bruises were I got beat by the people that got mad at me. But despite this, there was always something about me that apparently "scared them" whenever I got mad. Maybe it was the knife I materialized to my hand. Who knew, things like that scared people.

Now when I say people, I mean a few lazy shinigami that came to our district for the sake that our neighbor made. I never really got a taste for the stuff, but whatever. They stopped by our home after explaining that the blade I have seems to have a strong energy coming from it. Upon them examining it, the said it was akin one of their Zan, but made of only my energy. Now normally a civilian like myself would never just have one, but the blade seemed to be a pure manifestation of my energy. They asked if I was a spirit born. After telling them I was, and introducing myself as Kemuri, they introduced themselves as members of the third squad, and said I should join the academy, as the blade was proof of my spiritual energy. Well, of course my cautious parents objected at first, but I immediately said yes. Why the hell would I not reach for power? Why, when the world is so hard, not reach for something better? With that, they took me away, to the Academy, having me help fill out the application for me to get into the academy.

Now I'll tell you, this was an exiting thing for me. For someone like me, to be allowed into the academy of the is a great privilege, as I live almost on the outermost walls of the area. So there really is no telling how long it would take, but I was willing to wait. I would just pass the time by working on my spirit shaping.

Sadly, I had to wait a while. Five years? Ten maybe? before my application was finally reached an accepted. Lord, due process in the SS takes so very long. After all, so many things they had to search through. But eventually, I was accepted to the Academy.  Along with many others such as future captains and lieutenants. It made me happy to meet so many people, 427 exactly, in just my growing class. I wasn't the best or the brightest, but they said my skill with kidou was pretty top noch during my first year, so that was good. But as expected for spirits, the academy process took forever. from fist fighting, to blade skills, to kidou, my favorite subject being the last one. Kidou is very tactical, and very skill based, and worked ever so well for my level of spiritual energy. I have to say my favorites are the binding spells. They have always been....useful.

Now I will explain my one issue with this academy. The twenty years I attended classes here, they taught us so little about the living world, that it honestly bothered me. But, at the same time, I had the blessing of a teacher that could tell me all about the human world, telling me of his five years under the radar in the human world. It seemed this was a teacher on probation, I remember thinking. But he was my father figure back then. I had started talking to him during my fifth year in the school when he came back to the Seireitei. At one point, I remember him telling me about the fact that humans use computers, something rare in the Seireitei, not for protection or monitoring most of the time, but for sitting around playing games, or reading stories, one particular site my sensei found was called Creepy Pasta. I of course raised an eyebrow at this name, but he laughed at my expression, and described it as a horror story "website". He simply nodded, as he said he would bring me some paper copies of the stories, and I nodded. It would be some time of course before he would be in the human world, but when he finally got me the papers, the books in my hands, I felt the thin sheets in my hand, the first time I had ever held a book that was not reading material for kidou spells, the blade that I kept, the Zanpaktou that at the time was a katana, sadly, not like my old spirit blade. But it reacted nonetheless, as though shivering and crying, as I read the many horror stories within the sheets of paper.

I simply smiled. The Zan feared the beings in the stories. A scaredy cat Zanpaktou? how curious. What a mystery such a thing was. I closed my eyes later that night, having my fill of the many stories. When my dreams began though, I awoke in a new reality. In a library. I had raised my eyebrow and walked along, and all about I heard a voice similar to my own in age, but not in tone, it was lighter, feminine. It seemed, I was in the world of my Zanpaktou. The Zanpaktou begged me not to let such stories be my focus of reading, and I laughed. I told the spirit that I would be indiscriminate in my reading, and if horror stories reached my hands, I would read them. Not appreciating this, or I assumed she didn't, due to her discouraged tone, she spoke. She told me her name was Monogatari-sai, and she was my Zan. I remember thinking  the name amusing, all things considered. She spoke that I could beings into existence with her power, and I grinned to myself silently. She described the beasts would be of my power, but would drain my own power slightly in order to materialize.

I nodded to this. How very... interesting. I always like the creativity of kidou, but now I had an access to a shikai that let me alter the world, or to even bring something into existence.... Let's try this. Sensing my motive, the spirit begged me to create something pleasant, and I shook my head. I told her, that for battle, something strong would be created, but also something fearsome. So I spoke. I breathed into life a boy standing about five feet and ten inches tall. His hair long and burnt but shaggy looking. Black rings around his eyes where he had burned out his eyelids. A smile carved into his lips so that he could always see himself smile. His skin was dried out looking, even slightly leathery, and he was dressed in a slightly blood splattered white hoodie and black slacks, while at the same time also wearing a pair of "tennis shoes, however, not knowing how to describe them, I decided to remove that bit and make him bare foot. I also gave the boy a butcher's knife, but shook his head. The knife was too flat... and so I re described it, turning it to a chef's knife. And finally, the lifeless doll I gave life too needed personality. I made him violent, wild, almost primal, but intelligent at the same time. I made him fast, strong, and resourceful.

My Zan's spirit shouted, saying this thing did not belong here, saying it needed to leave, so she created a type of... dragon? I guess that is the best way to say it. It was like in chinese myth I believe, the dragon that could fly without wings, but when she sent it to devour my creation, my... Jeff, he laughed, and leaped atop the dragon, to begin gouging it's eyes out after he managed to grab the hairs upon it's head so that it could not shake him off. My creation beating my Zanpaktou's made me chuckle a bit at the time, as I watched him tear the dragon to bits, but I head the zanpaktou scream. I waved Jeff out of existence, and noted that upon his departure, I felt stronger. How... interesting. I nodded to the library about me and told the Zan that wherever it was, I would seek it out one day, and take it's power for myself. After all, She belong to me, and I decided to remind her of that.

I woke that morning and smiled to what had been my Katana. It was time I showed it who was the true controller. I shaped my energy about the blade, and formed it to my will, the once proud looking crimson katana, was now a small red chefs knife with a brown handle. A low range, but oh well, The blade had to be taught it's place, and with this blade, I would easily remember Jeff... so it would only take a thought to bring the man into existence. To bring the nightmare into reality was all he needed really. And if I needed some insperation, I would simply read some of the "Creepy Pastas". For you See, I took to horror, to blood, to tears, while my zanpaktou yearned for beauty and love. But I'm afraid I would have to starve it of such a pleasure. Because there is a time to define the matter of dominance, and it is early. The reason I tell you this, is because while most Zanpaktou and captain relations are formed with trust and companionship, my Zanpaktou and I are too different in our interests, so I must rule my zanpaktou with the power of fear.

The one behind the character.


Quote :
Jeff The killer

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Little Jeff ( WIP)
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